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  • Over the Counter Vaginal Yeast Infection Medications  By : Linda Allen
    These medications may bring relief temporarily, but the indications are that they have no lasting effect on yeast infection. It is a learned reflex to try using over-the-counter medication for vaginal yeast infections and this dates back many years. However, recent research now suggests that there is no effectiveness in such medication for really curing yeast infection.
  • Plasma Needle Could Replace the Feared Dentist's Drill  By : IC
    What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase "advances in technology"? -- for some people it might indicate that the methods and procedures the new about something are about change or become obsolete.
  • Cheap and Effective Method for Teeth Whitening  By : IC
    One of the most common and popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry is that which is in charge of whitening a person is teeth, the reasons are quite obvious really, every day more and more people are concerned with the way they look and how brighter smile is.
  • Why Go Vegetarian?  By : Paula Benson
    The idea of taking meat out of their diet confuses most people, so new vegetarians are often asked "why be a vegetarian?" Most people simply are not familiar with the abundant, tasty food options that vegetarians are able to take advantage of.
  • Educating Children to Help Them Control Their Fear of the Dentist  By : IC
    Being afraid of the dentist is justifiable to a certain extent, in the past few decades until procedures have come a long way from what they were, but much fear dental drill is being tried to be replaced with other tools which are fiendlier...
  • Unconventional Teeth Whitening Methods -- Charcoal  By : IC
    The one procedure which is most popular amongst people or interested in cosmetic dentistry is tooth whitening. Ever since we were little most of us were taught that someone who has white teeth has them because they have continuously brushed their..
  • Want To Keep your Pearly Whites in Good Shape? Avoid Crest Pro-Health Rinse  By : IC
    If you want to maintain good dental health that you have probably come across many products which claim to eliminate bacteria and prevent plaque from developing as well as gingivitis...
  • Air Purifiers Explained  By : William Faylor
    Air purifiers are machines that remove impurities from the air. They are beneficial for people suffering from allergies or from asthma. The functions of air purifiers vary as per the machines settings and manufacturer. Various processes are used to get the best performance from air purifiers. These different processes remove impurities in the air, thus, making the surroundings clean and healthy. The filtering function of the purifier catches impurities in the air. The trapped air is then filtered and the clean, particle-free air is released. Some purifiers can be less effective for use in larger areas depending on the technology used in their construction. These air purifiers can,however, be useful for smaller areas or any defined space for more effective cleaning and purifying of the air.
  • The Path To Leave Addiction  By : David Peters
    Make up your mind to stop drinking "Chance favors only the prepared mind". You crazy, you binge so muchyou don't have any chance at all to stop drinking. Does your inner self say this? Fight against it. In your decision to stop drinking, the first barrier you need to cross is your negative self. Be positive you can stop drinking. Well get alcohol out of sight. Gift your bottles to your enemy!....
  • Most Affirmations Don't Work - How To Supercharge Yours - Part 1  By : Debbie Thomas
    If you have spent any length of time studying Personal Development these days, you must have heard that what you think about is what you will bring about in your reality. If you focus consistently on what you want you will start to really Believe it. When you really Believe it, you will begin to take the appropriate action that will move you closer and closer to what you desire. We often hear that Seeing is Believing, but it's the reverse that is really true. It's called the Law of Attraction and was talked about in the movie 'The Secret.'
  • A Visit to The Dentist Can Save More than Your Smile  By : IC
    Meet Sally Higgins, a 36-year-old banker who resides in Salt Lake City, Utah -- Sally's life was going perfectly until her tooth started to complicate things, as most people would do Sally decided that it was just ...
  • Getting Informed about the Different Types of Dental Braces  By : IC
    When it comes to dental braces there are many types which you need to be aware of in order to make an educated decision after your dentist gives you your options.
  • Surgery for Back Pain: Is it the Right Choice?  By : Kim Archer
    In the past, physicians would habitually propose surgery to cure unrelieved back pain. Afterwards, people would need several weeks of bed rest and, if everything had gone smoothly, be fixed up and back to normal in just a short time - except if they weren't.
  • The Secret Super Fruit Hidden in the Heart of the Amazon Jungle.  By : Marcus C. Evans
    Well, ever since Dr. Nicholas Perricone touted its benefits on Oprah, the Acai berry is not such a secret. However, if you somehow missed it, the Acai berry is a fruit which Dr. Perricone put at the very top of his list of 10 "super foods". The research which has been done on the Acai backs this claim too. This berry is just the size of a grape but is jam-packed with nutrition and health benefits.
  • Avoid Neglecting Skin Deep  By : Ricardo d Argence..
    Your skin is the biggest organ you have. Yes, I said organ. It is very important that we care for it because it is what we use to protect the rest of your body's insides. It is important to take care of your skin from the inside out. It is good to take vitamin K to ensure that your skin gets its rightful nutrients. There are several layers that consist of many things to protect your body.
  • Medication for anxiety  By : Dr. Jennifer B. Lagrotte, DMFT
    There are more than fifty different kinds of medications that are from the benzodiazepine family, many of them used for treating different problems. Though, they are often used in helping many people who are suffering from anxiety.
