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  • How to Lose Belly Fat Fast Way to Burn Belly Fat  By : Rachel Archer
    More than any other part of the body people are always trying to tone up their belly. Well in this article I'll explain how to lose belly fat fast and permanently. This diet is so effective that you will actually continue to burn fat even when you decide to stop following it and as a result of this there is also no rebound effect, so you keep your results!
  • Live a Healthy Life  By : Robert Thomson
    Finding and maintaining balance is the key ingredient to healthy living. How about a place where you feel comfortable and safe sharing your ideas, tips, expert advices, frustration and successes about dieting, diet information, healthy weight loss and general health conditions with others, in search of that one single voice of reason.
  • "Ab Work outs How To Ab Work Outs In 3 Steps!"  By : John Schnieder
    This is merely a sampling of some of the killer ideas you'll discover in my internationally {best-selling ebook|top selling electronic book|top selling PDF|top selling e-book}}} program, The Truth about Six Pack Abs, currently the one preferred abs program on the internet [ as arranged by ] with 10's of thousands of users in over 150 countries.
  • Green Mussel Extract: Natural Relief from Inflammatory Pains  By : Paul J. Easton
    Sufferers nowadays are searching healthier choices to traditional medicinal treatments. Learn why this is essential with the case of Vioxx.
  • Body Building Supplements That Need Cycling  By : Lionel Weathers
    Cycling is a commonly used practice where you consistently use a supplement for a period of time, but then go off of it for a period of time. A lot of people question whether this is really necessary. To answer this question, let's talk about why you should do this with certain supplements and which supplements you should do it with.
  • Green Mussel Extract and the End of NSAIDs  By : Paul J. Easton
    A report claims that nearly 14,000 Americans die every year after taking Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) for some period of time. For Vioxx alone, it had been directly linked for the deaths of more than 50,000 people in United Sates of America.
  • Fat Blasting At Its Best - The Firms Wave  By : Carol J Bartram
    The Firm Wave is a recently-developed item that can be used for exercise both at home and in a gym environment. The design of the Firm Wave is simple but the concept is brilliant " a light, portable unit of heavy duty moulded plastic which can be easily stored and transported and has one side that is fixed and the other side is unstable.
  • Lose Weight Before the Summer Gets Here  By : SonyaP
    Hello everyone, I'm neither a dietician nor a health expert but I did personally struggle with my weight for 12 years. Read my story of how a Program called The Fat Burning Furnace was able to help me lose 37 pounds of FAT off of my body.
  • New Body, New Way: Kettlebells  By : James Gilbert Pynn
    The benefits of using a kettlebell over and above a traditional free weight could be linked to using a motorcycle rather than a bicycle to get around. High praise, to be sure, that has been scientifically proven. The kettlebell, within the span of ten years, has become the preeminent strength and flexibility tool. As any sculpture would have a set of tools designed to shape and mold a given material, so too the serious athlete or enthusiast must have a set of kettlebells if he or she is ever to create a veritable work of art.
  • Fitness 2009: The Latest Trends  By : Benedict Hunter
    Lots of people aspire to get in shape and stay that way, and this is a great idea for several reasons. Being in shape helps you keep stress under control, slows the aging process, and helps us feel better about ourselves. This spring, looking and feeling good are still in style, and while there is the usual assortment of new work-out programs to choose from, basic cardio and strength training programs are gaining popularity. Fast-fix diets and weight loss pills appear to be a thing of the past. What will Spring 2009 bring to the fitness front?
  • The Top Team Beachbody Coach Has Various Programs for You to Use!  By : Jaylen Derell
    It's getting warmer outside and a lot of people are trying to get in the best shape for the summer months. You shouldn't have to feel uncomfortable in a bathing suit. Staying in good physical shape can be a struggle to many people. Not everybody can get into a gym everyday to work out. Unless you are extremely motivated to workout, it's a challenge.
  • Fat Drop  By : Robyno Jamison
    If you want long term results when dropping the fat as I did . Then you know that any fad diet that promises to do so won't, its as simple as that. The only thing that will successfully drop with these diet products is your bank balance.
  • The Best Method for Helping Kids Lose Weight  By : Benedict Hunter
    Obesity in children is more prevalent today than ever before, and as the number of severely overweight children increases so do worries about the long-term effects of this illness. Pudgy kids are no longer a "cute" public commodity; they are a symptom of an obesity epidemic.
  • Top Fitness Gadgets: Compelling Motivation to Stay Fit  By : Benedict Hunter
    Staying motivated can be tough, and it's easy to let your New Year's resolution to get in shape slide. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself to get off the couch, it just doesn't happen.
  • Are Human Growth Hormone Supplements For Real?  By : Just Ask Fred
    Science is constantly making discoveries about the complex human body and the way it works. There are many elements to the human body and more being discovered each day. Our body works for us twenty four seven and is like a machine only made of flesh and blood and something we have always taken completely for granted. Just think, when we want to walk, we walk. When we are hungry our brain tells us to eat. If we get sick our body goes to work battling the illness. Everything is on automatic. However, that doesnt not mean we should not take care of it. We need to get the proper amount of sleep, eat good healthy foods for proper nutrition and exercise to keep our body in good physical condition. There are changes that our bodies goes through that we have no control over and that is the ageing process. With the supplement of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) we can slow down the ageing process and maybe even stop it.
