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  • Cooking Quinoa  By : Evelyn
    This relatively unknown seed Quinoa, pronounced as keen-wah, is slowly gaining more attention because of its healthy nutrients and benefits. Known as the Gold of the Incas, this super grain contains a lot of protein and nutrients, thus the nickname. It may be becoming quite commonly known now but it is still not easily available everywhere.
  • Your Guide to Understanding Diabetes Disorder  By : Lucille Green
    Sufferers with diabetes have a condition that creates a problem with how their body produces energy for food. Glucose is the body's natural fuel source provided by the food we eat. Diabetes causes problems with the distribution of glucose in the bloodstream. If the situation is not dealt with it doesn't take long for the body to build up high levels of glucose in the blood also known as 'high blood sugar levels'.
  • Printable Easter Card: Getting Into The Holiday Spirit With Your Kids  By : Roxanne Dartmour
    Holidays are the best times to show our kids how to enjoy themselves and have a lot of fun with the rest of the family. To help your kids get into the holiday spirit, ask them to help you plan out for your Easter holiday celebration at home and design printable Easter cards for your family members and friends.
  • Live Maine Lobsters - Get Them Overnight!  By : Sherry Shantel
    Lobsters, when you simply have to have them overnight; they can now be your next dream supper. If you have had a desire for some really good seafood, and Maine lobster is what your taste buds are anxious for; nothing else will quite do.
  • Make it Summer at your House with a Lobster Clam Bake!  By : Shannon Linnen
    Now that winter is really starting to show it's teeth, it can be miserable to even go outside. If it's not snowing, it's sleeting, and all of that condensation has the tendency to pile up all over your shoes. It seems like the perfect time for that nice long Caribbean getaway you've been dreaming of. You know the one, the one where you trade snow boots for sandals, swim all day and hang out on the beach, relaxing and not thinking about work or the office for weeks?
  • The Development of the Live Lobster Trade  By : Sherry Shantel
    Ahhhhh! Just think about forking a succulent bite of fresh lobster meat into your mouth and savoring it all the way down! How could anything taste more sublime? But before you rush out to your nearest Red Lobster and choose your live lobster for a $25.00 lobster dinner, let's spend a little bit of time getting to know something about the critter that you're drooling over.
  • Put a Bit of Bugs Bunny Easter Bunny into Your Easter 2009  By : Mary Stewart
    Kids love Bugs bunny so why don't you try and incorporate the bugs bunny easter bunny into your Easter 2009 celebrations this year to really give you kids something to smile about.
  • Who Else Loves Bugs Bunny Easter Bunny?  By : Jane Underbowl
    Easter is a time for kids to enjoy themselves with family and friends. What better way to put the magic into their Easter than dressing up as bugs bunny the Easter bunny to get them enjoying Easter.
  • Fresh Shellfish, Great To Have For For Dinner?  By : Shannon Linnen
    A wonderful thing to eat all year round is fresh shellfish. It includes clams, scallops, mussels and more. Farm-raised cultured mussels are fresh and readily available. Wild varieties are equally delicious. Clams are a very popular addition to pasta dishes. Hard clams, also called quahogs, live in sandy coves and can be caught when the tide is low. A great dish to enjoy with butter and garlic is stuffed quahogs. And there is always clam chowder of course.
  • Different Healthy Foods Kids Enjoy  By : Adrian Paul
    Is getting your kids to eat healthy foods a battle in your home? If so, you'll love these tips that will make your kids happy and give you the satisfaction of knowing you are feeding them foods that are good for them.
  • Tips on How to Find a Reliable Caterer in Boca Raton  By : Gen Wright
    No matter what event you are planning, good food and good service are crucial for your event's success.
  • The Reasons Why You Still Have to Choose Green Mussel Extract  By : Paul J. Easton
    Green lipped mussels are exclusively sourced in the waters off the coast of New Zealand. Natives have long accepted green mussels as a nutrient-rich, super food. They have as well been presented to bear utmost amounts of lipids, omega-3 fatty acids, and a chondroitin derivative. These substances curb the agents that induce inflammation pains.
  • Learn More About Fiber and Cellulite  By : El Bilson
    Youve heard that the amount of fiber in your diet is an important part of your daily routine. But is their a relationship between our daily amount of fiber and cellulite on our bodies?
  • How Emergency Food Storage Can Save Your Life  By : Greg Shuey
    As young kids, did you use to stack chips, biscuits, and other food under your bed or inside your closet so that when you get hungry in the middle of the night youll have something to munch on? Or when your friends come over, youll have something to eat while watching TV and playing games? Unknown to us, we have already been practicing food storage since we were young.
  • Griddles for Pancakes  By : Gary F. Fiddlebrook
    To prepare pancakes, you need to start by making the pancake batter. Get a good recipe that is fairly simple to follow, and start measuring out all the ingredients. Follow the instructions on how to mix it all together and you get your batter.
  • What You Should Know About The Poultry And Dairy Products-Healthy Living Part 6  By : Haiyan Lai-Heskin
    We have learnt about soup, meats and fish to eat on a low fat diet in the past a few parts of "healthy living". Today we are going to talk about how to get the best of poultry and dairy products.
