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  • The Hazards of Over-Training  By :
    Physical training is to be taken seriously, but not so much that you cause more harm than good. Keep in mind that there are limits to what the body can handle.While it is good to exceed those limits a little, overdoing it can cause a lot of problems in the long-term.
  • Blood & Glory: Do Video Games Make Monsters?  By :
    Video games have been blamed for everything from the Columbine incident to over-aggressive behavior in Marines. However, this is an unfair judgment, as not all games are violent. Also, there are now studies being conducted to determine the use of these games as therapeutic aids.
  • When The Task Demands Extreme Precision  By : kaye
    Certain tasks in modern society require people to regularly achieve incredible levels of physical precision. For most people, even with the most intensive training, this is simply too difficult to achieve on a regular basis. For such situations, it is not unheard of to use muscle relaxants or tranquilizers.
  • Shooting and Dribbling Your Way to Good Health  By : aseya
    People can improve their health and quality of life by picking a physical activity like basketball as a part of their lives. Being physically active early in life may bring many physical, social, and emotional benefits and may lead to good health.
  • Clicking For Your Way To Health Through On-Line Shopping  By : cathy
    Reputable vitamin companies offer order-taking services for supplements and other dietary products like amino acids and creatine monohydrate. These services and may serve a significant role in providing variety, cost effectiveness, and convenience.
  • Prevention Is Better Than Cure  By :
    This article is about unwanted pregnancy and what causes it. It also includes a brief discussion about contraceptives, abortion, and diseases that are transmitted through sexual intercourse.
  • The Yin and Yang of the Human Mind  By : kaye
    Some Chinese philosophers attributed the workings of the mind to the concepts of yin and yang. Comparing yin and yang to psychology is sometimes seen as an alternative way of viewing the ideas of psychology.
  • A Basic Overview of Chinese Medicine  By : kaye
    Chinese medicine is a medical system that has an entirely different core philosophy from Western medicine. There is a great concern for the patient's feelings, as well as an entirely different approach to how problems should be tackled. This has caused it to be seen by Westerners as highly mysterious, bordering on the magical.
  • Female Infertility  By :
    This article is about female infertility, its causes, effects and possible treatment.
  • Career Choices Beyond Nursing - What Could be Next?  By :
    While you might have started out your education with the idea of being a lifelong nurse, sometimes things change. Perhaps you want to extend your skills or help people in different ways than in the care setting. Or maybe you simply want to do more with your education and begin to reach out to a wider audience of the general public. You might also choose a different career path in order to reduce your hours or your workload without completely giving up your nursing degree.
  • Connecting with the Patient - Why Nurses Truly Make a Difference  By :
    It's common knowledge that a nurse is an integral part of the healing process. But what you might not realize is just how important you are as a nurse and how you can help your patient to weather a difficult time. Though there are hundreds of different ways that a nurse can help make a difference for a patient, these are a few of the most often cited.
  • Hospital or Private Practice - What Nurses Need to Consider When Making This Vital Decision  By :
    In any career, there are a number of decisions to make. Within the nursing path, there are a number of directions you can take when you are first starting out, often resulting in different career paths and positions. The first and most vital decision you will make is whether to enter the hospital setting or the private practice setting. Both have their rewards, as well as their limitations, so this is a choice you need to spend time on making.
  • Identifying and Leveraging a Nursing Recruitment Agency  By :
    Whether you're new to the nursing job market or you're a seasoned nurse that's looking for a better job opportunity, a nursing recruitment agency might be a wise choice. Not only is this a company that has your best interests in mind, but they can also steer you in the path of financial security. By taking the time to learn what this kind of company offers, you can begin to get on your personal path to nursing success.
  • The Top 6 Natural Choices Against Menopause Woes  By : Robert L Brown
    Women undergoing menopause are often recommended to undergo some form of menopause therapy to treat or ease the symptoms of "the change". While HRT is the most commonly known therapy recommended by doctors, there are other effective therapies that a woman can choose from.
  • Why Dental Insurance is a Must  By : S. Geetha
    The need for Dental insurance is very crucial as people are becoming aware of the fact that the costs involved in taking care of the teeth and gums are very expensive. Read on to learn various types of dental insurances that will help reduce costs of dental care.
  • Dental Insurance – An Overview  By : S. Geetha
    The amount of money spent on dental procedures and dental care is on the rise. The author discusses how one can reduce the costs of dental care by choosing the right and affordable dental insurance plans.
