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  • Life Settlements Can Give Retirees Flexibility  By : Bryan Ashbaugh
    There is a lot of discussion these days about Life Settlements as a way to get rid of old life insurance policies while gaining some cash. While this sounds like a great option for many people who no longer need the coverage a specific life insurance policy provides, it isn't a perfect fit for everybody.
  • Why Is Your Car Insurance So Expensive?  By : Nicholas Hunt
    Car insurance is an unavoidable expense, and seems to get ever more costly. By examining what insurers are looking for in a customer, you should be able to cut your premiums.
  • Health Insurance Cost and Healthcare Reform  By : Didier Moujaes
    With a New Congress and the campaigns for the Whitehouse in ’08 in full swing, both progressives and conservatives agree that healthcare reform especially as it regards affordable medical insurance is at the forefront of the minds of most Americans
  • Getting a Grip on Life Insurance Terminology  By : Barry Waxller
    If you have a spouse or children, you need life insurance. You have heard it before, but it bears repeating. How would they be able to handle things if some drunk driver ran into you tomorrow and you died?
  • What You May Not Know About Automobile Insurance  By : rateempire
    Perhaps the most commonly purchased type of insurance is automobile insurance, also called driver’s insurance or car insurance.
  • Medial Insurance Policies and Medical ID Fraud  By : Didier Moujaes
    We are all aware of the rampant crime of Identity Theft. And if you are one of the millions who have had this happen to you and have had to unravel the tangles of trumped up credit card charges and worse, then you know how destructive this crime can
  • Types of Home Insurance Coverage  By : rateempire
    Home insurance covers private homes against damage or destruction. While new homeowners might initially be put off by this extra monthly expense and question its worth, there is no doubt that homeowners’ insurance is a valuable and necessary part of home ownership.
  • Get Covered By Workers’ Compensation Insurance  By : rateempire
    Workers’ compensation insurance, commonly called workers’ or workmen’s comp, is a form of insurance designed to provide compensation to workers who have been injured while on the job.
  • Life Insurance: Getting Better Rates by Refinancing  By : rateempire
    Your life insurance needs naturally change over time. Children grow up and move on, financial situations change and families grow.
  • Life Insurance: 7 Myths About Life Insurance  By : rateempire
    There are a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to life insurance.
  • Insurance Explained  By : Price Digger
    Most insurance companiescan help give you protection and peace of mind in many situations, weather is it your home, car, life cover, health, mortgage or loan cover, pet, these are just a few to mention.
  • Car Insurance Savings Because Of, Or In Spite Of, Your Age Grouping  By : Chimezirim Odimba
    There are age groups that are favorable in car insurance. There are also age groups that are unfavorable in car insurance. You just have to know which you belong to. However, it is important to note that you may miss savings available to your age gro
  • Car Insurance: Are you Covered?  By : Maxim Garanichev
    Whether you own a unique sports car that you tuck safely in the garage every night or you drive a worn out hand-me-down, the laws in your area probably require you to have car insurance.
  • Looking at Life Insurance  By : Maxim Garanichev
    Just as we rarely give thought to our health, unless something goes wrong, most of us are too busy living life to stop and wonder if our life insurance coverage is adequate.
  • Rent Guarantee Insurance - Why Should I Bother?  By : Alan Mecham
    The Majority of landlords see this type of cover as an extra un-necessary expense that simply eats into their profits.
  • Different Types of Health Insurance in California  By : WittyArticles
    Whether you buy group or individual health insurance in California, the options you have regarding the different types of health insurance are generally the same. In some groups you can even choose from available plans. These different types are traditional health insurance, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), and preferred provider organizations (PPOs).
  • Car Insurance Discounts That You May Qualify For  By : Kade Phillips
    There are a wide variety of car insurance discounts that could be available if you qualify. Read this article to see if there is a car insurance discount that you can apply to your situation.
  • Commercial Van Insurance -- The In's and Out's  By : Peter Fitzpatrick
    There are many laws in the UK pertaining to the use of commercial van insurance. They can be hard for some people to understand, or to even find all these regulations. Here are a few of these laws relating to the use of commercial vehicles in the UK.
  • Van Insurance Company -- Find the Best Company Quick and Easy  By : Peter Fitzpatrick
    All successful businesses are built on hard work. Whether a large corporation or a small at-home operation, all businesses require hours of dedication to succeed. Once you find yourself in a groove and learning what it takes to bring in the income you desire, take a moment to praise yourself on all of your hard work. But don’t stop there. Even the most financially successful businesses are devastated by a simple fire, theft or law suit. Compliment your hard work with business smarts.
  • Should You Use a Charitable Gift Annuity?  By : J. R. Randolph
    Charitable Gift Annuities are a contract where the donor(s) give an irrevocable gift of cash or other assets to a qualified charity and receives a charitable deduction. In return, the charity agrees to pay a fixed amount of money to the annuitant(s) for their lifetime. The annuity payments are not "income", a portion of the payments are considered to be a partial tax-free return of the donor's gift, which are spread over the lifetime of the annuitant(s). The contributed property becomes a part
  • 11 Benefits Of Travel Insurance  By : Greath Owen
    The primary benefit of travel insurance is the knowledge that should something go wrong while you are abroad, you won’t be responsible for finding the money to put it right, at a time when you are already stressed out.
  • Types of Travel Insurance  By : Greath Owen
    There a basically only two types of travel insurance, the first is a policy that only covers one specified journey, known as a single trip policy, and the other will cover all journeys made within a specified 12 month period, known as an annual multi-trip policy.
  • Why Take Out Travel Insurance?  By : Greath Owen
    It seems that many people in the UK ask themselves this question and conclude that there isn’t a reason to take out travel insurance. For a very few this may actually be the right conclusion, mainly those with enough money to cover any costs they may face, but for the vast majority of us, travel insurance provides necessary safeguards against mishap on our journeys, whether for business or pleasure.
  • Free Life Insurance Quotes  By : rateempire
    We often ask ourselves whether we really need life insurance. Well life insurance can be thought of as an investment for loved ones or can also be thought of in terms of protecting one's assets financially
  • Life Insurance: What, When, Where, Why and How  By : Roger Kelley..
    Why Should I Invest In Life Insurance?
  • California Unemployment Insurance - Do You Qualify?  By : Nat Bronson
    California unemployment insurance came to be so that there was a system that could help individuals that found themselves unemployed for a reason that was not their fault. Apply for unemployment insurance benefits and to be eligible you will need to meet the criteria set out by the California unemployment insurance act.
  • What Should You Do After A Road Traffic Accident?  By : Mansi Gupta
    If you have been injured in a car accident and it wasn't your fault, then you could be entitled to make a compensation claim.
  • Exactly How Are the Costs Of A Health Insurance Plan Made Up?  By : Donald Saunders
    When comparing health insurance policies the majority of people merely look at the monthly premiums but, as this article will demonstrate, there is a great deal more to the cost of a health insurance plan than simply the monthly premium.
  • Mexico Auto Insurance - Vital Protection Away From Home  By : Linden Gray
    A car accident in Mexico is much more of a hassle than having an incident take place at home - especially if you are an American tourist, as Mr. Bill K. explains. Mr. K. has recounted his experiences of an accident that took place in Mexico and the following week he experienced with the Mexican police. It is his hope that he will encourage all Americans to come prepared when driving a car in Mexico.
  • Watch Out - Credit Score Determining Auto Insurance Cost  By : M Wakefield
    Even though insurance credit scoring has been in use for more than a decade, it is a mystery to most consumers. Learn how it may affect you.

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