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  • What are Otolaryngologists?  By : Ruth Goines
    Head and neck surgery is a specialty which deals with conditions which affect patients, both surgical and non-surgical, from the collar bone up outside of the brain and spinal cord. Specialists go through a rigorous surgical training and are eligible to become certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery. ENT Surgeons treat a variety of diseases related to the head and neck including hearing loss, head and neck cancers and other tumors, dizziness, sinus conditions, facial trauma and congenital abnormalities, throat infections, voice problems, and other specialized conditions of the head and neck.
  • What are Organic Chickens and What Are the Benefits of Eating Them?  By : Andrea Kristi
    It is not a secret to anyone that chicken is healthier than a fried burger. If you are really health-conscious, buying organic chicken is your best choice and here is why.
  • What are Normal Blood Sugar Levels - Some Answers  By : George Taylor
    The main energy source for us humans is a form of sugar better known as glucose. This energy source is derived from foods which contain carbohydrates. The naturally occurring hormone we have in our bodies called insulin is our natural way of regulating the glucose levels.
  • What are Moles?  By : Peter Petigrew
    Everyone has a mole somewhere. So, just what is a mole? They can occur on every part of the body, but most often show up on parts exposed to the sun. A mole is a cluster or collection of melanocyte cells. These cells are part of the process that gives the skin its color. When there's just one mole, its referred to as a nevus, but more than one mole has the plural scientific name of nevi. Many people are born with moles. These congenital nevi don't develop color until they receive sun exposure.
  • What are Migraine Headaches?  By : Christian Goodman
    Your head is not really hurting when you feel that you have a headache. Did you know that brain tissues and skull bones don't have the nerve fibers that are sensitive to pain and therefore can't generate the sensation of pain? Then why does your head hurt when you have a migraine?
  • What are Indian Nose Jobs and How are They Different?  By : NikkiGuy
    Some ethnic groups have large and sometimes unattractive noses. If that sounds prejudiced it is not, it is a simple fact. Indian nose jobs are a common occurrence because that ethnicity tends to have large or wide noses.
  • What Are Hemorrhoids, and What Are the Treatments for Them?  By : Richard Hill
    hemorrhoids are caused when dilated blood vessels occur under the skin that lines the rectum or anus. Studies have shown that this inflamed tissue is actually a spongy mass of vascular tissue that has several direct arteriovenous connections. Hippocrates himself, the father of modern medicine, created the word "hemorrhoid" when he combined the Greek words "hema," which means blood, and "rhoos," which means flowing.
  • What Are Hemorrhoids  By : Cowin Moncion
    The natural remedies is safe and will need side effect unlike surgical or via the counter treatment. It is a bad idea to use over-the-counter creams and prescription drugs for children, as it is often too abrasive for their body frames.
  • What are floaters and why are they important?  By : Manvir Singh
    A floater can be seen by many people and it is a condition that affects many people. Floaters can be seen dependant on the certain variable such as if there are any bright lights in the area or if you are looking up into a clear blue sky.
  • What Are Fibroids?  By : Shola Oslo..
    What are uterine fibroids? Uterine fibroids ( a.k.a. fibromyomas, leimyomas or myomas) are "garden variety" tumors made of smooth muscle cells that occur in the uterus during the ovulating years. Uterine fibroids are not malignant, not related to cancer, but are classified as a type of tumor. They often go unnoticed by many women and have been known to shrink after menopause. Fibroid tumors occur more often in the African-American community and are rarely seen in young women 20 years old or younger.
  • What Are External Hemorrhoids  By : Casey Jones
    Hemorrhoids look like little lumps in the anal area and can resemble flattened grapes. They can be painful and inconvenient. Sometimes they protrude and can become external hemorrhoids. You get first symptoms of itching and swelling.
  • What Are Endometrial Cysts And How Are They Treated  By : Amanda Clark
    Many women are diagnosed with cysts and are shocked when they hear about it. The truth is, they don't know much about it, and therefore causes them to be stressed and fearful situation. So what are endometrial cysts and how are they treated?
  • What are Emotional Eating and Its Ways to Overcome?  By : ajay kumar singh
    Respectively, emotional eating is related to the communal problem of both men and women. Emotional eating indulges the excess consumption of the foods.
  • What are Electronic Cigars?  By : dgcarticle
    The cigarette and cigar have evolved over the period of 70 years. Cigarettes became a popular movement during the First and Second World Wars. The war department was responsible as they allotted cigarettes as part of the ration package given to each soldier. Soldiers used cigarettes as they would money; for trading, gambling and just passing time. During this time the cigarette companies advertised cigarettes to women. Hollywood did their part to help by giving cigarettes a sexy image. Today, cigarettes have taken another huge step in evolution with the introduction of electronic cigarettes and electronic cigars. These good tasting smokes are not cancer forming and have no foul smells while satisfiing your craving for Nicotine.
  • What are effective to protecting heart  By : Hayden
    In America, there are more than 2/3 women over 20 years old suffering from cardiovascular disease, one of the most important reasons is overweight or obesity, how to have a healthy life? Today this article will introduce you seven methods to control weight and protect heart, which is also Joanne Fudi recommended, from Harvard University.
