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  • Spearfishing Safety Gear You Cannot Do Without  By : Lincoln Davis
    Spearfishing is one of the most competitive sports today and one that also has many essential pieces of safety equipment to ensure one is a success at it. Among the safety gear that spearos cannot do without are floats and speargun rubbers. Read on to learn more about how they can help keep you save whether you’re in the water or out.
  • Spring Bull trout Fly Fishing in Coastal BC Rivers  By : Daniel Logtenberg
    Although the coastal spring fly fishing season for bull trout is winding down, anglers who want to go for these powerful predatory fish can book a guided fishing vacation for the fall when the fish return to mountain streams.
  • Striped Bass Fishing Basics  By : Chris Bell
    Learn some of the basic techniques and information for Saltwater striped bass fishing success.
  • Striped Bass Fishing Tackle Recommendation  By : Jon Vie
    A look at the best Striped Bass Fishing Tackle around, and how to get hold of the kit you need online for the best Striped Bass Fishing experience!
  • Structure Fishing Tactics  By : Rene Letourneau
    Tips that you can use to improve your results when trying to pull them out of the rocks with light tackle.
  • Summer Fishing Techniques  By :
    Redfish. I measured the Redfish at 29.5 inches with a pinched tail. Since it was so large, I decided to forgo the boga lip grip weight method in order to keep from harming the fish.
  • Summer Holidays - Deep Sea Fishing  By : Nicky Bullimore
    Summer holidays are upon us once again, which means finding things for the kids to do to keep them interested instead of telling you for the 5th time, that they are bored.
  • Talking about Big Bass Fishing Adventures.  By : Pravin Pednekar
    When your talking about big bass fishing you can't go just anywhere to catch big bass. You need to know where to go, and when to go. These two items of big bass fishing will let you become a master. Once you have mastered these two concepts rest assured you're becoming a better fisherman then most.
  • Tarpon fishing Puerto Rico beckons you to an action-packed experience  By : Adrian Rocker
    A vacation in a tropical island is always an inviting thought. The Caribbean beaches called balnearios and the sparkling blue water make a mesmerising combination that is hard to resist. And, if you have an inclination towards history and architecture then there is one destination on this world that gives you the best of both. Welcome to Puerto Rico.
  • Tautog Fishing Tips  By : Chris Bell
    Tautog are a mean, hard-fighting ugly looking fish, but they are fun to catch and great to eat. Learn more about fishing for these great game fish.
  • Teach a Child how to Fish  By : Pastor Brady
    This article is about the joy of teaching a Child how to fish, so that they can grow up knowing the right choices to make in Life. So that as the Child grows the parents don't have to worry so much about them.
  • The Bass Fishing Areas  By : Gordon Lee
    One common theme running through Bass Anglers (tournament or recreational) is “Where are the bass?” Locating Bass can be simple if you just stick to the basic principles. This article examines how you can locate the 'Bass" fishing locations.
  • The Best Deep-Sea Fishing Adventures in Cozumel  By : Rokai Kolam
    One of the most exciting experiences in life is to be able to catch a live fish at sea. What makes it even more exciting is not just catching any ordinary fish but exotic fish species that can only be found in the deepest sections of the sea. This thrilling adventure you can experience in Cozumel, Mexico.
  • The Carp Fishing Record - Will The Next One Count?  By : Shaun Parker
    Clarissa the carp inspired a generation to take up a healthy outdoor pursuit, now her legacy is about to be tarnished by a new direction taken by the Carp world.
  • The delights of Puerto Rico fishing  By : Adrian Rocker
    There are enough reasons why fishing Puerto Rico is so popular. Puerto Rico holds more than 30 world records as far as fishing is concerned. Moreover, it is not just the fishing that draws people to this place. It is an extremely beautiful piece of land on earth and is able to attract tourists almost throughout the year. The number of tourists sees a massive surge during the fishing season thanks to the wonderful catches that are possible here.
  • The fishing game for the enthusiasts  By : shimanofish
    Fishing is considered as one such activity in which people indulge for recreation as well as for commercial purposes. In the former case, people go for fishing to pass free time and have fun where as in latter case; fishes are caught for commercial purposes like for preparing sea food and selling them further and making profit from the same. For commercial purpose, people hunt for fishes in large numbers so that they can end up earning money as well.
