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  • "Backup How-To's": Home Backup: Files and Folders backup  By : Alexander Rassokhin
    "Backup How-To's" is a series of articles discussing methods and strategies of organizing computer data protection. The sixth article is devoted to different aspects of files-based backup in home environment.
  • Top 10 Photo Recovery Tips  By : Korey Bachelder
    Perhaps you have a capacious memory card. Maybe you simply trust the technology of your latest digital gizmo to forever shield your data from harm.
  • Digital Photography Tips: Recovering Lost and Deleted Pictures  By : Michael Kharinsky
    Brought your digital camera home only to find out there are no pictures in it? No worries! There is an easy way out. In fact, there is more than one way out!
  • Undelete Files with a Wizard  By : Chris Smile
    Undelete Wizard can still successfully locate, reconstruct and recover many types of files and support undelete files for many Windows versions.
  • Loss of Files Can Be Simply Worked Out  By : Emily Butler
    Current text will demonstrate you how to perform ntfs recovery even if the disk sector is damaged. No one is proof against the data loss. Even great companies that spend great deals of money on the newest systems frequently ask for assistance of professionals. If you asked for help of some expert he would claim that it is not reasonable to store all the important information just on the HDD as it is simply to lose it.
  • Data Recovery Training  By : hdrconline
    Itís a fact that these days more people are capable of recovering their own data in the event of a logical problem. Users are well educated with information freely flowing over the internet as well as software which provides an easy point and click interface or even a good set of instructions. Some companies advertise data recovery as a prime service when all they can do is recover the data in the event of logical failures or viruses.
  • The Article for People who Need Information Recovery Programs  By : Emily Butler
    Thereís great information for those people who are interested in Dynamic Disk Recovery. If you use embedded Raid controller, it may demand the Raid array recovery facilities. Let us get an instance. Youíve equipped a built-in chip set controller from AMD SB 600 with the equipped Raid array. It worked without any difficulties and you were glad, but then there came moment to renew your aged equipment.
  • Backup How-To's: Home Backup: Hard Disk Imaging and Cloning  By : Alexander Rassokhin
    "Backup How-To's" is a series of articles discussing methods and strategies of organizing computer data protection. In the seventh article the question of the use of image-based backup in home environment is discussed.
  • Repair Corrupted DBF Databases with DBF Recovery  By : Sergei Ovsannikov
    As database files are probably the most accessed and writable on the hard drive, they are the first to suffer in an event of a system crash, power failure or disk damage. DBF Repair tool can recover DBF databases in a fully automatic way.
  • I Forgot My Windows Password!  By : Nick Iverson
    Forgotten Windows passwords can be reset or replaced in a matter of seconds even if you don't have access to any Windows account by simply booting from a Boot CD.
  • Technology - The Answer To Most Business Management Problem(s)  By : Trent Trent
    Helpdesk Calling... Are you being helped?

