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  • Sex Toys Fun: Is a Male Chastity Device for You?  By : J Dugan
    Men who are considering sex toys have a world of possibilities available. Some may want to think about a male chastity device as a special option for sexual fun.
  • Sex Toys from Santa: Special Gifts for Her  By : J Dugan
    When Santa leaves gifts under her tree, he may want to include a few sex toys to make sure that she can be as naughty as she is nice.
  • Sex Toys for Penis Health: Hints for Using a Sex Doll  By : J Dugan
    There are many sex toys an inquiring man might explore, but the more traditional sex doll is still a popular choice for many who wish to add a little spice to things.
  • Sex Toys for Long-Distance Lovers  By : J Dugan
    The internet has opened up a new world of intimacy for long-distance lovers. Advances in technology have produced sex toys that bring far-off partners way beyond Skype sex and Snapchat.
  • Sex Toys for Him and Her: Thank God for Technology  By : J Dugan
    There are plenty of sex toys out there for men and women, and they are only getting better as technology advances. Learn about three sexy, techy toys here.
  • Sex Toys for Beginners – Spice Things Up  By : J Dugan
    Sex toys can't take the place of a firmly erect penis, but they can be a pleasant addition to a couple's sexual activities – and they can provide pleasure for men as well as women.
  • Sex Toys for a Bent Penis  By : J Dugan
    If a man has a severely bent penis, the excess curvature may create difficulties for him. Use of sex toys may be an option to help.
  • Sex Toys and Air Travel - Considering the Security Issues  By : J Dugan
    Male sex toys can add zest and fun to a man's sex life, but flying with them can present possible security challenges that need to be taken into consideration before embarking on a trip.
  • Sex Toys - Getting a Real Doll in Bed  By : J Dugan
    The rise in popularity of sex toys means men are finding new ways of exploring their sexuality. An old standby, the inflatable doll, is one of many ways to add spice to one’s routine.
  • Sex Toy Handbook -- What's What in the Bedroom  By : J Dugan
    Taking one’s sex life to the next level with toys is not as straightforward as it seems. Decode the mysteries of the sex shop here.
  • Sex Toy as a Gift  By : Callister Tripp
    This is definitely a more modern world, you can tell by all the sexy music videos and racy underwear posters on the billboards and bus stops, some have even been removed because distracted drivers find themselves not keeping an eye on the road.
  • Sex Tips: The Successful At-Home Date Night  By : J Dugan
    Sex tips don’t always revolve around the use of the member itself. For example, planning a successful at-home date night requires attention to many details – which can ensure a happy penis at evening’s end.
  • Sex Tips: Temperature Play Methods  By : J Dugan
    Most sexually active adults are always on the look-out for sex tips to add a new level of enjoyment to the activity. The following temperature play methods can heat things up – or cool them down – for maximum pleasure.
  • Sex Tips: Stripping Games to Make Things Interesting  By : J Dugan
    One of the best sex tips out there involves keeping one’s sex life interesting. One way to do so is to incorporate stripping games into a couple’s date night repertoire.
  • Sex Tips: Spice Things Up this Fall  By : J Dugan
    If a man notices things are getting a little stale in the sex department, whether it’s with his own hand or a partner, he would do well to investigate ways to make playtime more exciting. The following sex tips take their inspiration from the impending autumn season.
  • Sex Tips: Sensual New Year’s Resolutions  By : J Dugan
    Get sensual with the New Year’s resolution for 2016. The following sex tips will help make this year extra exciting for both partners.
  • Sex Tips: Rules for Discussing Role Playing  By : J Dugan
    Sex tips experts agree that role playing can be an excellent way of keeping the flame alive in a couple’s sex life. Rules for discussing this activity can help.
  • Sex Tips: Rough Sex Made Safe  By : J Dugan
    Couples leafing through sex tips to spice up their sensual play often come across rough sex and aren’t sure if it’s for them. This option can be rewarding, providing it is done safely.
  • Sex Tips: Penis-Breasts Sex  By : J Dugan
    There are sex tips for all kinds of partner-based activities, but what’s a man to do when he finds a partner who lets him place his penis between her breasts?
  • Sex Tips: Overcome these Common Complaints in the Bedroom  By : J Dugan
    A satisfying sex life is an important part of overall wellbeing, both for an individual and for a relationship. Partners should identify whether one of the following common complaints is affecting their intimate life, and heed the corresponding sex tips to work toward solutions.
  • Sex Tips: Non-Physical Stimulation for Hotter Action  By : J Dugan
    Sexual stimulation can be achieved in a number of ways, some of which don’t involve physical contact. The following sex tips advise men concerning hands-free methods of stimulation that promise to enhance the experience for all involved.
  • Sex Tips: Making the Bedroom Work for You  By : J Dugan
    Although many sex tips are concentrated on the mechanics behind sex, it doesn’t pay to neglect environmental factors – such as the state of a man’s bedroom and what that says to a partner.
  • Sex Tips: Incorporating Erotic Games Into Couples play  By : J Dugan
    A seasoned couple may be on the lookout for sex tips to help them with their romantic encounters. One option they may want to seriously consider is incorporating the fun of erotic games into their couples play.
  • Sex Tips: How to Incorporate All 5 Senses  By : J Dugan
    While we tend to emphasize touch in the bedroom, getting all five senses involved can lead to better sex. The following sex tips for the senses will get a couple started down the right path.
  • Sex Tips: How to Finger a Woman  By : J Dugan
    One of the most important sex tips out there concerns what to do before penetration occurs. Fingering is an important skill to learn as part of foreplay fun.
  • Sex Tips: Feeding the Foot Fetish  By : J Dugan
    Many lists of sex tips today focus on the special needs of the man with a fetish, such as a deep desire for another person’s foot. These tips make the experience more pleasurable.
  • Sex Tips: Exploring Beyond the Bedroom  By : J Dugan
    Many sex tips focus on keeping it happening in the bedroom – but there are plenty of other rooms in the house that can help keep the spice in one's love life.
  • Sex Tips: Exhibitionist Role Playing  By : J Dugan
    Sex tips for an exhibitionist include not getting caught at his favorite game. With that in mind, role playing exhibitionist scenarios in the privacy of one’s own home is recommended.
  • Sex Tips: Erotic Games for Extra Fun  By : J Dugan
    Among the more enjoyable sex tips for couples is this: add some spice in one's sex life by employing erotic games that give a touch of whimsy to things.
  • Sex Tips: Easing into Kinky Sex  By : J Dugan
    Many sex tips focus on the benefits of adding a kinky element to one’s sex life. However, jumping headfirst into kink may not be the best path to take, especially with a shy partner.

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