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  • What To Say While Betting At The Casino  By : Gen Wright
    Newbies into the world of gambling will be greeted by a rude shock. Everywhere, there are sharks and fish - some are firing, and some are being fleas.
  • The Three Founding Sires Of Thoroughbred Racing  By : Gen Wright
    The Thoroughbred is the most well-known breed of racehorse in the world. Apart from racing, Thoroughbreds are also bred - with some strategic cross-breeding also involved - for show jumping, polo, hunting, combined training and dressage.
  • Poker Jargon For Beginners - Describing The Hand You're Dealt  By : Gen Wright
    If you have had a look at a poker dictionary, you will realize that getting used to all that vocabulary is a matter of months or years.
  • The Famous Silver Eagle Coin  By : Wayne Jackson
    Silver Eagle coins are in great demand for investment and collection. This article will provide you with knowalge about one of the world most sought after coins. Please enjoy and provide me with any feed back.
  • Where To Find Casino Cruises And A Casino Dictionary  By : Gen Wright
    If you are planning a trip to the casino sometime soon, then you should know that there will be certain slang or lingo used there that could prove to be vital to the outcome of the games you play there.
  • Learning To Play Guitar The Easy Way  By : Gen Wright
    Most of us have been conditioned to view learning to play guitar as being essentially a difficult thing to do. To be sure, there is quite a bit of learning curve, and quite a steep one at that, between handling the guitar for the first time and turning into one of the so-called 'guitar gods.' But while learning to play the guitar might be a challenging undertaking, it need not be a dreary one. There are some steps you can take to make the learning easier for yourself. It is the understanding, and putting of those steps that we refer to as learning to play guitar the easy way.
  • Learn Gambling Terms And Find Funny Gambling Jokes Online  By : Gen Wright
    Gambling can be a very intimidating experience to a new gambler especially if the new gambler is not familiar with gambling lingo. There are many terms in gambling that could easily confuse a new player, and it is a good idea to have a gambling dictionary at hand when you are at the casino, or when you decide to join an Online gambling environment.
  • Where To Find A Poker Dictionary And Casino Hotels Online  By : Gen Wright
    The game of poker is a very strategy oriented game, and if you have ever tried to play it without any foreknown knowledge, then I am sure you have become lost quite easily.
  • Learning To Play Guitar- Five Essential Personal Qualities You Need To Have  By : Gen Wright
    So you have made up your mind to venture into the art of guitar playing: either in a bid to create an enjoyable hobby or perhaps as a part of your music career development. As you will soon discover, learning to play guitar can be quite a challenging endeavor. It is not unheard of people starting out on it enthusiastically, only to give up after putting considerable hours of practice into it: upon getting the feeling that 'they are getting nowhere' with it. On the other hand, we have some people, arguably 'lucky souls' who seem to have an easier time learning to play guitar. These are the folks who will handle the guitar for the first time today, and one month down the line, they are minting tunes out of it!
  • Parimutuel Betting In Horse And Dog Racing  By : Gen Wright
    The thrill of the race has been known to man since time immemorial, if we go by the chariot races of the Romans, or the famous race between the steeds of Norsk god Odin and the giant Hrungnir.
  • Movies And Magazines For Seasoned Gamblers  By : Gen Wright
    When a hobby takes over your life, it takes over your life. You eat, sleep and drink that hobby. You read only pieces that relate to your hobby, and you watch only movies on that same subject.
  • Make Money Off Your Gambling Hobby With Affiliate Programs  By : Gen Wright
    When a hobby makes you spend a substantial portion of your time and money, you start wishing it would pay you back. If you are a poker player who is feeling this way, there is good news for you - affiliate marketing lets you exploit your knowledge of poker for revenue.
  • How To Sound Like A Cardshark  By : Gen Wright
    It's really easy to spot the "fish" at a poker table: so easy, that there is a saying that goes "if you can't spot the fish, you ARE the fish". Unless you want to be gobbled up by the "sharks", build up your expertise before you enter casinos.
  • Thoughts Regarding Toilet Training You Child  By : Jullienne Queen
    Many parents who has a child that is between one and two have tried to potty train their toddler. Most of then have done it at this age but however there are many children who are not ready for potty training at this age.
