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  • I'd like More Cross Stitch Friends  By : Geordie Johnny
    Looking for a hobby that can help you make more friends? You may be surprised that you can make many friends through cross stitch. Most people don't realize they can make new cross stitch friends quite easily, but they can if they'll just make the effort. What's also nice about meeting friends who enjoy cross stitch is that you'll not only have a great time, you'll also get to stitch some great patterns as well.
  • How to Choose a Quality Scented Candle  By : Catherine Olivia
    Candle Candle making can become a lucrative business if you don't watch out. It generally starts out as a home hobby that becomes a passion that becomes a small business. And, as you know, small businesses grow into big businesses. The best thing about candle making is that it really doesn't take any special expensive equipment to start.
  • Get Crafty Fast  By : Marge Snow
    Learning something new can be a fun but daunting experience. Luckily if you're a crafter, you can find lots of kits to help you get started. Find out why craft kits are great starting places even for those not looking to take up a new craft.
  • At Last You Can Add Colorful Designs to your Homemade Soaps  By : John Savage
    There are many ways to add colorful designs to your homemade soaps.
  • The Need for Crafts  By : Eileen Bergen
    The market for unique and handmade crafts continues to grow.
  • Storing and Displaying Quilts  By : Julien Raynal
    Quilts are a unique type of bedding that were traditionally made from scraps of materials. Since they are made of scraps, there are many different unique designs of quilts.
  • Handmade Christmas Gifts Your Family Will Love  By : David Barnes
    Handmade Christmas gifts are the most thoughtful type of gift to give for Christmas to your family, but the greatest gift you can give is one that you have made yourself. It is a gift that will be cherished for years to come because you loved them enough to give the gift of your talents and time
  • Marketing a Craft Product  By : Paul Duxbury
    Whilst this article looks at how to market soap products you have created at home the approach can be adopted to any craft product!

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