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  • New Year Exciting Offers at Rome: A Great Way of Celebration  By : Article Expert
    Looking out for great places to spend time? Then nothing can beat the fun and enjoyment of free concerts in Rome. One can cherish those moments of New Year eve along with exciting offers around the city. Besides that planning a private event can also be a good idea to make your evening memorable.
  • New Year Calendar with List of Bank Holidays and Horoscopes  By : Mukesh Kumar Thakur
    Different countries have different list of bank holidays. Like in USA, UK, India, Australia, Canada all have different list of bank holidays as this is one of the events that comes under the highest magnitude of celebrations in all over the world.
  • New Year Breaks - Get Complete Details About New Years Eve Breaks, New Year 2010, New Year Cruises.  By : Mukesh Kumar Thakur
    New Year breaks are the long-awaited breaks, when everyone makes it a point to celebrate it with their family, friends and sweethearts'. It's time to socialize, get-together and go for vacations. People plan out New Year breaks in a great way. Around the world there are countless New Year Vacation options where families and love couples, can go and have a great time.
  • New Year 2012 - Full Your life With Great Cheer and Happiness  By : chaman goyal
    New Year brings new dreams, excited planning and bright future planning with message of love and kindness to enjoy the every moment of the year in lovely ways. New Year is the grand celebration of enjoying every moment of your life on wonderful New Year cruises. It may be delightful experience to enjoy the every moment in lovely ways.
  • New Year - Get New Years Eve Party Idea and Free New Year Cards  By : Mukesh Kumar Thakur
    With the New Year round the corner, check out for ideas on new year parties, celebrating new year eve, venturing out on new year cruises, send new year cards and wish a happy new year to one and all ...
  • New Venture Marketing- A solution to new age marketing problem!  By : Michael Raines
    This is the age of competition. New ways, new tools, new techniques and new technologies are introduced everyday in the marketplace to catch the attention of the customers. Today, we have seen a radical change in the marketing and advertising techniques. Internet and new digital technologies has profoundly changed the way we communicate.
  • New Technology Makes Cable An Even Better Alternative  By : Rachel Smith
    There are a number of reasons why it might be a better idea to go with a cable TV company such as Comcast than a satellite TV company if you happen to be in the market for a new TV service. That's because there have been some recent technological advancements that make cable a much more attractive source of home telecommunications services in general than satellite TV and many other forms of telecommunications.
  • New Technology Helps Comcast Live Up To Its Potential  By : Rachel Smith
    Cable TV got something of a bad rap when satellite TV became affordable to the average household back in the nineties and started to be available through smaller satellite dishes, but now companies like Comcast are taking advantage of new technology that promises to bring cable TV back into the position of being the leading way of getting TV service at home.
  • New Star Trek Film Re-Boots Star Trek's Popularity  By : Bryan Enderson
    When news spread in early 2006 that Paramount Studios was set to relaunch Star Trek, many were confused to say the least. The most recent Star Trek movie, released in 2003, had died a very quick death with lousy notices and even weaker box office numbers. It was baffling to industry observers that a new Star Trek film was being undertaken.
  • New Solar City For Florida  By : Cambry Center lap 3
    Going Green! That is the new wave in the political arena. The
    government has sent out the message to the American people to save
    energy and the people in power have looked hard at ways to make that
    free energy keep the money flowing to their pockets. Building a new
    city in south Florida is one way that solar power could make a big
    impact on the nation.
  • New Psychic Images Online  By : Charlie Winst
    Augers were some of the most influential people in the ancient world, particularly in the regions surrounding Italy during the time of Etruria and then Rome. The augur served a critical role in these societies, as it was his job to interpret the will of the gods and serve as a conduit to reveal that will to rulers and commoners alike. Legend has it that the city of Rome was only founded after the augurs had been consulted to ensure that the location chosen would please the gods. As the Roman historian Livy wrote, "This city was founded only after taking the divinations" - in other words, a psychic reading of the will of the gods.
  • New PlayStation 3 Controllers  By : Paul De Vizard
    PlayStation 3 controllers are used to take the actions in this popular consoles games. Sony previously released the SIXAXIS as the official PlayStation 3 controller. It is a wireless controller that has many different options.
  • New Orleans Saints - It's their turn for a title  By : Matt Ryan
    New Orleans is known for many things, one of which is their football team - the New Orleans Saints. The Saints have been members of the NFL since 1967, and continue to be part of the Southern Division. The Saints are up against some other incredible teams, but to get their name out there, they must first play better than the other teams within their own division. The southern division is strong, but this just might be the season where the Saints mark their territory.
  • New Multifunction Cable That OTG Cable USB Cable 2in1  By :
    Topjoyonline’s new multifunction cable is really a magic cable that combines OTG cable and USB cable in one. With this OTG USB 2in1 cable, now you can use all the functions that each OTG cable and USB cable can do.
  • New Multifunction Cable That OTG Cable USB Cable 2in1  By :
    Topjoyonline’s new multifunction cable is a magic cable that combines OTG cable and USB cable in one. With this OTG USB 2in1 cable, now you can use all the functions that each OTG cable and USB cable can do.
  • New Multifunction Cable That OTG Cable USB Cable 2in1  By :
    Topjoyonline’s new multifunction cable is really a magic cable that combines OTG cable and USB cable in one. With this OTG USB 2in1 cable, now you can use all the functions that each OTG cable and USB cable can do.
  • New Multifunction Cable That OTG Cable USB Cable 2in1  By :
    Topjoyonline’s new multifunction cable is really a magic cable that combines OTG cable and USB cable in one. With this OTG USB 2in1 cable, now you can use all the functions that both OTG cable and USB cable can do.
  • New MP3 Books: Opening the Door to Learning  By : Brad Morgan..
    With the ease and convenience that the MP3 format offers, it is natural that MP3 audio books have become popular.
  • New MP3 Books: Huge Online Libraries Mean Huge Choice  By : Brad Morgan...
    In a world where everything is digital, why should you limit yourself to traditional methods of buying and reading books?
  • New model set out for teenagers  By : Charlene Fin
    An Internet model wants to have a little about them that just make client want to look at them. Even if you are not considered "sexy", you can still be attractively gorgeous! We fight to make model the business that you turn to when you are looking for contact in the models industry.
  • New Michael Hirsch Releases Puppies of the Victorian Era  By : ansaar..
    Boston, MA--February 6, 2006--This is the story of an obscure, eccentric, indie folk singer from Boston. Michael Hirsch questions reality and the depths of the music industry. “Where is all the creativity, the raw emotion and where did all the real music go?” Hirsch definitely addresses these questions in his new release Puppies of the Victorian Era.
  • New medications to treat Hepatitis C, liver disease, and cirrhosis.  By : Joe Healy
    An experimental drug from Vertex Pharmaceuticals helped cure more than 60 percent of patients with a tough-to-treat form of hepatitis C, according to data to be presented at a medical meeting that starts today.

