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  • Why Managers Should Play Favorites  By : Anna Johnson
    Contrary to "Politically Correct" Opinion, You'll Get The Best Employees - And The Best Out Of Them - By Showing Them Some Good, Old-fashioned Favoritism
  • Reap the Benefits of Logistics Management  By : John Morris
    It is important to know the processes that a company is involved in and master them for a more efficient production output. Logistics management, on the other hand, is a critical component to achieve business goals...
  • The Top 7 Reasons Why You Must Virtualize Your Marketing  By : Michele Hanson-O'Reggio
    Due to the explosion of the Internet and modern technology over the past few years, marketing for solo-entrepreneurs has moved more and more into the virtual (online) world. Entrepreneurs all over the world have made the Internet their vehicle to deliver and market their services to dominate their market.
  • What Type Of Company Should I Set Up?  By : Jeffrey Benson
    When setting up your company you need to decide at an early stage how you intend to structure it. What type of company legally beneficial - a Limited Company, a Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership or Sole Trader?
  • The Benefits of Analysis!  By : Jeffrey Benson
    You have found a gap in the market, you have thought of a business idea that you believe will make you a healthy profit. The next stage is to conduct a thorough analysis.
  • Network Marketing Strategy – How To Steal a Downline!  By : Michael Dlouhy
    once you get profitable in network marketing, it's not unusual for your company or your upline to use the Policies & Procedures against you to take away the income you have built. This story is an example of how they can legally do that - and what you must do to protect yourself.
  • How To Raise Finance For Your New Business  By : Jeffrey Benson
    No matter who you are the banks, business angels or government agencies who are lending you the money all want to know that their money is safe.
  • Workplace Violence: A Growing Concern  By : Jeffrey Miller
    Workplace violence has become one of the biggest concerns for managers, corporate executives and Human Resource Departments in the past several years. In fact, the shear number of incidents of workplace violence is staggering...
  • Workplace Violence - 8 Tips For Spotting Early Warning Signs  By : Jeffrey Miller
    One of the greatest threats facing both employees and the companies they work for, is workplace violence. It has become the leading cause of death for women and the second leading for men, following closely behind motor vehicle accidents.
  • Learning the Process of Order Fulfillment  By : John Morris
    The goal of most businesses is to profit and give out the best products and services that they can offer to customers. For companies who manufacture sellable items, producing the end product is not the final step...
  • Is Your Business Compliant With Sarbanes Oxley Standards?  By : John Morris
    This methodology allows you to define in a quantifyable manner the compliance tasks involved in your company. All of the companies which use a type of Sarbanes Oxley software have the same financial data collection and their reporting needs are not really one and the same...
  • Corporate Gift Ideas - Impression Is Everything  By : Ray La Foy
    With the gravity of what a gift can mean for your company, it's a good idea to consider your client base before rushing out and buying the first gift baskets that strike your fancy.
  • Don't Throw Money Away On Training - Planning Well Will Cut Costs and Increase Value  By : Paul Phillips
    While training sounds positive there is a lot of money wasted – and a lot of harm done with the wrong training. Get it right and it will pay for itself and people will want to take part.
  • The Squeeze-Out or Buying out a Minority Interest Shareholder at an Unfair Price  By : Dave Kauppi
    If you are a minority interest shareholder in a privately held company you need to be aware of some warning signs of bad behavior on the part of the majority shareholders. If you find yourself in a Squeeze-Out, you may have some legal remedies, but you face an expensive and uphill battle. This article describes, unfortunately, a fairly common situation.
  • Balance in Inventory Control  By : Jessica Deets
    In Inventory control, the fundamental thing is to strike a balance between the questions ‘How little and how much’. Your industry’s basic stock should give a reasonable collection of products and should be enough to fulfill the normal sales demands. If you have just entered into business then you would not have any history of sales or stocking figures to indicate, but you can project such figures based on your business plan.
  • Hunters and Gatherers - Are You Serving Both Their Needs?  By : John Stanley
    Research shows that consumers shop establishments based on one of the two personal profiles. The Hunter - know what they want, they are focused on the task in front of them and they do not want anyone or anything to stand in their way. The Gatherer - enjoy the experience of shopping and like to enjoy browsing around and discovering new items.
  • How To Ensure Your Employee Incentive Program Pays Off  By : John Morris
    Non-cash incentive programs and fringe benefits can have a powerful influence on attitudes, that should in turn improve results. You can give employees the greatest incentive program, however, by impairing a sense of ownership in the organization...
  • Business Inventories: Checklist to Success  By : James Monahan
    Inventories provide a business with a comprehensive view of the properties it owns. In the broadest sense, inventories deal with the stock level of items it has for sale. But inventories also deal with the properties a business has that are not for sale.
  • Getting Started: Creating a Business Plan  By : Andrew Denyer
    Whatever it is that has influenced you to start your online business, be sure that you have a plan before you begin. This is not the time to “pick it up as you go”.
  • Ten Meeting Management Issues to Watch Out For  By : Martin Haworth
    Meetings are valuable components of organisations. Yet they need process, discipline and leadership/facilitation to work best. Here are some indicators to watch out for to highlight where things may be going wrong.

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