  • Celebrate on a Budget with Online Order Lobster Dinners!  By : Shannon Linnen
    It seems that every day the economic news we read in the paper gets worse. No matter how secure your job may feel, it's still a frightening time to be spending a lot of money, especially for something you don't need. With these feelings in mind, many people are canceling their celebrations for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. But just because you would like to save some money, it doesn't mean that you won't be able to celebrate at all. Why not skip going out to a fancy dinner and event, tell your friends to save their presents, and invite everyone over for a great dinner instead, to celebrate together. You can serve everyone a great lobster dinner, for less expense then you may expect.
  • Making Homemade Pancake Mix  By : James S. Garret
    These days everyone is busy. Most people have to wake up early for work or school and have barely any time, if any at all to have any kind of breakfast, let alone a big fancy breakfast. We just don't have time for it.
  • What about Pancake Mixes?  By : Chuck T. S. Smith
    What do you usually eat for breakfast? Cereal? Toast? A cup of coffee? Most of us are busy people who like to sleep whenever we can. Waking up to make a big breakfast just isn't an opportunity we feel we need to take.
  • HACCP - What is it and how can it Help My Restaurant?  By : Malcolm J. Richmond..
    Food safety is always an issue wherever people eat. It is important because, once people consume foods contaminated with hazardous contents their health is placed at risk. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is an approach to food safety that aims to identify food safety hazards and in doing so prevent the exposure of consumers to these potentially dangerous foods.
  • The Complications of NSAIDs  By : Paul J. Easton
    Pharmaceutical giants are not still admitting it even if NSAIDs have been the hidden cause to tens of thousands of cases of deaths from sufferers given this drug in the United States in the past years. What is the danger with NSAID medications? Vioxx, a leading NSAID brand, had been removed from the market because it is one of the causes of internal bleeding. The medicine erodes the stomach lining and intestines.
  • Chocolate Recipe Homemade Gifts  By : Terri Rohrer
    Have you been trying to find just the right gift to give to a friend or family member, but just have not been able to find one that suits both your wallet and the sentiment that you would like to portray. I have always loved giving away gifts that are from the heart. The person who is given these presents always appreciate the fact that so much inspiration has gone into it. Not only that, but in today's financially difficult times we can all benefit from finding more const-conscious ways of gift giving.
  • Lobster Bisque is a Great Winter Meal  By : Shannon Linnen
    On these super cold winter days, nothing sounds better than staying in, and enjoying a nice warm bowl of soup for dinner with your family. But if you're the one who makes dinner for everyone, it means that before you can get back to your nice cozy house, you have to go out in the cold to get the groceries first. And after you're back and have prepared the meal, it's you who has to focus on clean up. There is an easier way for you to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal. You can skip the preparation, and get right to the enjoyment, when you order lobster bisque online.
  • Martini Cocktails  By : Lisa Condrey
    Over time, Martini has become one of the most loved mixed alcoholic beverages with both the sexes. The drink comes with its own folklore and there is no definite story behind its origin. It is a cocktail made of unequal portion of gin and dry vermouth with either a dash of lemon or olive green and is said to have been named as Martini after the company of Martini & Rossi. This beverage is served chilled in a conical-stemmed glass which is now dubbed as the martini glass.
  • How To Find The Best Chocolate Dipped Strawberries  By : Gordon Granby
    I've made chocolate covered strawberries on a number of occasions. Sometimes plain, other times adding a sprinkle of coconut, candy or crushed nut here and there. But if you don't have the time, there are also a number of companies doing interesting things with the berries. I wanted to write some comments about what I saw in comparing some of the different vendors to help others make a wise decision.
  • You Can Get Lobster Delivered on a Budget  By : Shannon Linnen
    Do you ever wish that you could spice up your normal dinner routine? In these tough economic times, it's likely that you, like a lot of people, are eating at home more. And with a smaller budget, it's likely that you're getting into a routine of favorites and family classics that you've had hundreds, if not thousands of times.
  • Treat Yourself to a Live Maine Lobster  By : Sherry Shantel
    Live Maine lobsters have been harvested from around the coasts of Maine for many generations. It's hard to believe that in the beginning, people placed no value in lobster meat. Only the poor ate it. Over the decades, however, tastes changed, turning lobsters into expensive delicacies to be enjoyed by the wealthy in America's finest restaurants. By the 1840s the Maine lobster trade had become so lucrative that the first commercial lobster fishery opened for business.
  • Not Just Sugar on a Stick - How Lollipops Are Made  By : Robert Thomson
    Oh, the sweet stickiness of a lollipop! It brings back memories of a trip to the bank or doctor's office, trading your sour apple for a grape, or licking a gigantic rainbow-colored delight at the county fair.
  • Well Balanced Diet Can't Be Without Fruits And Vegetables-Healthy Living Part 7  By : Haiyan Lai-Heskin
    Fruits and vegetables are important to our health for many reasons; certainly because they contain fibre in the whole food, and they contain phytonutrients, which are plant based nutrients in the numbers of 20,000 or more, all of which work together to ensure our health.
  • Good Food Guide For Healthy Eating-Healthy Living Part 7  By : Haiyan Lai-Heskin
    Fruits and vegetables are important to our health for many reasons; certainly because they contain fibre in the whole food, and they contain phytonutrients, which are plant based nutrients in the numbers of 20,000 or more, all of which work together to ensure our health.

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