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  • Ab Crunches or Core Training: What Has Better Results?  By : Fiona Apple
    Core training is a popular topic in fitness nowadays. Seems like everything abs these days is being inaccurately labeled core which can be confusing. What's the difference between core training (properly defined as functional core performance) and the standard abdominal crunch, and why should you care? You should care because the end result, how your body looks and performs, is significantly profound.

    Let's start with examining both these types of exercises. First of all, "crunch" isn't even a real medical word! It was in fact coined during the early days of bodybuilding. Traditionally a crunch or sit-up is performed lying face up on the ground with bent knees, then lifting the upper torso and knees together. Most anatomical experts define a crunch as a simultaneous flexion of the spine, mainly lumbar, and hips. Crunches primarily train your two, superficial abdominal muscles, the rectus or "six pack" and obliques. The goal of crunches is to build hypertrophy and definition, which is mainly for vanity, according to Dr. Jerrold Petrofsky, Dept. Chair of Physical Therapy at Loma Linda University in California and Steve Thomas, MS, RPT of Steve Thomas PT in Brentwood, California. They state that training just these two ab muscles without properly strengthening and conditioning your entire core produces muscle and structural imbalance in your entire trunk and body, causing pain and back injury. Back pain is the #2 medical complaint Americans have, right behind the common cold (US Consumer Safety Commission).

    The main purpose of functional core training is to strengthen the stabilizer muscles in your entire trunk or core. Your core is defined as the entire region between your shoulders and your hips. Your core is an amazing anatomical composition of about 12 muscles that wrap around your midsection like a back brace. Some of these important muscles are the transverse abdominus, erector spinae, obliques, pelvic floor (PC), illiopsoas, and multifudus to name a few. All body movement stems from your core. The aim of functional core training is to establish a proper of sequence of muscle firing rhythms that will create good, strong upright posture and alignment, a strong back, good balance, gait, and, finally, movement by your legs and arms. Your core is essential for every movement! A balanced, strong body requires a well-aligned, balanced, strong core. From a purely cosmetic point of view, when properly trained the core acts like a girdle; holding and pulling in your entire abdominal region tight and flat- particularly that hard-to-train lower belly pooch sag problem area.

    Core exercises can be done in a variety of positions. The best core moves are performed in an athletic stance position and sometimes use fitness products like a stability ball or bosu to create instability forcing your trunk to instinctively use all your stabilizer, core muscles. Before you begin, the key to a proper core move that completely engages all your core muscles must begin with a correct set up. Concentrate and maintain good or neutral spine alignment before and throughout each and every move. Good alignment is achieved by keeping your ears stacked directly over your shoulders and hips, pulling and keeping your shoulders down, pulling your belly in tight, and doing a continuous, soft Kegel (also called pelvic floor pull-up) exercises. You can find and activate your pelvic floor muscles by stopping your urine mid-stream. Then, you can do a soft Kegel by zipping your pelvic floor muscles up and into your pelvic cavity.