  • Buy Cheap American Eagle Silver Bullion  By : Rick Lim
    The value of silver has been recognized for thousands of years now. In fact, Jesus Christ was sold for pieces of silver. However, American Eagle Silver Bullion was only minted in the United States in 1986.
  • Selecting Furniture For Your New Home  By : Gen Wright
    One of the biggest steps involved in setting up your new home is - you guessed it - selecting the furniture. You will invariably be full of questions while deciding on this point, going into a frenzy of looking up materials, designers, prices, sales and advice columns online and offline.
  • Controlling the Ball- Five Great Roulette Books for Your Casino Gaming Library  By : Gen Wright
    As the ball spins round so fast, you may feel as though you don't have a prayer of being able to determine where it lands or whether or not your bet will be a winner.
  • How To Play Video Poker  By : Gen Wright
    Video Poker has so many forms, its hard to keep track of what is what. Of course, you could look at the instructions while you are sitting at the machine, but why not memorize some of the ways to enjoy this pile of metal and wires?
  • Online Video Poker - All The Fun, None of the Travel  By : Gen Wright
    Just as slot machines have captivated the patrons of casino's worldwide, so too has video poker. But what about those of us who can't afford to head to Atlantic City every weekend to play?
  • Video Poker - A New Twist on an Old Game  By : Gen Wright
    Ever since the days of the Wild West, when cowboys and businessmen would cram themselves into saloons and sit down to pass money back and forth on a card game, poker has been a mainstay in Americana.
  • Online Slots - The New Revolution  By : Gen Wright
    I'm not much of a gambler. Well, I'm not much of one as far as money is concerned. But every once in a while I'll find myself drawn to those "virtual casinos" that are all over the internet, and belly up to my desk for a evening of online slots.
  • Five Advantages of Playing Online Roulette  By : Gen Wright
    Roulette is a game where your fate relies on a spinning wheel and a small round ball. It seems like a game where anything can happen, and this is, in fact, true.
  • Slots - Past Present and Future  By : Gen Wright
    Slots have come a long way since Charles Fey created the first one in his auto shop in 1895. Since then, those "One Armed Bandits," as they are commonly called, have captivated our eyes, our minds, and most certainly, our wallets. What is it that draws us to these machines of fortune and failure?
  • In It to Win It- The Basics of How to Play Roulette in the Casino  By : Gen Wright
    Roulette is a game that is very relaxing and fun to play. While you may be able to find odds better elsewhere - it is important to play on a French Wheel when possible on account of the one 0 as opposed to the American Wheel's 0 and 00 - it is still a very inviting way to spend your time at a brick-and-mortar casino.
  • Five of the Best Poker Books for Starting Your Career as a Player  By : Gen Wright
    You have seen them on the sports channels: the big-time players dealing cards and playing it cool under the Vegas lights. Perhaps you have even dreamed of one day becoming a high roller.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of the Poker Odds Calculator  By : Gen Wright
    You have to know when to hold them and know when to fold them. That's what the song says, and when it comes to playing poker, truer words could never be uttered.
  • Winning Horse Toys Photo Contests with Breyer Horses  By : Kanooga
    Thinking of taking your passion for collecting model horse toys to the next level? Perhaps you have a few Breyer horses you know will photograph well. Then you should consider entering a model horse photo contest.
  • Playing with Melissa and Doug Building Blocks Develops Social Skills  By : Kanooga
    Here are some creative ideas for using building blocks to encourage increased social interaction. Resources for these activities are readily available from block manufacturers like Melissa and Doug.
  • Great Ideas for Using Wooden Blocks Toys with Toddlers  By : Kanooga
    They're surrounded by colorful wooden blocks toys and for those special moments, the world stands still as they watch this amazing child with his tiny fingers carefully stack these little blocks three and four high only to topple the blocks seconds later, all the while squealing in delight.
  • Kidkraft Play Kitchen Enhances Cognitive Development  By : Kanooga
    There are several types of play kitchen sets out there, in a variety of price ranges. One of the best, in terms of quality and economics, is the Kidkraft play kitchen. Available in a number of styles (including vintage, a la the 1950s), Kidkraft play kitchen sets are some of the most popular around.

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