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  • Staying Competitive with Outsourcing  By : Dirk Blurd
    Many of todayís business entrepreneurs, especially in the IT industry want to remain competitive in the fast growing information technology outsourcing industry. They want to have more clients by keeping the orders of their softwares on time and will eventually lead to the growth of their company.
  • Is Business Ownership In Your Future?  By : Tim-Knox
    Anyone who wishes to start a business must first do a lot of self assessment and planning otherwise the business venture may flounder easily.
  • The Process For Becoming An Entrepreneur  By : Tim-Knox
    Many people want to start a new business but know little about what they are in for. This article can be a great resource for such people.
  • Getting Low Cost Business Financing  By : misty
    Whether you are just starting your business, or are looking to expand an existing business, getting low-cost business financing can mean the difference between success and failure in your business endeavor.
  • How Do You Keep Your Best Employees From Flying The Coup?  By : Tim-Knox
    There is not lack of jobs for good talent today and the best way to keep your best employees around is to provide them with incentives to stay on. The end result is ofcourse the continued growth of your business.
  • Understanding CMMI Levels  By : Mukul Gupta
    CMMI has 5 different levels i.e. from Level 1 to Level 5. I have tried to explain these levels in plain English so that you can understand and appreciate the whole process improvement initiative that we have taken up.
  • Are Your Salespeople Properly Focused?  By : John Asher
    Top salespeople spend their time focused on a few qualified top opportunities. Focus is key, as numerous studies have shown that it takes an average of twelve contacts to make a sale in typical business-to-business sales.
  • A Quick Guide to Business Management  By : Bryan Ashbaugh
    Have you ever wondered why some businesses are successful when others die shortly after seeing the light? It's not only about finding the right product to sale or the right service to offer. In business management sometimes what do you do is less important than how you do it. In competitive times like this, excellence wins the game. Every time a new business is created it has to struggle with its equals in order to take (and maintain) a small share of its relevant market.
  • Write The Business Plan And Get Investors  By : DMF
    One morning you might wake up and like a ton of bricks a great idea for creating and starting your online business comes to mind, and you hadn't a doubt in your mind that you could turn it into a huge success.
  • Never Say It Canít Be Done  By : Tim-Knox
    In business one must never say or assume that something can't be done. With a little help from ingenuity and creativity any problem can be easily solved.
  • Interpersonal Skills - The Keys to Management and Leadership  By : Susan West
    It takes more than business knowledge to succeed as a manager or leader - it also takes excellent interpersonal skills. This article discusses the importance interpersonal skills in your leadership development and offers examples of how they can be
  • Social Distancing is the Key to Minimising Bird Flu Infection in Your Business.  By : Nigel Thomas
    Social Distancing is a new term we are hearing more and more as businesses start to gear up their plans for a Bird Flu pandemic. Learn what it means and what you can do to minimise the chance of bringing infection into your workplace.
  • Matrix Organizations, What Are They?  By : Jim Owens PMP
    Until the 1970's, typical, large organizations tended to function in "silos", where isolated groups of workers reported to a line manager. This was inefficient, with lots of duplication of skills around the organization. But their major weakness was
  • The Legal Form Your Business Should Take  By : Makabongwe Maseko
    When starting a business you should do a deep research and understanding on the legal forms I just supplied to you. These can be a make or break for the success and future of your business.
  • Learn To Focus On Whatís Important and Farm Out The Rest  By : Tim-Knox
    Outsourcing your mundane tasks to focus only on the essential tasks is the best way to organize your business. The results are great not just for you but also for your business.
  • Building Trust is Key to Business Success  By : Susan West
    Building trust in your business relationships is critical to your success. This article discusses the different ways that building trust can benefit jump start your leadership development and enhance your career.
  • Tips on Leading A Team  By : Susan West
    Power and influence in a team: learn the basics of working within a team and how to lead a permanent and temporary teams.
  • Do You Want Fries With That Management Style?  By : Tim-Knox
    The environment of any workplace is highly dependant on the type of manager and his/her management style. This article describes some of these management approaches.
  • The Challenges of Leadership in a Global Marketplace  By : Susan West
    Leadership in the global marketplace presents unique challenges. This article discusses some of those challenges and suggests ways for you to overcome them.
  • Life - a Quest!  By : mike praado
    The article is about thinking of applying what you have learned. We learn a lot in our life but we fail to apply it. This article will give you an aspiration on why applying is equally important.
  • Expert Strategies For Hiring The Best Employees  By : Tim-Knox
    Hiring employees who can contribute to your business positively is a challenge for every entrepreneur. Here are some tips on how to go about this difficult and challenging task.
  • Planning And Post-Mortem Are Essential In Corporate Turnaround  By : Mike Teng
    Planning tells you what is going to happen, post-mortem tells you what has happened Both planning and post-mortem are essential management tools needed to achieve corporate objectives, as well as to prevent the recurrence of the same mistakes.
  • Succession Planning - It's More Than Just Replacing People Who Leave  By : Paul Phillips
    We tend to think of succession planning as having a few plans in place for if a key person gets hit by a bus or someone retires. In practice it has to be more than this if you want to avoid continually trying to "catch up". Learn how to do it.
  • Opportunities in Outsourcing in the Philippine Growing  By : Allweb
    Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) refers to the outsourcing or contracting of business functions or processes, such as procurement, to a third party. In this arrangement, the service provider is responsible for performing and managing the outsourced function or process on behalf of the customer.
  • Services Offered by Most Virtual Business Assistants  By : Vlad Ehrsam
    Many busy business owners are turning to virtual business assistants to help them take care of matters that they may not have time for. There are many aspects of being a business owner that can take up time that you may not have. Virtual business as
  • Philippine Call Centers Attracting Global Interest  By : Allweb
    Philippine call centers are booming because of several factors among which, also the reason that is often cited by US-based companies, is the Filipinosí excellent knowledge of the English language and their familiarity with the American culture.
  • Keeping Your Business Costs To A Minimum  By : Vlad Ehrsam
    It is anything but cheap to keep a business running. Carefully tracking your expenses is imperative. Proper money management is practice by business professionals the world over. From paying wages to covering the cost of doing business, a consisten
  • Virtual Business Assistants - What they Can Do for Your Business  By : Vlad Ehrsam
    Virtual business assistants help your business carry out tasks when you're short on time. The demands of being a business owner today can leave you with little time to care of everything. This is where virtual business assistants can help out and why
  • Do You Make Any of These Critical Marketing Mistakes?  By : Vlad Ehrsam
    Errors happen regardless of 'what type' of business industry you're operating. Employees make critical errors on a daily basis. This is often due to the company's size, the number of employees, and the inability for management to review departmenta
  • Importance of Data Mining in todayís business world  By : Scott Naxton
    Data Mining could help your business in getting latest market information and remain ahead of your competition.

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