    Outsourcing has become a key to managing Technical Support Centres. However, a successful outsourcing will need to have some differentiators which sets aside one service provider from the other. The ability to plan, execute, and manage IT Strategy well, addressing customer issues 24 by 7 in various languages and deliver standardized service to all customers all the time are to name a few of the differentiators. Helpdesk is one of the important component of Technical Support Centres. They are the face of the service provider to the client as well as the customer, therefore, a service provider must ensure the quality of people they hire for their Helpdesk Teams.
  • Digital Photo Recovery Explained  By : Philip Atkinson
    The article contains an insight into the problem of data corruption and loss and focuses on the process of fast and hassle-free recovery of deleted and damaged photos from portable media - specifically from camera memory cards of all types.
  • How To Use Data Recovery Programs More Effectively  By : Emily Butler
    The most awful thing for any computer user is to lose the information that has been saved for several years or even longer. What solution of such problem may be found? You ought to realize that your info may be recovered using disk recovery. The HDD is a device that is comprised into the structure of PC and that is created to save the required information on its surface.
  • The Safest suggestion for Persons who are Willing to Have Data Fixing Products  By : Sobakin Alex
    Itís rather dangerous to repair hard drive partitions on a corrupted hard drive. Even if you utilize the greatest tolls and are totally sure in your actions, you are still risking your data shall something go incorrect. Changes made to the damaged hard drive are irrevocable; itís too simple to destroy an important disk structure containing essential info about your disk, files and data. There must be made some backup for your hard drive before the recovery process.
  • ~Preparing Your Classic/Antique Car for Storage~  By : lLaptop4
    To begin with, I want you all to know that I'm not an expert when it comes to
    Classic Cars, just an ordinary guy that's been around a lot of years and have
    had some classics that I wish I still owned, but lets get on with the subject
    at hand, "Preparing your Classic/Antique car for Storage".
  • PST Viewer of Microsoft Outlook files  By : Recovery Toolbox Inc
    Software for viewing OST and PST files of Microsoft Outlook
  • How to Recover Digital Pictures and RAW Images: An Easy Way  By : Hetman Software
    Looking for the ultimate image recovery solution? You've just found it! Read more about Hetman Photo Recovery or download your free evaluation copy with fully featured image preview at
  • Microsoft Outlook PST recover tool  By : Recovery Toolbox Inc
    Microsoft Outlook PST recover tool
  • Repair corrupt ZIP files software  By : Recovery Toolbox Inc
    Repair corrupt ZIP files software
  • Outlook Express repair tool  By : Recovery Toolbox Inc
    Outlook Express repair tool. Recover data from damaged DBX files of Outlook Express
  • Outlook 2007 password recovery tool  By : Recovery Toolbox Inc
    Outlook 2007 password recovery tool
  • An Ambulance for Your Data  By : Eugine Kharinskiy
    Deleted an important document? Lost all your data after a system failure? Don't panic! You can recover your files and data automatically with SoftAmbulance Uneraser.
  • An Ambulance for Outlook Express  By : Eugine Kharinskiy
    SoftAmbulance for Outlook Express makes email recovery easy by offering a convenient step-by-step user interface in a form of a wizard.
  • Outsourcing Technical Support... A Right Choice?  By : Trent Trent
    Outsourcing Technical Support... A Right Choice?

    With the increasing use of technology in today's world, there is an increasing requirement to provide technical support. Many organizations have started locating their technical support departments or help desk centres in countries which provide a cost advantage to them. There has also been a growth in companies that specialize in providing help desk services or technical support to other organizations. Largely, technical support services attempt to help the user solve specific problems with a product.
  • Advantage of Disk Recovery Wizard  By : Bryan Madson
    Disk Recovery Wizard can help you to locate, reconstruct and recover many types of files for different Windows versions.
  • Learning about the best data backup and recovery solution.  By : Matthew11 Matthew11
    Learning about the best data backup and recovery solutions

    It is a well known fact that every company has to depend on the web and computers for sustenance and growth these days. These are essential for Data storage and secure data backup. One can use the various available means of data storage and recovery these days. However a business owner needs to know exactly what he requires.
  • How much data can your business afford to lose?  By : Sean87 Sean87
    How much data can your business afford to lose?
    DataBankís customized data protection solutions ensure companies will never lose their most important asset, their data. DataBank is Australiaís largest and most trusted specialist in the field of secure offsite data storage. With over 2500 clients across Australia and New Zealand, DataBank has over 1.5 million media items in storage and performs over 4.5 million media rotations per annum. Due to their excellent service and strict protocols the number grows each year.
  • Truly Universal Data Recovery  By : Hetman Software
    Hetman Uneraser recovers files of any type from within a convenient Explorer-like user interface, undeletes and recovers data from formatted, corrupted and inaccessible media.
  • The Rising Demand for Online Data Backup and Business data Solutions  By : Global Storage
    Offsite Data Backup Recovery Services for your Online Business

    Do you have an online business? Do you consider yourself a modern-day entrepreneur? If you answered yes to both questions, then you would know how your online business is heavily dependent on electronic data and information. With the many online entrepreneurs being created each month, the ability to adapt to the current times have also increased.
  • Microsoft SQL Server database recovery tool  By : Recovery Toolbox Inc
    Microsoft SQL Server database recovery tool

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