    Times Health Guide: Hepatitis C
    The highest cure rate reported so far for the condition was spotlighted when Wall Street and doctors awaited the results, and the treatment worked half the time.
    Vertex may find a competitor Romark Laboratories, a small, privately held company which markets a drug called Alina that treats diarrhea cased by certain parasites, but also appear to be effective in treating hepatitis C.
    Researchers are to report in a presentation about Alinia who helped cure about 79 percent of hepatitis C patients with a type of virus easier to treat than the type Vertex, escaped the attention of Wall Street which is to be presented at the same meeting.
    "Out of the right field, here comes the skepticism", said Doctor Emmet B. Romark consultant Keeffe is chief of hepatology at Stanford. He specializes in treatment of Hepatitis C, Liver Disease, HCV and cirrhosis. but Doctor! Keeffe said that he had overcome his own initial skepticism and that the results were "pretty exciting."
    Both developments, experts said, will need to be followed up by larger trials. But the progress could be important for patients. Cirrhosis and liver cancer caused by hapatitis C is on the rise in the more than three million americans that are currently infected with the disease.

    Alpha interferon and ribavirin combined together can cause debilitating side effects such as flulike symptoms, anemia and depression and this is the existing treatment. Hepatitis C treatment takes about a year. This form accounts for nearly 70 percent of all hepatitis cases in the United States.
    Vertex, based in Cambridge, Mass., a publicly traded company is on an intense hunt for new drugs., is commonly recognized as the leader in it's field. Interfering with a viral enzyme is a dose, titled telaprevir or VX-950. It is a new proposal for hepatitis C, but this is how the majority of AIDS drugs work.
    While Vertex has previously shown that telaprevir can sharply reduce virus levels in patients' blood, the new data, to be presented at the meeting, an annual gathering of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases in Boston, is the first strong signal of how many patients could be cured.
    In a midstage trial in the United States of 250 previously untreated patients, 61 percent of the people who received telaprevir in addition to the two standard drugs had no detectable virus in their blood 24 weeks after the end of the treatment, a Vertex executive said. Physicians believe that an effective recovery.
    12 weeks after treatment ended, approximately 65 percent of the 323 patients who were given the three-drug combination in the European trial presented no detectable virus.
    With the use of the standard drugs offered, the cure rate for type 1 hepatitis C is more than 40 to 50 percent.