  • What are Durable Medical Equipment and Medicare?  By : Navneet Singh
    In US many people use the facility of Medicare to get better health. Medicare is an insurance system what is funded by the government and for the people who are over 65 suffer by many complicated diseases or physical problems.
  • What Are different Types Of Alcoholism Treatments?  By : James Handforth
    Alcohol addiction is becoming very common and even teenagers have started becoming alcohol addicts. There are different types of alcoholism treatments available today but still deciding about as to which one is the best is not that easy. The type of treatment that an addict will need to go through depends on the level of addiction.
  • What Are Dermoid Cysts?  By : Jay Taylor
    Dermoid cysts can occur in any person, regardless of race, sex, and age. Dermoid cysts in the ovary, of course, occur only among women. Dermoid cysts in the face, neck, or scalp, however, are usually present at birth and clearly visible.
  • What Are Dental Implants - Part 2  By : Gen Wright
    Ideally, you would make a great candidate for dental implants providing you have good oral and dental health. You must have enough bone in your jaw to support the implant, and most dentists recommend this procedure for individuals with healthy gums as well. Because implants become a permanent fixture in your mouth, they rely on healthy gum tissue and jaw bone.
  • What Are Complex Ovarian Cysts?  By : Jay Taylor
    The chances that a woman will end up having a ovarian cyst during their lifetime is actually quite common and is generally no cause for concern. Complex ovarian cysts are a different story as they occur less often and can sometimes cause serious health problems. They are called complex ovarian cysts due to their makeup, usually containing both solid and liquid portions, having more substance then simple ovarian cysts and come in three different types: endometrioma, cystadenomas and dermoid.
  • What Are Cohesive Gel Breast Implants  By : Plastic surgery channel1
    A prosthetic known as cohesive gel breast implants, only available in the United States through special clinical trials, seems to be developing a successful reputation elsewhere. This product has garnered 15 years of use abroad, with favorable opinions from surgeons in Europe. These implants have undergone years of testing in America, but some may rightly wonder what the delay in widespread availability is.
  • What are causes of pores becoming coarse and blocked and how to care  By : Hayden
    Why does pore become large? In the end, what problems your skin appeared? Want to improve the skin condition, it is first to understand the reasons for clogged skin becoming large, cleaning and prevention, care of the delicate skin. This article will make you know the reason of coarse pore and teach you to care them.
  • What Are Cataracts?  By : Richard Farrah
    The term cataract is used to describe the way that a lens in your eye becomes clouded over time. This clouding can initially take a mild form that is hardly noticeable but may then worsen as time passes. In the worst possible case scenario an untreated cataract can lead to blindness.
  • What are bipolar symptoms?  By : avi
    Bipolar symptoms tend to be one of the great mysteries surrounding an illness. There seems to be a great deal of people who will tell you that they know all about bipolar symptoms when they don’t really have a clue. These are the type of people who will tell you that they have bipolar disease because they have been feeling slightly depressed and they ‘know’ that this is one of the bipolar symptoms. Being bipolar is in fact much more serious and the bipolar symptoms that sufferer’s exhibit are mu
  • What Are Bioflavonoids and What Can They Do For Me?  By : Carolyn Cooper
    When you are looking for a bruising treatment that is really effective, or you are searching for a program that lets you work on healing bruises in general, you'll discover that bioflavonoids are mentioned over and over. It seems like almost everyone is talking about them, but what is it that you need to know about them? It's always a wise idea to learn more about supplements that are you curious about, and there is a great deal of interesting information relating to bioflavonoids themselves as well as how they can provide you with a great bruise treatment.
  • What are Benefits of Maca Root?  By : Kinion Clarks
    Maca root is similar to radish roots, stems from Peru and thrives at altitudes of over 4,000 meters. A large number of scientists around the world, more attention paid to investigation of the properties and effects of this plant.
  • What are Benefits of Maca Root?  By : Kinion Clarks
    Maca root is similar to radish roots, stems from Peru and thrives at altitudes of over 4,000 meters. A large number of scientists around the world, more attention paid to investigation of the properties and effects of this plant.
  • What Are Bach Flower Remedies  By : Shannon Lloyd
    Dr Edward Bach who was an English physician and homeopath developed the original Bach flower remedies in the 1930's. Dr Bach strongly believed that the negative emotional state of a person would rear itself as a physical condition. Dr Bach devoted himself to providing his patients with a natural form of medicine that would help improve mental state and ultimately physical health. The culmination of his lifetimes work was the discovery of the 38 flower essences that are now commonly known as Bach Flower Remedies.
  • What are Anti aging creams? and their ingredients  By : Gregory Dayton
    Anti aging cream has gained immense importance in current days because of the fact that people are getting wrinkles in their early ages of life.
  • What are Anit-Anxiety Drugs  By : Kenn Fong
    Although many people turn to anti-anxiety drugs to get relief from panic attacks, such medication is a treatment of the symptoms not of the health condition as such. Improvement will be noticeable but recurrent anxiety episodes are nevertheless possible. Doctors do recommend specific medication but only for short-term administration and usually in parallel with some form of therapy meant to address and solve the real causes of anxiety. There are serious health concerns related to anti-anxiety drugs because of the many side effects and the risk of developing a physical addiction. Therapy and lifestyle changes work better for the treatment of anxiety as compared to any other medication.

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