  • The Hidden Benefits of Fishing  By : Kate Hudson
    Fishing is a great hobby that anyone can enjoy and that is appealing in many ways. Anyone can enjoy the peaceful distraction of fishing, and if you're a fan then you don't need to tell me how addictive it can be and how satisfying it is too reel in a big catch.
  • The Pacific NW Top 5 Fishing Spots  By : Richard McNeal
    The Pacific Northwest offers some of the best fishing locations available in the U.S. Rivers, lakes and the ocean are all easily accessible and offer incredible fishing opportunities. This article highlights our top five favorite fishing destinations in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.
  • The pros and cons of Angelfish Care Secret  By : Magic Article
    Hello, and welcome to my review of Angelfish Care Secret. When you learn about what Angelfish Care Secret can offer you will bypass the competition in the Angelfish Care market.
  • The Right Leaders for Your Sea Fishing Tackle  By : DanPartridge
    Leaders are necessary parts of sea fishing tackle. They protect the line from getting cut.
  • The Rules For Catching The Redfish  By :
    One look at a redfish and you know it's built for brute strength. You have to learn some rules for catching the redfish because it's a fish with a fight even before it's hooked. The redfish is honed to test your tackle and strength. So to many anglers, the redfish rules the marsh.
  • Things To Bring On A Deep Sea Fishing Tour  By : Neil Howe
    Things To Bring On A Deep Sea Fishing Tour
    In general, when you’ll be leaving on a deep sea fishing
    trip, you’ll be the one to make a decision on how you want the
    trip to go through. You can arrange it with a
    charter, or have the trip in a party boat, which is
    also termed as “head boat” and leave everything else
    to your captain’s orders.
  • Tips For Planning A Perfect Fishing Trip  By : Lee Dobbins
    Planning a perfect fishing trip isn’t as easy as loading your tackle box into the car and setting off in the direction of water. Here's some tips on how to plan a sucessful fishing trip.
  • Tips in Buying Spearguns for Sale  By : Lincoln Davis
    Spearfishing guns are among the essentials you need when you take part in this modern recreational fishing activity. Since there’s a variety of choices when it comes to spearguns for sale, the article shares some tips on how to buy your first investment.
  • Top 3 Coarse Fishing Holiday Destinations In UK  By : Tony Smith
    There are many famous fishing destinations in UK. The south-western England, Hamsphires and Butterwell Fishery in Cornwall are some of the famous one.
  • Top Fishing Destinations  By : Mike Galambos
    If you're a fishing enthusiast, you know there's more to the sport than simply standing in or near a body of water and waiting for the fish. Fishing is an experience that brings you closer to nature and clears your mind, body, and soul of the pressures in daily life.
  • Tropical Fishes - The Hassle With Algae Eater.  By : Daniel Holman
    Blue-green algae is technically not really an algae in the true sense of the word – it’s actually a form of bacteria, called cyanobacteria, which is a type of bacteria capable of photosynthesis.

    Cyanobacteria is one of the oldest organisms known in the world, and is estimatedt to have been around for at least three.5 billion years!
  • Trout Roe: FWP harvests, Fish Roe to stock trout population at aspect tanks  By : Baggette Ferg
    In a quiet cove on Holter Reservoir, almost 90 rainbow trout brimmed in two large cages A net swept through, scooped up 3 ladies bulging with eggs and swung them aboard a watercraft where Fish, Wildlife and Parks fisheries biologist Eric Roberts and fish culturist Josh Culver waited.
  • Try deep sea fishing Puerto Rico in reefs for thrill and adventure  By : Adrian Rocker
    If fishing is your passion and you love to take it to extreme levels then deep sea fishing Puerto Rico should be able to give you the adrenaline drive you’re looking for. The island enjoys a warm and tropical climate which is ideal for fishing. There are specialized teams trained and capable of tackling difficult situations when it comes to fishing Puerto Rico. Traveling to Puerto Rico not just suits your pocket but also gives you the thrill that you have been craving for.
  • Tuna Fishing Techniques - Fishing For Tuna Has Never Been So Easy  By : Thomas Ethan
    Before you spend hundreds of dollars trolling for tuna around the ocean but catching nothing, here are three tuna fishing techniques to consider before you even leave the dock.

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