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  • Service Equals Performance Equals Service  By : Richard
    This article explains customer service is really how one performs while on duty. It can be applied directly to restaurants.
  • Importance of Food Elements  By : Kim and Charles Petty
    The purposes of food are to promote growth, to supply force and heat, and to furnish material to repair the waste which is constantly taking place in the body. Every breath, every thought, every motion, wears out some portion of the delicate and wonderful house in which we live. Various vital processes remove these worn and useless particles; and to keep the body in health, their loss must be made good by constantly renewed supplies of material properly adapted to replenish the worn and impaired tissues. This renovating material must be supplied through the medium of food and drink, and the best food is that by which the desired end may be most readily and perfectly attained. The great diversity in character of the several tissues of the body, makes it necessary that food should contain a variety of elements, in order that each part may be properly nourished and replenished.
  • The Chemistry and Economy of Soup-Making  By : Kim and Charles Petty
    Stock being the basis of all meat soups, and, also, of all the principal sauces, it is essential to the success of these culinary operations, to know the most complete and economical method of extracting, from a certain quantity of meat, the best possible stock or broth. The theory and philosophy of this process we will, therefore, explain, and then proceed to show the practical course to be adopted.
  • Hygiene of Digestion  By : Kim and Charles Petty
    With the stomach and other digestive organs in a state of perfect health, one is entirely unconscious of their existence, save when of feeling of hunger calls attention to the fact that food is required, or satety warns us that a sufficient amount or too much has been eaten. Perfect digestion can only be maintained by careful observance of the rules of health in regard to habits of eating.
  • Prepare and Cook Macaroni  By : Kim and Charles Petty
    Macaroni is a product of wheat prepared from a hard, clean, glutenous grain. The grain is ground into a meal called semolina, from which the bran is excluded. This is made into a tasty dough by mixing with hot water in the proportion of two thirds semolina to one third water. The dough after being thoroughly mixed is put into a shallow vat and kneaded and rolled by machinery. When well rolled, it is made to assume varying shapes by being forced by a powerful plunger through the perforated head of strong steel or iron cylinders arranged above a fire, so that the dough is partially baked as it issues from the holes.
  • Many Delicious Foods High in Vitamin A  By : Alison Addy
    This article is about foods that are high in Vitamin A and what Vitamin A does for our bodies.
  • A Great Summer Food  By : Amy Nutt..
    There are foods that are associated with specific seasons-foods and drinks too that we reach for traditionally when the weather turns warmer or colder by turn. What would the winter be without a nice bowl of steaming oatmeal to start the day? And how much nicer is it to look out the window at a snowstorm when you've got a nice hot cup of hot chocolate in your hands?
  • Eating Out While In Tampa  By : Salvador Paez
    There are a lot of reasons why Tampa is the place to be. Sure, it's Florida's largest city, one of its largest ports and one of the most industrious. But apart from that what else does it have to offer?
  • Where are the Belly Dancing Restaurants?  By : Charlie Reese
    Belly Dancing Restaurants Attract Many Customers
  • Flying Refrigirators: Shipping Frozen Food  By : Salvador Paez
    How often have you seen an old-school Chinese restaurant in San Francisco? Or a high-class French restaurant in New York? Many restaurants such as these need to ship their gourmet ingredients from far across the land. This is in order to serve the best, most authentic food that they can. Food, however, is not as easy to ship compared to a book or an appliance. If food does not arrive on time, it spoils. Once spoilt, the food becomes unusable to any chef. This is where frozen food shipping comes into play.
  • A Look at Popcorn Machines  By : Joseph Then..
    What if I told you that you could enjoy popcorns in the comfort of your own home? What if I told you that there is a simple way of making popcorns with minimal waste? Does it sound like it is too good to be true? Of course it is, with the help of popcorn machine that is!
  • Don't let Excuses Get in Your Way  By : Rachel Lukasavige
    Everyone has at least one excuse for why they cannot practice good health. Personally, I struggle with finding time to exercise
  • Eating Out In Paris Restaurants  By : Martyn Davis
    French food is famous all over the world and France has a rich history of fine cuisine that is taken very seriously, with Paris restaurants serving some of the finest food in the world.
  • Benefits of Vitamin E For Us  By : Alison Addy
    This article is about the many benefits of Vitamin E and where we can get this vitamin from.
  • Pickle Making  By : Jose Gonzalez
    Since long ago pickling has been done in homes for preserving fruits and vegetables. The earliest form of preserving food is considered to be pickling. Preserving fruits and vegetables longer from the use of salt, sugar and vinegar is something early man discovered. Hence, through the process of pickling food he discovered how to make pickles easily.
  • All about Kale and How to Cook with It  By : KC Kudra
    This is something that many cooks of all levels of experience ask themselves, but if you do a little bit of investigation, you'll find that there are plenty of things that you can do with this highly versatile leafy green. When you eat kale, you are in good company.
  • How To Make Jell Shots  By : Michael Anthony McGrath
    Learn how to make jello shots with diferent alchohol, alchohol proofs and jello flavourings.
  • Star bucks Coffee always figured if they put people first it only  By : Greg Hansward
    From its unassuming start earlier in the 1970's, Star bucks coffee can now be counted among the prominent coffee giants of larger-than-life proportions. What began as an undersized store in Seattle, Washington geared to retail superior coffee beans, has nowadays developed into a broadly identifiable brand name of coffee appealing to worldwide connoisseurs. Check your Star bucks coffee data to see if you are acquainted with your preferred coffee.
