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  • Losing Weight - Biggest Loser Style  By : Jillian Michaels
    No fluff - just the straight facts from TV trainer Jillian Michaels She changes peoples lifestyles and bodies with her motivation and forthright approach. Read Michaels fool-proof ways to build your physique and tone down while boosting your energy. Steal her tips to tone up and trim down all over,
  • Simple Ways To Stop Snoring  By : Daniel Alchen
    Stopping snoring is not rocket science and everybody can get rid of this problem. If you think that snoring surgery is the best way to solve the problem, forget about this idea, try natural treatments at the first onset.
  • 6 Things That Affect How Many Calories You Burn  By : Katherine Crawford M.S.
    Increasing your BMR is the most sustainable way to ensure continual fat loss. Why? Because your BMR dictates how many calories you burn around the clock, even while sleeping.
  • Bruce Lee's Tips on Workouts  By : Tony Gates
    A martial artist master beginning workouts are easy, simple, and effective. Bruce Lee exercised nonstop, controlling his muscles and using all his muscles until the whole workout completed. Many of his starting workouts are easy to start with. Anyone can change up on how they want to do things in order.
  • Benefits of using a resistant band  By : Dean Esquire
    This great benefit is what actually makes all the difference between the Bodylastics resistance bands and the classical fitness equipments. In short, the resistance bands serve as a revolutionary gym device that is responsible for taking due care of the multiple body parts at the same moment.
  • Lose Weight by Running  By : Eddie A
    Describes how running and a general activity form of exercise can be used to lose weight as a part of a weight loss program
  • 6 Pack Ab Workout Routines  By : Rick Lim
    The first and foremost thing about a 6 pack abs workout is to motivate your self and to have the willpower and patience to do the workout. If between your hectic days schedule you have to give a little bit of effort if you want a beautiful body.
  • Why Is Pilates Fitness Different From Yoga?  By : Dorin Ale
    Do you know why is pilates fitness different from yoga? As we grow more aware about what we eat, we tend to stay away from eating things that are going to show up on our tummy and contribute to degrading our health. Our eating styles have varied and are not the same when look at how things were a couple of decades back. Hence, we need to choose a suitable exercise to ensure that we stay fit and have the energy to work regularly and maintain the health of our body.
  • Lies About How To Lose Arm Fat  By : Katherine Crawford M.S.
    It seems as though there are a million ways to lose arm fat. And some ways are reasonable, while others are just plain snake oil.
  • Head Straight Up Slim Down  By : Jillian Michaels
    If you've seen her transform contestants' bodies on the Biggest Loser, you know that Los Angeles-based trainer Jillian Michaels means business. With her straightforward, motivating style, she makes over physiques and in turn, changes lives. Here, Michaels shares her four crucial ways to build muscle,
  • Asthma Attack Quick Cures  By : Jonathan Park
    Asthma is a very unpredictable condition. An attack can happen anytime, anywhere, and under any conditions. During an attack the muscles tend to cramp up, the chest tightens making breathing difficult, the linings in the lungs swell, and mucus starts to build up, all of these as a result of the bodys adverse response to expel a foreign object out of the body. So when caught in this unpredictable situation what could you possibly do help yourself or the one who is having an episode?
  • Guide To Bulking Up Your Weight  By : William Sanders
    To bulk up your weight, there are a serious of actions you need to take. These actions will involve synergy between eating correctly and exercising. Now while the theory and principles are sound, your results may vary. This is due to the inherent differences between metabolic rates and body chemistry. As you may be well aware, some people gain weight easily and have a hard time losing it. While some will lose weight easily but have a difficult time in gaining it.
  • Best Muscle Building Supplements  By : Rick Lim
    A body builder requires Best Muscle building supplements which are essential requirements for any body builder. Most of them get it tricky to spend time for performing the right workouts at the right time.
  • Are Abdominal Crunches Better Than Strengthening Your Core  By : Fiona Apple
    Core training is a hot buzzword in fitness nowadays. Everything abs these days is being inaccurately labeled core which is creating a great deal of confusion. What's the difference between core training (properly defined as functional core performance) and the standard abdominal crunch, and why sho
  • Alternative Asthma Treatments  By : Jamie Sue Tan
    Recent statistics show that asthma currently affects 17 million people in the United States alone. It has become increasingly prevalent among children, affecting 5.5 million. Asthma is a chronic disease. In medical terms, it is long-lasting. While asthma may appear to be outgrown, there is a chance that it will recur. Currently, there is no cure for asthma, but there are various treatments. Treatments are being continuously developed by conventional science and there are number of home remedies that you can try to alleviate your symptoms.