  • Easy Weight Loss Tips  By : Jose Grinden
    The magnitude of people who start a weight loss program daily is unbelievable and the percentage of them that will be defeated is equally mind blowing. So what causes this, when there is plenty of good, solid information at everyone's disposal?
  • Find Out Why There's Such a High Demand for the Acai Berry  By : Jaylen Derell
    Are you in a constant battle with you health condition? You just not in the best shape as you could be? You're definitely not the only one who struggles with this issue. Millions are trying to fight diseases and obesity; they want to be in a better health condition. The world just needs something that will work and make it easy for people to reach their goals.
  • What Are the Best 100 Abdominal Exercises?  By : Ed Enomag
    Review of the best ab exercises to bring out those ripped 6-pack abs or that tight, flat tummy. Discussion of how sit-ups and crunches are really the LEAST effective method for losing belly fat.
  • Extract of Green Mussels: the Safer Option?  By : Paul J. Easton
    Why choose green mussel extract over NSAID? or over fish oils?
  • Arthritis, Pain Relief And The Role Of Soft Drinks  By : suegold
    Because arthritis is so widespread now, it gets a lot of attention from all of us - from the average person to the health professional. Some experts believe that arthritis was first introduced by a strain of virus some two centuries ago. But then, other experts have found conclusive evidence of arthritis in ancient Egyptian mummies. But whether it's two centuries or four millennia, arthritis does seem to be age-related. We are clearly more prone to have it the older we get. And we have therefore come to regard arthritis as a degenerative disease.
  • Do Stomach Exercises Work?  By : George..
    For most people who are trying to lose weight, having a slim stomach area is top priority. However the fact is the stomach is one of the most difficult parts of the body to tone and get in shape. The fats covering the stomach muscles are very difficult to break down. Ironically, all the fats which we consume on unhealthy dieting takes a spot on the stomach forming the so-called "love handles". These are nothing but layers of fat lining your stomach making us look unattracitive and unhealthy. Besides not looking good on you, people with stomach fats are prone to hypertension and heart dieseases and are considered to be a health hazard for the same reason.
  • What Is A Subprime Mortgage?  By : Richard Belton
    A subprime mortgage is a kind of mortgage loan that is usually given to people who do not have perfect credit ratings. These mortgages were originally specially designed to allow people with bad credit histories to still be able to access lending services.
  • Do you need a comfort bike?  By : Pat Walker
    Have you been searching for a bike that can handle the greenways and trails of your town and let you take the tight turns of riding on the streets? Does the price tag on most new mountain bikes scare you away from the sport? If you are ready to tackle the streets and the boardwalk then a comfort bike is for you.
  • The Truth About 6 Pack Abs  By : Mark Miller
    Are you having trouble getting into your old jeans?
  • Proven Ways to Burn Body Fat Fast  By : Samantha Faist
    There are many different ways to burn fat and it totally depends on how fast you want to get rid of the flab and how much money are you interested in spending for the entire process. Most people nowadays are feeling the agony of obesity. They know that being obese is not a good thing and that it can lead to several other diseases, and they are feeling worried and are finding out means to cure it. Some of them browse the internet searching for ways to get rid of their obesity and at the same time consuming heaps of potato chips.
  • Have Troubled Youth?  By : Military Dan
    Many children today are constantly misbehaving and questioning their parents authority. This has become more and more common in today's society. If you find yourself in this situation, have you thought about the role your child into a military style boot camp?
  • Garmin Forerunner 205: A Careful Analysis  By : Christopher Loch
    If you've been looking for the perfect way to improve your training techniques when running, cycling, or even windsurfing, you need to look no further than the Garmin Forerunner 205. So much more than a wrist-mounted GPS unit, the Forerunner 205 is a multi-function training tool that can provide you with a number of different pieces of data about your training routine to help you make sure that you are getting the most out of the time that you spend exercising. You'll be able to receive accurate speed, distance, and pace information in real time in addition to the precise navigational data that you would expect from any Garmin product.
  • How to Eat a Pomegranate; Three Different Ways  By : Walter Yoo
    A pomegranate is a fruit grown mostly in warmer climates. You will find it growing naturally around the East Indies, the Himalayas, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Africa and some of the warmer states like Florida, California and Arizona. These red fruits are chocked full of vitamins and minerals, including potassium, Vitamin C, Calcium and Phosphorous. They are also very sweet tasting and are a low calorie snack.
  • Tips to remain fit  By : James Cook
    The modern office has all the computers and the necessary gadgets close to you and that means absolute sedentary lifestyle. This sedentary lifestyle is not good for health and also it is not a good thing for your heart. It can easily lead to obesity related problems at later stages in life.
  • How to Burn Fat Fast 3 Tips to Burn Fat!  By : Patrick F Walsh
    Are you overweight and looking for a solution? Obesity is a huge problem in America! Not only is it ruining our self confidence, but it's killing us as well. This article will go over some efficient tips on how to burn fat fast!

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