  • Makes The Green Coffee Bean Special  By : Kevin Foulds
    The green coffee bean sounds a little on the odd side when we say it. After all most people associate coffee beans with a dark or lightish brown colour, and few have seen a green coffee bean. The seeds that come from the plant are commonly known as 'Green Coffee Beans'. They are not precisely beans, they are more like a berry. The 'green coffee beans' are collected from the coffee plantations and then sent to places where they are first roasted, and then ground, and then finely crushed to make coffee powder.
  • How to ensure your Restaurant is Serving Safe Food  By : Malcolm J. Richmond
    Lately, the news has been full of horror stories about food poisoning. Many food poisoning cases have been linked to food served at restaurants. Wherever your restaurant may be, safety regulations are in place to protect the health of diners. Victoria, Australia is no exception to this rule. Whatever sort of food is served by your restaurant, following food safety regulations and general cleanliness are crucial habits, since this prevents food poisoning from happening.
  • Safe Food Handling Could Save Your Business  By : Malcolm J. Richmond
    Whatever restaurant in Melbourne you happen to be the 4 Mile Restaurant & Pub, Chez Michael, or the Heron Rock Bistro, food safety is important. Even if you have the most successful restaurant in all of Melbourne, all it takes is one food handling mistake to seriously damage your business.
  • Coffee Was Not Originally a Hot Drink  By : Robert Carlton..
    As you sit and drink your morning java, it may help you to know that you are imbibing a long-respected beverage.While most of us think of coffee as a single species of plant and a single type of beverage, it is interesting to learn that there are more than 500 genera and more than 6,000 species in the Rubiaceae family of plants of which coffee is just one genus. Most of these varieties are either coffee shrubs or tropical trees that grow upwards of 30 feet. Brazil is the world's largest coffee producer. Of these many types, Robusta and Arabica coffees are the main types used.Historians believe that coffee originated in Ethiopia but spread into Arabia. Its ability to help people stay alert made it a useful secret weapon at first.
  • Baked Fish Recipes - Some Tips and Tricks  By : KC Kudra
    If you have some delicious tilapia fish recipes to try out or some mouthwatering baked cod dish you have wanted to make, you might be thinking that baking fish is easy. To be honest, there is nothing too difficult about it but there are a few tips and tricks that will take your baked fish recipes to the next level and guarantee perfection.
  • The Coffee Cup And What Goes In It  By : Clinton Maxwell
    here are so many types of coffee that you would find it really difficult to say which one is the best. Of course, a lot depends upon the personal taste as well. However, when it comes to judging the quality of the coffee, the smell, flavor and richness of taste are a few factors that are taken into consideration such the quality of beans, the grinder you use and the time elapsed from the preparation of the coffee cup.
  • Brazil is The World's Principal Coffee Producer  By : Ken Morris
    Coffee is closer to the color of dark brown but some call it Black Gold in the global marketplace! Well, it is especially pricey! Have you visited your food market lately? The dollar value of artisan niche coffee seems to change beyond the pace of any product sitting on the market shelf. Why is that?
  • How To Make Jello Shots The Professional Way  By : Michael Anthony McGrath
    Learn the tips & trick sfor making jello shots like the pros!
  • Don't Host Your Next Event Without These Catering Ideas  By : Lee Dobbins..
    No matter how organized you may be, hosting an event is not only challenging but can also by overwhelming. One of the biggest challenges is food - do you hire a caterer or provide it yourself? If you choose to supply the food you have to plan which types of food to serve, how much needs to be purchased, asking for assistance with the preparation and cooking, and coordinate the serving of the food. But don't think hiring a caterer is the easy way out. While they might have a few catering ideas, they will expect you to make all of the decisions and coordinate the activities.
  • A Healthy Heart is Just One Benefit from Healthy Mexican Food  By : KC Kudra
    Mexican foods are very popular throughout the United States and many Americans enjoy eating Mexican cuisine as regularly as once a week. The problem with this is that Mexican foods in America have changed considerably from the authentic Mexican recipes. Americans have super-sized the portions and added fat. Many American style Mexican dishes are not even available in Mexico because they were invented in America. Traditional Mexican recipes are rich in fresh vegetables and protein. Nutritious vegetables are frequently used and spices are used for flavoring rather than artificial flavorings or a lot of added fat. Unfortunately, these delicious authentic recipes are seldom used in their American style equivalent recipes and healthy Mexican food can be hard to find north of the border.
  • What Kinds of Mexican Cakes are There?  By : KC Kudra
    When you think of Mexican food, you might think of burritos and tacos, but there is plenty more to Mexican cuisine than that. What about dessert and all the sweet dishes on offer? There are plenty of sweet delights to choose from if you want to eat authentic Mexican food. You can find sweet candies, drinks, and, of course, Mexican cake. Mexican Chocolate Pound Cake, with its cinnamon and Mexican chocolate additions, and Mexican Kajeta Chocolate Cake are two examples of mouthwatering Mexican fare.
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Mexican food  By : KC Kudra
    Mexican food is well loved all over the globe. There is plenty of variety when it comes to Mexican food and you can find combinations you have never tried before. A lot of people delight in the smell, taste of authentic Mexican recipes, and admire the great Mexican minds responsible for these tantalizing combinations.

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