  • Is Your Exercise Routine Bikini-ready?  By : Fiona Apple
    Good news. The skimpy, structure bathing suits that were so popular last season -- suits that were cut up to here and padded out to there and full of revealing, unflattering cutouts -- have been replaced this year with more modest fair. "We're back to being reasonable after a season of going crazy,"
  • Eat 12 Foods that Burn Fat Fast  By : Sean Nalewanyj
    For those who are interested in beginning a fat loss or muscle building program, a properly structured nutrition plan is absolutely essential.
  • Weight Lifting Techniques and Weight Training Programs  By : Wakelin Smith
    Weight lifting is a popular strength training activity for people who want to lose weight, improve strength and bone density, increase muscle tone and build muscles. Many people who weight lift do not know how to do so safely.
  • Body Building Techniques - Weight Lifting  By : Wakelin Smith
    Weight lifting is a popular strength training activity for people who want to lose weight, improve strength and bone density, increase muscle tone and build muscles. Many people who weight lift do not know how to do so safely.
  • Asthma Relieving Techniques Using Aromatherapy  By : Esther Tan
    There are a lot of therapies and medications to treat asthma. Some are for preventing occurrences of asthma attacks while some are used to relieve an asthma attack. Aromatherapy falls into the preventive category. It is never advisable to use aromatherapy during asthma attacks. Asthma attacks are usually due to irritated lungs and may worsen if not given the correct medication.
  • Building Muscle Requires Maintaining A Proper Diet  By : Tony Gates
    Proper diet should be the first thing to consider if you desire lean tone muscles. Many diet plans sold on the market will offer many different method to help keep muscles toned. To be able to build muscle growth, eat more high protein and low calorie foods. Before you start on any diet plan, be sure to plan your meals first. The amount of protein, carbohydrates, and calories should be considered.
  • Tracking Training Programs Is Crucial For A Precise Body Building  By : Tony Gates
    Many body builders or should I say beginners doesn't really know how to track their own program. Reason is, you can work out 30 minutes to 1 hour a day for every day and not know exactly what's happening in your body. That's called efficiency. Now lets look at effectively, which means you know exactly what's going on with everything you are doing and the progress that you yearn for. The first thing to do in any real body building is to find a program that fits exactly to how you want to look like or feel. Then, you need to learn how to track that progress even before you start so you can see the results after completion of set goals.
  • Things That Can Make You Gain Weight Instantly  By : Katherine Crawford M.S.
    If you incessantly check your weight, you may be losing motivation very quickly. Keep in mind, however, that even though your weight may be going up, you could be making substantial progress in the right direction.
  • Surf Fitness; A 3 Step Plan For Your Next Surfing Holiday  By : Damian Papworth
    I own and run a surf travel company on Australia's Gold Coast. My business basically pulls together all the services offered on the Gold Coast that a travelling surfer needs. We then go the extra step of renting our surfboards to our clients, for the duration of their holiday. The idea is simple, we want to ensure our clients have the surfing holiday of their life, without the hassle of sorting out the logistics when they arrive.
  • 7 Body Building Tips For Quick Muscle Growth  By : Rick Lim
    When you decide to begin body building, it is good but bodybuilding should take it as a gradual process that will eventually lead to more experienced exercise routines. Below are 7 body building tips to help you accomplish your goals easily without injuring yourself.
  • Ab Crunches or Core Training: What's Best?  By : Carlina White
    Core training is a hot topic in fitness these days. Seems like everything abs these days is being inaccurately labeled core which can be confusing. What's the difference between core training (properly defined as functional core performance) and the standard abdominal crunch, and why should you car
  • How What You Eat Gets Turned To Body Fat  By : Katherine Crawford M.S.
    If you want to avoid the multitude of negative side effects from high protein diets, your fat loss approach should have a balanced eating plan in place. And balanced eating will give you a lot more energy per calorie of food consumed.
  • The Many Benefits of Taking NO2 Supplements  By : Aaron Wilding
    If you've been around the muscle building supplement industry for very long you've likely heard of NO2. If not, this article will give you a few basics on what this supplement is and what it can do for you.
  • Bruce Lee's Simple Beginning Workouts  By : Tony Gates
    These can be changed in your routine to fit your interest the most. Bruce performed many different types of exercises and here are a few to start with. Bruce Lee did not take time to rest as he performed continuously to work out all the muscles he can.
  • Tips For Asthma Slef Treatment  By : Esther Tan
    Asthma is a respiratory condition developed due to the bodys overreaction to a certain allergen or irritant. It is a chronic condition, which means long-lasting. Sometimes, asthma can be outgrown. But theres always a chance of recurrence. At this time, there is no cure for asthma. What we have are treatments. These treatments come from extensive scientific research. There are also other alternative remedies that are getting more and more popular because they are readily available, inexpensive, and are pretty effective for asthma. Even so, it is always a good idea to keep a rescue inhaler close by just in case the alternative treatment doesnt work. Here are more tips for asthma.

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