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  • Precautions to Take to Eliminate Golf Injuries  By : Jim O Connell
    As golfers, one of the aggravating things we must deal with is injuries related to the golf swing. Once they occur, sometimes only rest will cure an ailment, and that takes us from the activity we love to do. But to get rid of golf injuries, or even less harsh aches and pains, we must have an understanding of what causes these ailments, and then take a preventive maintenance tactic to insure a healthy body.
  • Price Per Head assures Best Betting Management Services  By : ashjeny
    Proper betting management is important for your betting business operations in a smooth and convenient manner. If you really wish to get success in your sports betting business, you should implement services from good price per head sports booking company for effective betting management. There are certain tools in the sports betting industry that are easy and convenient to use and are absolutely crucial to ensure that you get the best possible gambling management. Price per head solutions compr
  • Price Per Head Booking Services for Lottery Game Lovers  By : ashjeny
    Most gamblers in the world of gambling love to play lottery. As, the horrible odds are often stated by the state lotteries, this is the reason why local bookies use the price per head system with the lottery to drive out the membership of more and more members with their website. They can generate significant sign ups from their clients just with the involvement of the price per head system with their lottery business.
  • Price Per Head Solutions are for all Kinds of Sports Books  By : ashjeny
    Large sports booking firms, casinos and other gambling websites make use of the internet for the performance of their gambling business with the clients all around the world. However, sometimes you may wish to have a portal to be in the bookmaking business at the local level towards letting your clients become aware of your stay here and your closeness with them.
  • Price Per Head Sports Booking Opportunities are Significant  By : ashjeny
    Price per head services provides you a significant opportunity towards setting up your betting business along with being a sports booking agent and running your own booking website. The leading price per head service providers of the gambling industry provides exclusive betting management services to the sports books and their clients who are entering into the world of gambling and sports betting to meet their gaming and financial desires
  • Proper Golf Swing Basics #for the# New Golfer  By : Jim O Connell
    While addressing proper golf swing basics for #the new# golfer, the concept is #to keep# things uncomplicated and not try to emulate Tiger Woods or any #of the# pros.
  • Proper Gripping Of Golf Club Importance  By : Sam Stingger
    f grip.This guide will take you through the process of getting the correct golf grip step by step to improve your game. There is nothing mysterious about the proper gol
  • Putting to Win!  By : Donald N. Lombardi
    Most Golfers put great effor into getting the ball off the tee and then onto the greens, by having lessons and range practice but very few give putting a second thought.
  • Quartet confirmed for World Match Play  By : abadam
    Henrik Stenson, Sergio Garcia, Lee Westwood and Martin Kaymer are all now confirmed for the Volvo World Match Play Championship.
  • Receive A Discount Golf Vacation In Orlando, Florida!  By : Martin G. Bell
    More and more amateurs and professionals come to Orlando each year to spend their golf vacations playing at the best courses of Florida. While traveling around Orlando some lucky players can even get a good discount for tee times and golf trainings including private, semi-private and group lessons for kids and adults in the part of Florida.
  • Recommendations for Women's Golf Clubs  By : JasonN
    Looking for a new set of golf clubs can be a daunting task. Golf clubs can also be custom made to fit any length, weight, and flexibility, depending on the user’s preference. Despite these differences, most golf clubs fit into a handful of general categories. Some factors, such as staying focused and managing your body mechanics, are up to you, the player. A professional fitting of either men’s or women’s clubs can help take a golf game to a whole new level.
  • Red Hill hosting top collegiate players  By : corthing
    In early May, three weeks before his 84th birthday on May 28, Louie Perez of La Verne fired off the perfect shot, an ace, his first ever hole-in-one.
  • Repowering Small Engines: Using Rebuild Kits to Save Costs  By : Ben Anton
    Reducing costs is important to golf course facilities managers just as much as it is to any golfer. This article describes how course managers and golfers can reduce replacement costs on their golf carts, golf course mowers and hauling trucksters by using a small engine rebuild kit rather than replacing the equipment.
  • Repowering Your Sand Pro Engine Using a Kohler Rebuild Kit  By : Ben Anton
    Golf course equipment can be expensive to replace. This article describes how repowering golf course equipment, like those made by Toro, with a Kohler or Briggs Stratton repower kit can save money and improve performance.
  • Researchers evaluating new cancer treatment  By : samjack
    NEW YORK — Ed Pulido joined the Army at 18 and spent 19 years in uniform. He lost his left leg four years after being wounded by a roadside bomb in Baqouba, Iraq. And when he was discharged in 2005, with a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, he decided to the devote the rest of his life to work with a foundation helping the families of veterans who have been wounded or killed.