  • How Dental Plans Differ from Dental Insurance  By : S. Geetha
    Contrary to a popular belief, dental plans are totally different from dental insurance. Dental plans differ from the dental insurance by the types and features. Read on to learn more about dental plans.
  • Does Drug Rehab Therapy Help Drug Addicts To Recover?  By : Robert L Brown
    In drug rehabilitation, both the physical and psychological dependencies of the patient are addressed. Similarly, drug rehab therapy combats both the physical and psychological aspects of drug addiction. It helps fight physical dependency via detoxification to help the patient cope with withdrawal symptoms. It also helps fight psychological dependency by using some coping tactics that are based on psychological principles.
  • Trauma: Dealing With The Debris After The Chaos  By : mamaru
    When people experience trauma, it can leave them emotionally and mentally scarred. The healing process can be difficult and prolonged, but it has to be done properly to avoid risking further damage.
  • Mind And Body: Are They As Distinct As Initially Believed?  By :
    It was initially believed that the mind and the body were separate from one another, and that what affected one did not affect the other. However, recent studies and anecdotal evidence appears to indicate that this is incorrect, and that there is a deeper link between the mind and body than initially believed by Western medicine.
  • Dogs of War: Psychology In “Metal Gear Solid”  By : Zuske Sagara
    mental health, depression, social anxiety, performance anxiety, fear and anxiety, anxiety disorder, status anxiety, side effect
  • Menstrual Cramps: Painful Yet Fruitful  By : aseya
    Menstrual cramps, or dysmenorrhea, are one of the most common healthcare problems that women suffer during their reproductive years. It is a painful experience and a lot of women are suffering form this condition. This article noted the cause of the conditions and address some helpful tips to ease the pain.
  • Acne Treatments: The Cheap Option Or The Potent Stuff?  By : gurly
    Acne is one of those problems that everyone has to deal with sooner or later. The question of whether to pick the cheaper over-the-counter treatment over the more potent prescription medication can sometimes be a difficult choice. Both have advantages and disadvantages that must be considered.
  • Cortisol --- The Stress Hormone  By : aseya
    Experts claim that physical illness are among the negative effects of too much stress and anxiety. During stressful situations, the body stimulates the release of cortisol through the adrenal glands to cortisol. Cortisol is a natural steroid hormone that science experts refer to as the “stress hormone. It is known as the“stress hormone” because large amounts of this substance are released whenever a person feels stressed out.
  • Is Society Embracing Self-Destruction?  By : aseya
    More and more athletes are reported to abuse performance enhancers, celebrities are pushing the limits of how thin the human body can become, and more people are succumbing to mental illness. Some analysts claim that modern civilization and the media are pushing more and more people into self-destruction. While these claims are radical, is it that far from the truth?
  • How to Select a Home Health Agency  By : Craig Mecham
    As the population of the nation ages, more people are finding themselves in what has been called the "sandwich generation". They are simultaneously responsible for caring for their aging parents as well as their own children. They are "sandwiched" in between these two responsibilities. Chances are a significant number will be making some major health care decisions on behalf of parents-sometimes with their input and sometimes without, as necessity dictates.
  • Bad Breath Sufferers Beware  By : Del Carl
    Do you smoke, drink alcohol, take heart, sinus, birth control, or antidepressant medicines, or are over 55 years old? A positive answer to any one of these conditions means you have diminished salivary flow and are prone to bad breath. If you are dieting successfully, or your gum disease is active (bleeding gums) - you're going to have bad breath!
  • Substance Misuse in the Workplace - The Facts!  By : Christopher Evans -
    Information and statistics on how drugs and alcohol affects the workplace and what employers can do to reduce the impact. Useful health and safety and drug awareness info for businesses.
  • Illegal Immigrants Have the Right to Receive U.S. Health Care  By : Gaile Group Inc
    Illegal immigrants form a large and disputed group in many countries. Indeed, even the name is in dispute. People in this group are referred to as illegal immigrants, illegal aliens, irregular migrants, undocumented workers, or, in French, as sans papiers. Whatever they are called, their existence raises an important ethical question: Do societies have an ethical responsibility to provide health care for them and to promote their health?
  • The Ups And Downs of HGH Use  By : alexis
    In recent years, people have been considering the use of human growth hormones as a method to increase muscle mass, grow taller, or “bulk up.” While these hormones are naturally generated by the body, production stops after a certain stage. HGH may be considered an effective way to build body mass, but there have been reported problems concerning the use of it.

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