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  • Patch brings many changes to the pre-season game  By : mmi
    It's patch day in League of Legends ! Today in the early morning hours was 3:14 in the online game patch , which had next to Nasus rework of many of the announced pre-season changes and adjustments champion in his luggage. Even the official patch notes have been published Riot .
  • Reviewing proposals for the launch of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One  By : mmi
    This Friday , the 15th, arriving in stores PlayStation 4 American , European will to the 29th . Xbox One will in all regions on 22 November. To heat engines for the launch of new platforms , Electronic Arts launches this tráilerque includes all games have prepared for the launch of the next-gen .
  • Square Enix reveals the currency of Final Fantasy XIV  By : mmi
    In the morning, I woke up very happy because I knew that I would start the open beta of Final Fantasy XIV , unfortunately , when I open the official site, Square Enix leave a message that the open beta , which would be available starting at 7 PM today, will be postponed due to a " critical bugs " that were found last minute .
  • FIFA 14 free for a limited amount of Xbox One in Mexico  By : mmi
    When we talked about the European Xbox promotion that offered users the game FIFA 14 in digital format for a limited number of consoles, commented that just for this game , the console would sell very well in our country , a fact that becomes reality today and you will surely be glad to many Mexican consumers.
  • Blizzard is not afraid of ' DOTA 2' or ' League Of Legends'  By : mmi
    Blizzard is these days of celebration with the Blizzcon event , which announced the arrival of their card game platforms to advertise more initially, but have also given statements about his upcoming projects
  • Microsoft Offers some Lucrative Promo Codes on Xbox Live Membership!  By : Michael Jordan
    Microsoft has announced few lucrative promo coupon codes on xbox live so that customers can be given better offers. If you are interested in them, read on for more.
  • Get best Android Gaming Apps  By : lopezjennifer575
    You can get brilliant and unique android gaming apps with ease at Game Colony. Domino Apps for Android Phones and Tablets can be downloaded here.
  • Finest Android Games for You  By : lopezjennifer575
    Get superb, highly rated and exclusive android gaming apps with ease. Domino for mobile phone can be easier to be downloaded at Game Colony.
  • Get Gin Rummy Game For iPhone  By : lopezjennifer575
    Attainment of gin Rummy for your iPhone is certainly easier at Game Colony. You can also download and install the game app for your android phones here.
  • Exclusive Gaming Apps Online  By : lopezjennifer575
    It’d be easier for you to find, download and install exclusive gaming apps online. You can find numerous top notch gaming Apps at Game Colony for your mobile phone.
  • Get Superb Android Based Apps  By : lopezjennifer575
    Game Colony is an exclusive source to find and download superb Android based apps. You can get superb games for your iPhones, Ipad and android phones here.
  • Backgammon Live Game For You  By : lopezjennifer575
    You can easily download and install Backgammon Live at Game Colony. Similarly, you can also find numerous other android based gaming apps here.
  • Exclusive online games iPhones  By : lopezjennifer575
    You can easily acquire the finest and unique online gaming apps for your iPhone and iPad at Game Colony. Android based apps can also be found here.
  • Download and Play Backgammon Live  By : lopezjennifer575
    Download, install and play backgammon live easily by visiting Game Colony. You can also find many other android based gaming apps here.
  • Extensive video compilation Skill Games FIFA 13  By : mmi
    An extensive collection of videos has revealed the new Skill Games FIFA 13 , where players improve their skills through different games, as effective as addictive . A decision to welcome new gamers but also will be a great challenge for the player more ' hardcore '.
  • How to successfully promote your rsps  By : Adrian Rocker
    Let’s admit it. We all like playing online games. Action, guns, races, wars, board all of these make our day a lot better. If you have a rsps and you are on the hunt for new players you have to know that you can easily promote your runescape private server on specialized websites. You can easily add your server and, if the players like it than they can join you in your magnificent adventure. The more players that join you, the more popular your server will become. It is just as simple as that.
  • Announced FIFA Manager 13 by EA Sports  By : mmi
    Electronic Arts Bright Future have officially announced their new soccer title 'FIFA Manager 13' for this fall. A game that will bring new dynamic properties that allow management of our football club much more extensive and thorough than ever seen before in the genre.
  • Now available the demo of FIFA 13 on PlayStation 3  By : mmi
    PlayStation Store offers in Europe and the possibility to download the demo of FIFA 13 expected . Finally PS3 owners can enjoy the first staging of the most successful football title at the time. The season has just begun.
  • Take part in pumpkin carving competition  By : mmi
    The Creepy Halloween time is coming , and not only outside us is eerily beautiful , but also in the virtual world of online role-playing games. Since we had to sample the MMO Neverwinter . The developers of the game have now launched an exciting competition even in life where you can get a up to 2000 ZEN .
  • EA Sports FIFA Ultimate Team closes to fix bugs in FIFA 13  By : mmi
    With the growth of the complaints from its users, the company has decided to temporarily close the service title to focus on correcting common errors that have been detected. Online problems seem not to want to get away from FIFA 13 , and the company is forced to upgrade again .
  • FIFA 14 will beat all records last harvested by title  By : mmi
    From EA Sports are very confident with his new release, and predict extraordinary sales , well above even their predecessor . To achieve this, FIFA 14 will beat all records last harvested by title, become the best selling sports game in the history of the company. Should they be so confident ?
  • Battlefield 4 and FIFA 14 Next Gen version displayed  By : mmi
    Electronic Arts will deploy all their artillery at the fair Madrid Games Week . Battlefield 4 , Need for Speed ​​Rivals , FIFA 14 ... all of them will be present also in a version for next-generation consoles . Definitely a must for gamers. Then, all the details.
  • Shop this Xbox Accessories Super-Cheap with Xbox promo codes  By : Michael Jordan
    If you want to game uninterrupted, the best console, kinect or pair of controllers can betray you if you don’t carry the right accessories. Charge kits, mount kits, extension cables, headsets are those little tit-bits that you should always keep handy. An extra pair of controllers also helps. And for the more ambitious ones, an array of geeky gadgets like mobile gaming environments and racing wheels pry for attention. The good news is that you can now catch them cheap, with Xbox 360 promo codes.
  • FIFA Dilemma has many details  By : mmi
    We have often had Joseph Blatter ran as World Cup crisis manager. His project 2010 brought South Africa , the FIFA President with a lot of good use on the stage. Brazil 2014 , the Swiss must also prepare after the riots at the Confed Cup .
  • If you want to know more about the Runescape  By : diablo3bay
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  • The Psychic scream has changed into the general skills  By : diablo3bay
    This put the main theme of the deck out of cheap runescape gold reach, and solely based it off of drawing the card at the right moment. The allies supplied didn’t help create chains or anything of the sort.
  • Though there are lots of similar for RS  By : diablo3bay
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  • There’s such a sense of accomplishment  By : diablo3bay
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  • There are people who have been playing these characters  By : diablo3bay
    The official site with the savage unlock progress reached 10%, unlocked the first link content, including some Diablo III production team official video material. The video is about final fantasy xiv gil game director Jay Wilson; Diablo III's art director Christian Lighter and Diablo III project chief software engineer Jason Reggie’s interview.
  • Wargaming has announced the global launch of World of Warplanes  By : mmi
    Wargaming has announced the global launch of World of Warplanes will be on 12 and 13 November for the title offers players the best multiplayer experience richer and more absorbent .

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