    Most body builders do an endless amount of crunches or sit-ups to achieve flat, sculpted six packs abs. However, because sit-ups only train the two, superficial ab muscles, the biomechanics are incorrect. Crunches or sit-ups do not train the important core muscles that truly act as an abdominal girdle by pulling your mid-section in making it look really flat. Thousands of repetitive, boring crunches won't help you get the flat, sculpted abs of your dreams. Only well executed, functional core performance moves will get you those abs, along with developing a strong, healthy back.
  • ABC Bids Goodbye  By : J. D Theis
    [I:0:T]With time the show has progressed to such popularity that day by day people are becoming even more anxious and restless to know the happenings of the show and how the fate of the islanders would shape and would they ever be free of this confusion like will Juliet be able to survive the bomb?
  • ABC Lost  By : Kunal Wadhwani
    Lost TV Show-the blockbuster on American television which has become almost every American's favorite is aired every Wednesday on ABC Lost. Every character and every episode is created by J.J Abrams and Damon Lindelof with so much perfection that all the fans will remember them always.
  • ABC Lost - A Geniuses' Work  By : Kunal Wadhwani
    [I:0:T] No other show has thus captivated the attention of the viewers the world over, as has the ABC Lost, which recently concluded its 5th season and left the viewers in frenzy with one of its typical cliff -hangers. So what really makes it the terrific show that it is? What keeps everybody virtually waiting for a new season of it to air or get engrossed in it so much, so that they are tireless of knowing more and more about it? Well that reminds me to mention , a website which is "of the losties, for the losties and by the losties".
  • ABC Lost-Going Off Air Soon  By : J. D Theis
    [I:0:T]Are you waiting to visualize the end for ABC Lost? The end is just seven more months away. The journey of the show has marched towards its end. It has been on air since five years. So many twist and turns have just kept the show moving forward!
  • ABC Lost: A Roller-Coaster Ride  By : Kunal Wadhwani
    [I:5:T]The ABC Lost is the favorite pastime of the fans as well as critics. The fans of the show keep on guessing the next happenings on the show and are always awaiting for the new season and the critics of the show are always busy to find fault in the show and to speculate on the ever-increasing popularity of the show.
  • ABC Lost: A Unique Series Of Suspense  By : J. D Theis
    [I:6:T]It a known fact that the Lost on ABC is an extraordinary and a unique series that includes suspense, mystery and drama. Its viewers have been hooked on to it over the period of five years. ABC lost is about many things apart from the suspense element to its plot. It has passing references to most of the events happening on the earth be it present or past.
  • ABC Lost: An Amazing Motley Of Life And Its Hues  By : JD Theis..
    The ABC on Lost is nothing short of motley of characters and settings on this vast world, each with its own set of traits and complexities in life and none without a relationship problem. As motley in colorful and pleasant to watch shades of life, it also helps the fans connect with it and also feel intrigued to know as to what will happen next and to compare with the denouement in the similar situations in their life or somebody's they know.
  • ABC Lost: Hither We Are, Wither We Go!!!  By : JD Theis..
    [I:3:T]ABC Lost has been one of the most successful television series in the history of American Television and rightly so as it is an amazing conflation of mystery, drama, humor and supernatural elements that make it really worthwhile to watch.
  • ABC Lost: Hither We Are, Wither We Go?  By : J. D Theis
    [I:3:T]ABC Lost has been one of the most successful television series in the history of American Television and rightly so as it is an amazing conflation of mystery, drama, humor and supernatural elements that make it really worthwhile to watch.
  • ABC Lost: The Ultimate Excitement  By : Kunal Wadhwani
    The fans of the ABC Lost TV show all over the world are so loyal to the show that they have followed the show for the past five years, even though it is aired for only some span of each year. All the credit for this beheld to the makers of the show, who have made the events and happenings of the show so full of excitement and enthusiasm that the viewers still can't get enough of it and are eagerly waiting for its next season to start soon.
  • About Cable TV  By : Samantha Dale
    Cable TV is a television program offered to every customer through (RF) or radio frequency signals sending out to televisions via coaxial cables. It is formerly known as CATV or Community Antenna Television and was first introduced at Pennsylvania last 1948. Cable TV was started by Margaret and John Walson. The (SEC) or Service Electric Company was established by Walson in 1940ís to install, repair and sell Generic Electric devices in Pennsylvania areas. If you are not familiar of the various co
  • About Classic Louis Vuitton Luggage  By : Terence Lore
    Louis Vuitton is definitely an well-known handbag company. In fact, it's a household name in many places all over the world when it comes to handbags. But, the fact about Lv is that it failed to start making handbags. No, another type of accessory was a symptom because of this wonderful company.
  • About Free Online Dating  By : herrygell
    Whether you are a shy or busy person, free online dating websites can offer a method to meet people in your city or region. Before discussing about online dating I would like to tell you online dating.
  • About Jessie Teng  By : calvinthomas
    Jessie Teng is a smart,confident,fun-loving girl who believes in climbing new highs.Teng takes life as it comes.She is the coolest person on this planet.She is very straight forward and clear about everything.She has the most deceiving smile in this world.

    Jessie Teng speaks english in the funniest her inimitable style.She must be writing some scripts for comedy movies.

