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  • Reasons Why We Need Supplements  By : Peter Roseberg
    People who donít take supplements believe they donít need them as long as they exercise regularly and eat well, except for the occasional chocolate bar or two. The truth is, you can eat all the fruits, vegetables and whole grains in the world and there will still be some nutritional gaps that need to be filled and cannot be filled by healthy food alone. Read on to find out why you should take supplements and why you wonít regret taking them.
  • Causes and prevention of nail biting  By : Ultraimports
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  • Nail polish ingredient with nitrocellulose  By : Ultraimports
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  • When Good Food is Bad  By : Peter Roseberg
    Even as genetics and poor dental hygiene conspire to give you discolored teeth, make you lose your teeth or damage it to the point where you need a root canal, you can still prevent your teethís demise and that is simply by knowing what foods to eat and what to avoid like the plague. You may be surprised at some of those that are on the list of must-avoid but then again, itís what inside that matters right? Read on.
  • Amalgam Fillings Have No Harm To Brain Development  By : Zeta Dental
    Dental amalgam tooth fillings do not adversely affect children's brain development and neurological status, researchers report in the February issue of The Journal of the American Dental Association.
  • English Treat Their Own Dental Problems Themselves  By : Zeta Dental
    Six per cent of people in a large survey in England said they had to treat their own dental problems themselves, because they could not get professional treatment - this included pulling out their own teeth.
  • What to Do After You Find the Best Dentist  By : Peter Roseberg
    Having to undergo dental procedures every six months can already be a daunting enough experience but what if you had to get them done with a dentist who seems to be a direct descendant of Adolf Hitler? The quest for the best and most trustworthy dentist is something that is easy to do as long as you know what you want and itís not because theyíre the most expensive or advertised as the best.
  • Howís Your Dental Health?  By : Peter Roseberg
    Having a white and beautiful smile is something everybody wants but not everybody has. For one, when you practice poor dental hygiene or maybe got shortchanged in the gene pool, chances are you need to have your teeth whitened at a dentistís office and not courtesy of your local drugstore. But how do you achieve whiter teeth without resorting to drastic means? Read on and find out.
  • A New Chewable Mint In Preventing Cavities In Children  By : Zeta Dental
    Ortek Therapeutics, Inc., and Stony Brook University announced that new data published in the most recent issue of the Journal of Clinical Dentistry demonstrate the effects of a new chewable mint in preventing cavities in children.
  • Heavy Marijuana Use Contributes To Gum Disease  By : Zeta Dental
    Heavy marijuana use has been found to contribute to gum disease, apart from the known effects that tobacco smoke was already known to have.
  • Dental Hygiene Is Crucial In Preventing Heart Infection  By : Zeta Dental
    Good dental hygiene and health may be crucial in preventing heart valve infection, according to research reported in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.
  • Nagging Headache And Painful Jaw Tied To Your Oral Health  By : Zeta Dental
    Could that nagging headache and painful jaw be tied to your oral health? Many headache sufferers might want to consult their dentist as well as their doctor since headaches and dental pain have a lot in common, says Director of the Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine Graduate Program at the USC School of Dentistry Glenn Clark.
  • Trends Revolving Around Skin Bleaching Cream and Similar Products  By : TCAPeel
    Many unique skin-lightening products have been launched by huge companies who deal with beauty and cosmetics. International brands like Dove, Olay, and the like have offered a plethora of creams, cleansers, and moisturizers.
  • Bad Breath Is One Sign That Gum Disease May Be Present  By : Zeta Dental
    "Do you frequently have bad breath?" If so, you may need more than just a mint, as persistent bad breath is one of several signs that gum disease may be present.
  • The Pain-relieving Effects of Nitrous Oxide - Laughing Gas  By : Zeta Dental
    The pain-relieving effects of nitrous oxide - laughing gas - may be enhanced by suggestion or hypnosis, according to a new study by UCL (University College London). The study's findings - that people are more suggestible under the gas - mean that dental patients may benefit from being coached to relax while undergoing sedation.
  • An Acid By Gum Disease May Promote HIV  By : Zeta Dental
    A recent study conducted by researchers in Japan found that an acid produced in the mouth because of gum disease might promote the progression of HIV, AFP/Yahoo! News reports.
  • Harness the potential of kettlebell training  By : Axel Price
    Kettlebell training is highly beneficial to men and women. Learn more about how kettlebell courses can benefit you.
  • Why does Disc Replacement Surgery India become an Ideal Destination?  By : hospital india
    Disc replacement surgery in India is performed at some of the best hospitals and medical facilities, allowing you to get back your lost mobility once again.
  • Know Dental Implants used for Cosmetic Dentistry  By : jacobeswhite
    Cosmetic Dentistry or Orthodontics is one of the most socially acquired trends in America these days. With rapid evolution in dental treatments, novel restorative techniques and materials have changed the dental care scenario.
  • How to Start a Beauty Salon Business?  By : ChrisX
    Have you ever thought about opening your own beauty salons? Do you think that this business will gets disturbed in view of the economic crisis?
  • Beauty Salon Overview  By : ChrisX
    All of you people, who are reading this article, would have even visited some beauty salon for making yourself stunning and attractive.
  • How Will Healthcare Tourism Company of India Help Global Patients?  By : hospital india
    Reputed for superior service, end to end assistance, and links with contemporary hospitals, dheerajbojwani is the leading healthcare tourism company in India
  • Treatment at the Best Hospital India  By : hospital india
    Get successful treatment & surgeries done in the Best Hospitals of India, know more about Top 10 Hospitals in India through Dheeraj Bhojwani Consultants in India.
  • The benefits of salt therapy  By : Efrain Espinoza
    Salt therapy is a unique and path-breaking holistic therapy that treats chronic and viral conditions affecting respiratory, dermatological, emotional, metabolic disorders symptomatically and non-invasively.
  • Find Out How To Overcome A Commander Of the Retractable Banner Stands  By : Bevelle Luckey
    When you have to have a banner for the enterprise or tradeshow display you should take into account getting a roll up display banner, otherwise known as retractable display banner.
  • The Trick For kids umbrella  By : Berends Canham
    Children enjoy to try out out-of-doors, as well as regardless of whether it is a new entertaining sun-drenched evening or maybe a wet a single, the children can need an umbrella. There are lots of kids umbrellas out there, along with quite a few are generally personalized especially pertaining to it's use. An example with this will be beach umbrellas, as his or her tone are made a lot more vast and some have holders.
  • Lux,Santoor Bathing soaps and Order grocery in Mumbai online  By : websitesgood
    Lux is the popular brand name for the bathing soap. It is the personal care product. Lux launched it soap in the year 1925 at United States
  • What to Look For in an Implant Dentist  By : periodontics-dentalimplants
    Implant dentistry is fast emerging in the forefront of the profession due to the innovations that it introduces to the dental restoration process. With dental implants, you no longer have to wallow in tremendous embarrassment every time you remove your dentures or worry about speaking unclearly or with a slur. In Las Vegas which is a city thriving with dental outfits and innovative modern practices, Implant Dentistry Las Vegas is becoming one of the most popular specializations.
  • Get your precious smile back on face  By : jacobeswhite
    Dental treatments are evolving fast with novel restorative treatments and availability of new materials at affordable prices. Also, reasons for going to a dentist are changing from merely disease-treatment to improvement in oral features and looks.
  • Using Genetic Testing To Assess The Risk For Gum Disease  By : Zeta Dental
    University of Michigan School of Dentistry has signed an agreement with Interleukin Genetics Inc. to conduct what may be the largest clinical study to date using genetic testing to assess the risk for gum disease.

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