    By taking only the standard drugs of today, for type 1 hepatitis C, the cure rate is typically more than 40 to 50 percent. Doctors also thought it was important that the treatment itself lasted only 24 weeks instead of 48. That denotes that for a brief period the side effects of interferon and ribavirin have to be tolerated by the patients.
    The doctor remarked,"These are interesting discoveries." There is no sentence for me to read or to rewrite. Jacobson of weill cornell Medical college will present the results of the American trial and consultant to Vertex.

    But the numbers are pretty much what Wall Street expected. And many more people getting the three drugs stopped treatment because of side effects than those getting the standard therapy. The rate of cures resulting from the standard therapy used in trials is not yet available.
    The Romark data was generated through a study performed in Egypt using only 96 previously untreated patients. Alinia, also known as nitazoxanide, had previously been tested there as a treatment for parasites.
    Of the patients who received Alinia along with the two standard drugs, 79 percent had no detectable virus 12 weeks after the end of treatment. In comparison, the control group receiving the standard treatment was 43 percent. Even though the overall treatment was for 48 weeks, the drugs were only given to the patient for 36 weeks.
    The patients had type 4 hepatitis C, which is rare in the United States. Many experts believe that type four was easier to treat compared to type one. Romark is currently based in Tampa in Florida., and has about $20 million in annual revenue, has begun a trial in the United States.
    The drug's effectiveness against hepatitis C was discovered almost by accident. When tested as a treatment for parasites, the drug showed signs it was countering liver infection.
    Physician Keeffe, who is researching how the Romark drug works, said that because Alinia is already on the market and appears to have few side effects, some doctors might prescribe it off label to treat hepatitis C. The daily requirement of two pills costs about $30.00. It is eligible for nurses to write medication for uses other than those the Food and Drug Administration has passed for approval, but a drug creator is not allowed to increase the level of medicines for those wrong label uses before formal allowance from others.
    "We're all looking for better therapy for our patients, and this looks like a very benign thing to do,Hepatitis C,Liver Disease, HCV, cirrhosis Dr. Keeffe stated.
    Dr. do I have to "That would be very immature", the person, Jacobson of Cornell commented."

    Hepatitis C  Website

  • New lyrics that leave you asking for more  By : Vikram Kuamr
    Has there been an occasion when you have been with a group of friends who share your love for music and you have found yourself in the midst of a music related discussion with nothing to contribute to it
  • New Jersey Top Dentists  By : Mel Joelle
    For this year’s list of Top Dentists, New Jersey Monthly commissioned an independent survey of the states dentists by the Polling Institute at Monmouth University in West Long Branch. A total of 6,389 New Jersey-based dentists were invited to give their recommendations for this year’s list.
  • New Jersey Hot Rods  By : Mel Joelle
    The Beach Boys are blasting from the PA system at Harry Fleming’s 130-acre junkyard in Egg Harbor township, the venue for “Wheels of May,” a one-day exposition devoted to the American hot rod. Unlike car shows in Atlantic City and New York, there are no klieg lights bouncing off shiny sheet metal, no cars draped with impeccably tailored young ladies rotating on giant turntables.
  • New Iphone 5 With LTE Technology  By : Connor Luke
    iPhone5 is more than just a phone as per apple, there are significant positive changes made by apple this time to make iPhone5 easy to use and user friendly, apple going to introduce various new features this time.
  • New hobby at church or even at home can help you make a new beginning!  By : shaktian2009
    Once you have taken a divorce it is important to move on. It is only human to remain upset for a while but with time you need to reshape your life again.
  • New Handmade Shoes For Males: How to Choose Your Appropriate New Handmade Shoes  By : Erik Zid
    Ben Franklin probably didn't say "present me a grumpy man and I will present you a man with bad sneakers", but he should have. They are saying that sneakers make the person, and they're proper on that one in more methods than one. Good, high quality footwear do more than make you look good - they make you're feeling good. A pair of high quality sneakers makes your feet joyful, and when your toes are comfortable, the rest of you is in a a lot better mind set to cope with your day. Poorly made and in poor health-fitting sneakers are at the root of many a depressing day, and here is why.
  • New Generation Associating More to Private Cinema Viewing  By : Michael Nielson
    Cinema has always been a trendy type of amusement for many decades. They really help to relieve one from stress and slot in with other people. In recent times, there has been a rise in the trend of private cinema viewing. A lot of families, groups, friends, and business colleagues frequently hire cinemas for private viewings where they can enjoy themselves with no interruptions, disturbance, or noise created by huge crowds.
  • New Faces NJ: Jonathan Rua  By : Mel Joelle
    “You feel like you are on top of the world. Nothing but love and happiness surrounds you. Everyone involved in the performance, be it the audience, other cast members, musicians, crew, are all in it together,” muses 25 year old Jon Rua who is enjoying the rarefied air of success as he performs in the Tony Award winning musical In the Heights.

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