    Jessie has great looks,impeccable dressing sense and a charming personality.I have known her for almost two years no
  • About NBA 2K12 Cheats  By : Jacob Nicholas
    K12 Chats platforms for several games. It comes with features that facilitate games with cheat codes. These games are the ones available on the Nintendo Wii game console. These cheats are a continuation of a basketball tradition.
  • About The TV Show Greek  By : Gen Wright
    Are you feeling bored lately? Not sure where to go for the latest entertainment? Perhaps you can start looking at watching some rather interesting TV shows.
  • About Toxic Mulch  By : seolncr
    You are welcome to use this article on your website or in your newsletter as long as you reprint it as is, including the contact information at the end.
  • Access The Best Online Games Belonging To Different Genera  By : mozamoza
    Online gaming has recently become a popular time pass for kids, teenagers as well as adults. Earlier, video games were confined to handheld devices and CD or DVD installed television games however with the advent of internet technologies
  • Accessorizing the tea: Porcelain Mugs  By : Efrain Bender
    Tea is one of the best drinks that fits perfectly in the category of anytime refreshment. Known to have several health benefits, tea is an excellent drink to rejuvenate the body.
  • Accessory In An Extreme Sport - Jumping Stilts  By : Gerald
    Have you ever seen a kangaroo hopping and jumping? Did you see just how fast they speed up without running? We can do it as well. But how can we do it? Do we have the vitality and agility of the kangaroo? Is our weight lighter or heavier than a Kangaroo? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes to all these questions. We may weigh lighter than the kangaroo but we can not hop and jump faster than a kangaroo does. Because our human body is not equipped with the body structure of a kangaroo therefore we need enhancement or accessory to imitate their movement.
  • Accident At Work Claim Offering Victims There Just Reward  By : Madeleine Duke
    When you have suffered a personal injury, and it is not your fault, you are a victim and getting your just compensation is essential. The law is practiced to serve personal injury victims, and having the proper representation will ensure that you, as the victim, receive your maximum compensation.
  • Accidental 示談 with Jiko-Kaiketsu  By : Da-Xia
    Anyone involved in a car accident is liable to be paid a 示談 by the insurance company. There are basically two categories under which accident claims can be filed with an insurance company.
  • Accountant New York Is the One Stop Solution for Business Firms  By : Peter Terry
    Accountant New York offers not only the basic accounting services but also all round help should anything happen to the business. It is an important third party advisor.
  • Accuracy of Paternal Testing  By : Robert Thomson
    For the purpose of paternity testing, there are different testing methods. In most cases, either the so-called Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) or the Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP) are being applied in order to receive answers to paternity questions.
  • Achieve The Desirable Tattoo Option Designed For You  By : Charlie West
    Tattooing is one of these subjects that elicit a strong feeling from simply almost everybody. Some folks have a burly objection for them whereas other people love tats. Are you into using your body as a canvas for tattooists who use a tattoo kit to express yourself? Are you all right with featuring tattoo ink on your body? If thus, then you ought to browse on.
  • Achieve Voice Actor Status With These Steps - For Video Games, Anime and Original Animation  By : Kristi Reed
    By looking at this article, the groundwork will be laid for you to become a voice actor. These tips will help you get work if you're just starting out.
  • acne alternative treatments  By : lLaptop4
    There are several acne alternative treatments that can help impede or even cure acne. The Chinese believe that acne is caused by toxicity and heat in the blood stream.
  • Acne and A Clean Face and Step 1 in a 12 Step Program  By : Prafull
    For those that need more than a special cream like Scotty's Face Cream, then you need to work harder to get rid of acne. Since acne is a condition that occurs from within your body and exhibits on the outside of your body, you need to,
  • Acne Treatment: Truths And Myths  By : S.F. Imtiaz
    If you have acne first thing you want to make sure is that you are not treating your acne depending upon some myths. If you are well aware of myths associated with acne and if you can differentiate the acne treatment myths from the truths then consider a substantial portion of you problem solved. Since most people cannot differentiate between what is truth and whatís just another acne myth when they begin treating their acne, so they end up wasting a lot of their time and money on products and medications that either donít work at all or are not good for their particular skin type.

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