  • Carbon Dioxide and Nitric Oxide for Natural Male Enhancement  By : Mike Silverstone
    Let us talk on the subject of one of the most widespread origins of sexual dysfunction problems that most people don't distinguish and those substances in human body that are the best for natural male enhancement purposes. The grounds for some kinds of impotence can be hypertension - stable spasm of blood vessels. One of the original roots of bad blood supply of all organs and vasospasm (hypertension) is the continuing decreasing of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in arteries.
  • Massage Chair Recliners Are an Effective Back Pain Treatment  By : James Knolan
    Back pain at some point will rear its ugly head with most of it. It may be lower back, shoulders or maybe the neck. Either it is the result of injury or it is the more gradual progression. If it is more gradual, then do not wait until it is a problem to get it looked at. If you are injured you go immediately, but when back pain just creeps up, then we do nothing. There are treatment options available. Preventative options are better. Check with your health care professional on a course of action for you. Most likely, massage therapy will be part of the healing process. Professional massage therapy is preferred, but not always convenient. Massage chairs are another alternative with many benefits
  • Exercises to Relieve Your Sciatica  By : Paul Boxcer
    Do not be misled into thinking that you have been given a diagnosis if someone has told you you are suffering with 'sciatica'. The term sciatica is only a descriptive one. If you had pains in your head, I take it you would not be fooled into thinking you were being diagnosed as having a 'headache', yet this is exactly the same as being told you have sciatica i.e. you are suffering with pain down the back of your leg which is a result of the sciatic nerve being irritated. If you are looking for exercise for your sciatica, you need to find the cause of it first.
  • How to Get Rid of Alcoholism  By : Dark Sith
    In most head-on automobile collisions where people are seriously injured or killed, it turns out that the driver at fault has a higher-than-allowed blood alcohol level; that is, he or she was driving a lethal weapon while intoxicated. Statistics from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism show that in 2004, lightly less than 40 percent of all traffic fatalities (not just those that resulted from head-on collisions) involved alcohol. This figure is down from 60 percent in 1982, possibly reflecting the effect of seat belts or decreased societal tolerance for drunk driving. Perhaps the message, "Don't drink and drive," is finally getting through. But 40 percent is still too high a figure.
  • Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure: Do They Really Work?  By : Paul Johnson..
    Even though high blood pressure remedies are on the market a lot today, there are many natural remedies that can help you lower your blood pressure. One of the first things you need to do is to go get a physical and figure out why your blood pressure is high. If something relatively simple is causing it, such as diet, then you should be able to lower and maintain it at a healthy level quite easily.
  • How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost?  By : Zul Rahman
    Most people would put off the medical procedures that is not life threatening because they cannot afford the high cost. For most people lasik laser eye surgery cost is pretty high but the cost vary widely based on many different factors. There are many factors that influence the price.
  • Staying Young : How To Escape The Effects Of Aging  By : Joan Taylor Anne Pelinski Karen Walker
    If there was a method to escape and defy time and enjoy the pleasure of staying your forver would you take it? I would and I am sure you would too. You might think this sounds impossible but the good news is it is very possible. It is just a matter of giving extra care and attention to yourself and emphasizing your features to bring out the best of what you have. I will share some very easy steps in this article that you can follow to start defying your age.
  • Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips  By : Kyle Richey..
    It seems like while young people can't wait to be older, most older people want only to be younger. While nothing can actually reverse time, many of us spend a lot of money and effort attempting to look younger. Anti-aging skin care products are a big chunk of the cosmetics industry, as men and women alike try anything they can to look youthful.
  • How To Get Rid Of Allergies  By : Dark Sith
    Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to get rid of allergies. An allergy is the reaction of the immune system to substances your body thinks are harmful to you. Once the body detects these foreign substances (which are called allergens), it releases a chemical into your bloodstream (the most common being histamine) and these chemicals cause the familiar allergic reaction you get: the runny nose, the watery eyes and the rashes on your skin. The more severe allergies are called anaphylactic reactions and can cause you to have chest pains, breathing difficulties or even loss of consciousness.
  • How can a poor diet lead to depression?  By : Dr. Jennifer B. Lagrotte, DMFT
    While most will think about how the above mentioned factors are what can lead to depression, many will not think about how a poor diet can lead to depression. It is a physical influence on both the physical and mental health of a person.
  • Mosquitoes after the floods  By : Joseph Symond
    Mosquitoes after the floods
  • Anti Cellulite Cream Advantages  By : Mandy Adamsen
    Cellulite has been one of those things that we fear most as we age. Women are especially concerned over this condition, since about 80 percent of women actually suffer from it. It's good to know though that there are now new treatments such as anti cellulite creams that help get rid of cellulite in a fast and safe manner. Cellulite creams are now prevalently available in the market and there are many advantages to using these creams. Let's find out what these advantages are.
  • Anti Cellulite Products That Help  By : Mandy Adamsen
    Believe it or not, the fact is cellulite affects more than half of all women, and men also aren't invulnerable to this unsightly condition. Fortunately, there are definitely ways to get rid of cellulite. The question is, which methods or products are the best to apply?
  • Three Keys To Happiness  By : Dawn McIntyre
    As part of striving to create beautiful lives, we automatically relate success as being crucial to the overall picture. While achieving success is, indeed, very important, in and of itself it will not bring us the happiness we are looking for.

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