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  • Skiing Clothing Basics for the Beginner  By : Aaron Jochum
    Downhill or Alpine skiing is one of the most popular winter sports in the country. So what are the dressing basics for alpine skiing? There are six essentials that every beginner should start with.
  • Diving Artificial Reefs  By : andyx5
    A look at Oriskany an artificial reef a sunken aircraft carrier off the coast of Florida.
  • Diving With Sharks  By : andyx5
    A look how training and diving in aquarium tanks with sharks help you relax while diving with sharks in the oceans and seas.
  • The Fascinating World Of Dolphins  By : Joshua Plansden
    Since dolphins swim in the water many people think that they must be fish. However, dolphins are in fact warm-blooded mammals that breathe air and give birth to baby dolphins rather than lay eggs. This fact alone makes dolphins unique creatures, but they also have many more characteristics that make them one of the most interesting animals on the planet.

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