    But he had one problem, he said: “how to initiate the contacts with corporate leaders, to be able to fundraise and to netwo
  • Respecting Golf Etiquette  By : Emery Noile
    Golf is a game rich in culture and age-old tradition. There are strict rules of etiquette to be followed in playing a game of golf -- including your choice of attire. Most golfers respect and happily comply with the rules of etiquette, and so are welcome to play at proper golf courses.
  • Retirement developers cater to active baby boomers  By : samjack
    They embark on kayaking trips or go hang gliding with their friends, learn conversational Spanish in a state-of-the-art facility or boogie the evening away to disco-era hits.

    If you think this is summer camp for teenagers, or events at a local college, think again.

    These options and countless others are emerging in active adult living communities across the U.S., which are filled with residents 55 and older who want to stay active and healthy.

    As 78 million baby boomers approach retirement, d
  • Rules 23-1 and 24-1: Loose Impediments and Movable Obstructions  By : Barry Rhodes
    Many golfers are not sure how to distinguish between loose impediments and movable obstructions that they encounter during their rounds. It is important to be able to make this distinction, as the Rules for Loose Impediments (Rue 23-1) are substantially different from those for Movable Obstructions (Rule 24-1). This short article will assist players to improve their understanding of the relevant Rules, thereby avoiding unnecessary penalties.
  • Ryder Cup – McGinley happy to wait on Cup captaincy  By : abadam
    Paul McGinley has said it is an honour to be linked with the 2014 Ryder Cup captaincy but he will not go looking for it.
  • Ryder Cup: Harrington urges role for Monty  By : samjack
    Padraig Harrington was not exactly telling Nick Faldo how to go about his business although Europe’s Ryder Cup captain might well interpret things that way.
    Calendar: Golf fixtures
    While giving his thoughts on this week’s European Open at the London Club, Harrington was asked if he deemed it important that Colin Montgomerie made Faldo’s side for Valhalla. “Personally,” Harrington said, “I’d want Monty on the team.”
    There was nothing Faldo could object to in that, but it was then that the Open ch
  • Saving Money on a Golf Trip  By : Plaisir Du Golf
    You've spent all year to assemble your friends for your annual golf trip. It was intended to go smoothly, but you bought "the package deal and the outing turned out to be simply adequate. You all had high hopes, but you had to take what the package deal provided.
  • Saving Money with an Online Golf Shop  By : Zion Keith
    Golfing is a sport that has been enjoyed for ages. It is a past time that is enjoyed by people young and old, but for many people it is cost prohibitive. They want to have their own golf clubs, but they are too big an investment.
  • Scotlands Eric Ramsay cruises to first Challenge Tour win in Poland at DHL Wroclaw Open  By : samjack
    Eric Ramsay clinched his maiden Challenge Tour title in comfortable fashion after closing with a round of 69 to complete a wire-to-wire victory in the DHL Wroclaw Open.

    The Scot, who became the 12th first-time winner on this season’s Challenge Tour, pocketed a cheque for €22,400 after finishing on 17 under par, two shots clear of his nearest rivals, the English duo of Andrew Butterfield and Richard McEvoy, who closed with respective rounds of 67 and 65.

    Ramsay posted an astonishing 23 birdies
  • Sealing a Business Deal on the Golf Course  By : Lincoln Davis
    Sometimes, closing a business deal does not have to be where the business is. When making a business proposal to a big client, one of the best places to do it is on a golf course. Seal that deal by booking a game with your prospective client and let the game golf ace it for you.
  • Selection of Price Per Head Service Provider  By : ashjeny
    A sport betting concept is very old concept for which gives the platform to sports betting lovers. From very long ago this service was bringing enjoyment to their players. While price per head is a new concept of gambling comes into existence, it begins in early some decades. Price per head system becomes popular with the help of internet. The particular business today spread everywhere because the availability of internet system.
  • Senior Golfers Guide  By : Donald N. Lombardi
    It may sound corny but do not forget the feeling of a good shot. Memorize it and internalize it, then practice it and soon you will be able to produce it consistently.clu
  • September 11, 2006 — Canadian Open  By : samjack
    Editor’s note: Gilles Samson and his wife, Suzette, always wanted to travel around the United States. So after retiring from their jobs late last year, the two Canadians decided to combine their wanderlust with their love of golf. The Samsons will be driving their RV across the country and attending every PGA TOUR event in 2006. While on that journey, they’ll be writing a diary for This is their 35th installment.
  • Seven Tips to Better Golf  By : Monty Bryan
    Is it truly possible to improve your golf skills, dramatically? Of course you can. By reading this article you will learn seven great secrets to help you get started. At the end of the day, it comes down to practice and belief that you can do it.
  • Shop by Manufacturer or shop by department  By : JessicaThomson
    The golf bags would also make your transport across the golfing course very much easy along with your personal items. The condition of your golf accessories and equipments is also not adversely affected because of the golf bag. The golf apparels are also an imperative golfing accessory that you must possess.
  • Simple Rules for Golf Cart Safety  By : Lincoln Davis
    Now available in different varieties, golf carts provide the same exact purpose of transporting golf players and their bags and equipment around the course. In putting this mechanized ride to use, safety remains a priority.

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