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  • When To Rent A Laptop or Computer  By : aas1
    Most companies either lease or buy their computer equipment, but why or when should a company rent laptop or notebook computers?
  • What Software Do You Need For Your Small Home Business.  By : qwer
    When running a small business there can be several jobs and
    tasks to take care of. Obviously knowing where the money is
    coming from and going is essential to running your business.
    That's why it is good to find out which small business
    accounting software is best for you to help you run a well
    organized and efficient small business.
  • Reduce PowerPoint File Size  By : padam
    Greta Williams has a large PowerPoint slideshow which weighs about 26MB and he is looking for ways to compress the PowerPoint file and share it as an email attachment.

    Before finding methods to resolve this problem, it is essential to know why PowerPoint file size would grow so large and then take actions to compress it. Through analysis, we find that one obvious reason is that there are many high resolution images and photographs in the presentation.
  • Why_Do_I_Need_Anti_Virus_Software_For_My_Computer ?  By : parfull
    If you’ve recently purchased a computer, or are just learning about using email and the internet, you may have heard about computer viruses and anti-virus software. You may be wondering if this is something that you should be concerned about, and if so, what you should do about it. This article will attempt to answer these questions for you.
  • The New Generation of Printers  By : Darius Comodo
    There are many benefits you can get from purchasing some of the newest printers out on the market. Not only will you find your print quality to be better but you will also be able to take advantage of the new ways to save on ink. Here is a guide to some of the newest printers you can choose from to purchase.
  • 3 Red Light Fix Guide Review  By : Rachel Hayward
    It can be such a bummer when you were just playing Halo 3 and then your Xbox 360 suddenly crashes. You keep hoping that the lights don't appear but then they do. And then the next question is what to do now that your Xbox 360 has is officially in 3 red light mode.
  • Desktop PCs and Laptop Computers Shopping Guide  By : Conrad Cuthers
    If you want to buy a new desktop computer but aren't quite sure how you can do it, you're not alone. It can be quite difficult to make a decision sometimes, and there are lots of desktop PCs and laptop computers out there. In fact, it's probably pretty astonishing that anyone can choose a computer, but this guide will help you figure out what you should get. The first thing you should figure out is what you're going to need.
  • Careers in qualified Information Security Professionals Course.  By : sunil
    Business processes depend a lot on data and information. Even information is equated with power and money. To preserve their valuable resources, big businesses require computer security professionals. Studying Information Security Course is the systematic approach to learn the hacking tricks in order to protect network users from hackers, malware, spyware, Trojans, hostile applications and viruses.
  • Configure your Linux NTP Server  By : REKHA
    Network Time Protocol (NTP) provides algorithms and defines messages for the synchronisation of time clients to an accurate time reference. This article discusses how to configure a Linux NTP Time Server to synchronise time with an Internet based public NTP Server.

    NTP server systems fall into two categories: primary reference servers and secondary reference servers.
  • Best Social Operating System: Mac or Windows?  By : My Articles
    For social networking and other media tools, the two most widely used desktop/laptop operating systems are Windows and Mac OS X. The feature here discusses the best among them.
  • Best Social Operating System: Mac or Windows?‏  By : piru
    For social networking and other media tools, the two most widely used desktop/laptop operating systems are Windows and Mac OS X. The feature here discusses the best among them.
  • Everybody Can Build Laptop Computers – That Also Means YOU!  By : Ron King
    It is not just computer whiz kids who can build laptop computers. Since the invention of microprocessors, many enthusiasts have successfully built their own computer. In fact, it has become a popular hobby for many people worldwide.
  • Home Business Campaign Comes With Experience  By : rajneeshchandna
    When you find yourself in a position to search out information online
    where would you begin your research. I am guessing you have said Google. There is little doubt that Google is the 800 lbs gorilla of search engines by far one of the most popular and most used web sites worldwide. It is time for you as a home based business owner to fully embrace Google and use what is commonly referred to as the greatest marketing and advertising tool ever created AdWords.
  • How to Send eCards With Gifts on Valentine's, Christmas Day  By : saddam
    There was a time when there were no eCards. Everyone used to send printed or hand written cards on days such as Christmas, Valentine etc. Now the times have changed. The comfort of sending eCards gives a big advantage over printed cards. The other advantage that ecards enjoy over their printed friends is animation. Can one get such animations on printed cards? It is like difference between a printed photograph and a video film. The difference is in animation.

