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  • $60,000 Mugging  By : Paul Lorinczi
    Companies spend their Internet dollars on the wrong things and end up leaving no investment for marketing.
  • 6 Steps To Profitable Websites  By : Mark Thompson
    Building a profitable website is all about planning and preparation. Too many people get an idea for a website and immediately buy a domain name and build a site without first thinking it through. I used to be like this I had hundreds of websites and was constantly flitting from one to another without a plan. I now concentrate on less than 20 sites and my income has increased dramatically.
  • What Do They Mean by Creating an Online Niche for Content?  By : Dan Iverson
    Because all of the searches on the internet are tracked by a company called, we know which key word phrases are searched for the most to the least. It is when you combine this information with the stats kept by the search engines of all of their indexed sites, thing like how many sites provide content for a key word, and how long people spend at a site after a search, that you are able to identify niches on the internet.
  • Amazing eBay Software For Auction Sellers  By : Janie Davenport
    A lot of people are selling on eBay these days and some hot selling products are making some people a lot of money. There are several good manual techniques for finding these hot selling products but by far the most incredible way to uncover these products is by using newly available eBay software designed to uncover a goldmine of hot products.
  • Direct Response Advertising and Consumer Satisfaction  By :
    The article is about the importance of advertising and the methods of advertising used by many companies to generate sales, develop brand recall, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Communication Made Easy  By : alexis
    A revolution in communication has made our lives easy. Thanks to genius minds like Gutenberg and Morse, we are now experiencing a quicker form of mass communication.
  • Beat the Competition in the Real Estate Business with Internet marketing  By : Brian Allen
    With the real estate business booming, you have cut-throat competition. Though almost everyone seems to be attracted to this business the fact is that the competition is extremely stiff and you need to come up with something extraordinary to rise above the rest. Moreover, Internet marketing has changed the scene completely. Gone are the days when you used to put an ad out in the local newspaper or in official real estate listings to sell your property.
  • Ego and the Entrepreneur  By : Paul Lorinczi
    I have been working with a lot of Entrepreneur’s over the last 6 years as a consultant, a business leader, and one myself. There are two types of Entrepreneurs and I have definitions for them:

    1. Successful Entrepreneur
    2. Unsuccessful Entrepreneur
    3. New Entrepreneur
  • Internet Faxing: The Cutting Edge of the Paperless Revolution  By : kristines
    Internet faxing is a great way to limit paper consumption by setting the stage for a paperless office, thus conserving trees and helping the environment.
  • Indispensable Inventions  By : alexis
    The modern world is continually evolving, people sought methods by which they can communicate faster, easier and better. The digital world is constantly offering us the best tools for communication and education.
  • The Internet and Human Relationships  By : alexis
    The Internet became a tool for long distance relationships to flourish. Surprising a loved abroad with flowers became easier and cheaper because of the “net.” The network of online flower shops enables consumers to send flowers anywhere in the world.
  • Work As A Team And Win Big  By : cathy
    Fostering teamwork is creating a work culture that values collaboration. In a teamwork environment, people understand and believe that thinking, planning, decisions and actions are better when done together.
  • Innovation at Your Fingertips  By : kaye
    Internet faxing is an innovative communication tool for small business owners.
  • If You Can't Communicate Your Difference, You'll Die!  By : J. Craig Mecham
    This article will explain why a Unique Selling Position (USP) is critical to your success. Your marketing exists in a confusing and complex world. Think for a minute about how many choices you have as a consumer in just about any product category. Its not unusual to have dozens, if not hundreds or even thousands of alternatives when you're shopping for a product or service.
  • Sense Of Belongingness In Customer Service  By : cathy
    When a customer experience thoughtfulness, sincerity and tactfulness from a customer service, it will provide opportunity to relate to one another and strengthen their sense of belongingness to the company.
  • Call Center Agents: On the Frontlines of War  By : kaye
    Call center agents are soldiers ready to fight in the frontlines of the consumer war for the client company.
  • Emergency Assistance at Your Fingertips  By : aseya
    With the uncertainty of everyday situations, accidents may happen anytime and anywhere. An Emergency Response System can be used effectively to keep loved ones and property safe. This system provides certain individuals the knowledge that help will arrive at needed times with a push of a button.
  • Web Hosting Reviews: Get it Right the First Time  By : Chris Robertson
    How do you find the right Web hosting company? Web hosting review sites are a great place to start. Here's why....
  • Reaping The Benefits Of Globalization And Technology  By : cathy
    In this era of technology, the business sector goes hand in hand with technological developments. Time, distance, and geography are slowly disappearing because of globalization and technological advancements. Because of this phenomenon the flat world is becoming more flat.
  • Thinking Green by Internet Faxing  By : kristines
    Internet faxing is a great way to limit your consumption of paper, ink, toner, cartridges and electricity, making it an ideal way of communicating for the environmentally aware citizen.
  • Advertising Without AdWords  By : Kirt Christensen
    Google Adwords and AdSense have become the rage in internet marketing, enough so that many have forgotten there are other means of advertising which can be equally successful and require the investment of much smaller amounts of capital.
  • A Guide To Improving Your Google Ranking  By : Jim Pretin
    Google has the most sophisticated and effective system for evaluating link popularity, and understanding it is the key to improving your ranking
  • Scanning, Faxing, and the Internet  By : kristines
    The fax machine works by scanning a particular document before it is sent. Because of this task, the image scanner is a necessary component of the fax machine. Bain's fax machine and Kirsch's scanner combined with the Internet has telecommunications in the 21st century.
  • Your Internet Marketing Expertise: Don't Fake It Till You Make It!  By :
    A lot of people online go into a certain profitable niche and claim that they have the expertise to it. However, it is only applicable if you know how to apply it properly.
  • Internet Consumer Strategy: Get Rid Of The Bad Eggs!  By :
    Not every customer is essential to your business. These customers are working for a way to bring down your business. Find out how you can do this.
  • Embracing Creative Revolutionary Tools  By : cathy
    Internet faxing like Wii are just two of the modern tools that we are embracing today and enjoying. These products are here to stay because of its functions that are helpful to the modern and the hungry for new ideas kinds of people..
  • Direct Line to Customers: Why Call Centers are Important to Your Business  By : kaye
    Call centers are a direct line to customers, allowing companies to improve their products and services almost instantly.
  • Internet Marketing for Real Estate Sites  By : Brian Allen
    If you are a real estate agent with a real estate business, you know how tough it can be to compete with other agents and try to sell the most houses in your area. It is a cut throat world, and it can be really difficult to rise above everyone else. It seems that these days, everyone wants to be a real estate agent. Nowadays with the Internet, there is a new world to explore as far as marketing goes.
  • Internet Marketing Customers: Why It Is Wise To Avoid Them  By :
    The Internet marketing niche is extremely profitable, but very competitive. Having customers to your site can be the hardest thing to do. Find out how to get profit from other niches.
  • Great Tips To Get Your Customers Buying From You Over & Over Again!  By :
    Repeated sales from your loyal customers can get you very far in the Internet marketing business. Here are great tips to get your customers to buy from you repeatedly.

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