    One sends so many gifts on Valenti
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)..  By : [email protected]
    As the user's interaction with the database is predetermined by what the IVR system will allow the user access to, IVR technology does not require human interaction over the telephone. Example, banks and credit card companies use IVR systems because their customers can receive up-to-date account information instantly and easily without necessarily speaking to a person. IVR technology is also used to gather information, such as telephone surveys in which the user is prompted to answer questions b
  • your good Web Hosting Company  By : dinesh1
    The Internet has today turned from just a information and entertainment tool to a necessary concept in the business plan of any growing company. A website is very important for any person and company who wish to have a global presence and make it felt.
  • Is it 1 Thing Masquerading as Many or is it Many Things Masquerading as 1?  By : naval sharma
    There is nothing more confusing in a project than everyone on the project using many different terms to delineate one concept or object, or everyone using one term to encompass many different concepts or objects.

    An example:

    I am currently supporting a Business Process Diagram repository, which is basically a backend database that holds diagrams and their annexed symbols, that pictorially communicate business processes in a flowchart (BPMI) format:
  • How Using Web Templates!......  By : shakeeb
    Creating websites was once a job best undertaken by professionals with years of experience and often a high fee. Fortunately, this is no longer the case as the internet is now filled with web templates to help the average user design a professional looking website - without the help of a paid designer.
  • Learning a new IT Focus... Careers & Redundancy.......  By : keyur services
    Once you have become an IT professional your life becomes consumed with IT. Long hours of programming, support or planning and irate spouses become your life.
  • Initially Bingo: - Online Bingo v/s Land based bingo halls...  By : Sohel Shaikh
    Bingo has always been an exciting game to play. Initially Bingo was played in land based bingo halls where it was played only by rich wealthy elites. There has been a tremendous development in the way Bingo is played over the years.
  • Introduction to Web services with PHP5 SOAP  By : ALFAHAD KHAN
    Note that both Google's service and PEAR::SOAP are technically still in beta, so you might encounter the odd bug from time to time. There are other SOAP client libraries available, including the PHP5 SOAP extension and NuSOAP, and while implementation details are different the basic theory is the same as presented here.
  • Toshiba Netbooks Overview  By : Douglas Anderson
    Everyday newer models of netbook computers are being released into the market. These latest models are coming with new and advanced features to keep us yearning for more. Toshiba netbooks are no way in exception to these trendy features.
  • How to prepare surfaces for Asset Tags & Asset Label Tags on Computers and IT equipment!  By : anees
    In past articles we have talked about what asset labels or asset tags are and who should be using them. This article is designed to show people the best method of applying an asset label or asset tag.

    Failure to follow these instructions could mean that the labels will not work as expected.
  • Humour & the Marketing Relationship: its Viral  By : munaf shaikh
    The Online Humour Mania Vs Marketing

    The definition of Entertainment has changed in the last decade as new and innovative forms of entertainment take shape. The latest among them is so called humor websites or sites, which provide instant entertainment and stress relief. These sites are also a killer marketing tools for online advertisers.
  • Internet marketing: - Article directories add value to the internet  By : farooque
    People in the internet marketing community have discovered a new form of marketing web pages and exchanging links, and this method is quickly gaining a large head of steam. The basic system works like this: a person will write a page of content, and then allow a foreign website to publish that content in exchange for a link in a resource box on the page. This idea appeals to both parties for several reasons, which I'll outline.
  • How to make a choice Photo Software for the Best Digital Camera..  By : imraan
    So you own the best digital camera? That is good news. However, did it come with ineffective photo software? Most cameras do. In order to ensure that you take your digital photography to the next level you should seriously think about photo software that makes it very easy to do photo editing, printing, organizing and emailing.
  • Courses in Microsoft MCSE Support Simplified  By : Jason Kendall
    As you're considering studying for an MCSE, you'll fall into one of two camps. You may want to come into the computer world, and your research tells you the IT industry has lots of demand for those with appropriate certifications. Alternatively you are perhaps a knowledgeable person attempting to polish up your CV with a qualification such as MCSE.
  • Anti-virus Updates  By : Susan Reynolds
    You thoroughly researched anti-virus software to find the best program available for your computing needs. You consulted friends, family as well as unbiased tech-related sources of information, to ensure that you chose the right program.
  • Who Needs Search Engines Optimization SEO  By : Luck
    The first search engine that surfaced in the Internet world was in 1989 and was named Archie contraction of Archives by its inventor, Alan Emtage. Archie is called the grandfather of all search engines and is no longer used.
  • Cisco Career Training And Study Online Courses UK - Insights  By : Jason Kendall
    If your search is for Cisco training and you haven't worked with routers before, what you need is CCNA. This training course was created to instruct students looking to have a working knowledge of routers. Large companies that have several locations rely on routers to join up their networks in different buildings to keep in contact with each other. The Internet is also built up of hundreds of thousands of routers.

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