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  • Designer Men's Tee Shirts – Best Gifts  By : teesmeonline1
    Men’s t-shirts are no longer the same old plain cotton.
  • Designer plus size clothes for enhancing who you are  By : Cesar Muler
    There are two common stereotypes in the world of fashion; one that a perfect female figure is a slim one. And second, that if you are not size zero, then you better start exercising. But then, too much of perfection is simply boring. So if your plump figure makes you happy and healthy, you must take it to be a huge ‘plus’ in your life, and nothing negative. And, if you find yourself missing out on fitting clothes and costumes, here is some good news.
    Sonia Rykiel (née Flis) was born in Paris on 25th May 1930 and has always shown a strong sense of flair, intelligence and individuality. After marrying Sam Rykiel in 1953 and discovering her first unique creation in the pregnancy of her first child; Rykiel’s start in fashion came from her frustrations at not being able to find stylish maternity clothes.
    Creator of the Chanel label and historic fashion royalty; Coco Chanel was born in France in 1883 under the name, Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. After a family tragedy when she was just six, Chanel was sent to a Catholic orphanage to be raised, where she learnt the craft of a seamstress.
    Thierry Hermès was born in France in 1801 and displayed an obvious love for equine sports. He moved to Prussia in the early 1820’s and many years later in 1837, Hermès utilised his keen eye for style in founding a wholesale leather goods shop on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore
    Jasper Conran, OBE, was born in England in 1959 to author Shirley Conran and renowned designer Sir Terence Conran. With creativity clearly flowing through his veins, this quintessentially British designer was educated at the prestigious Port Regis & Bryanston schools in Dorset, England and received his official fashion schooling at Parson School of Art & Design in New York’s Greenwich Village; going on to become one of the United Kingdom’s brightest and most beloved fashion stars.
    Nicole Farhi, CBE, was born in the cosmopolitan city of Nice on the coast of Southern France in 1946. Always a lover of the arts; Farhi started her climb of creation from the path of sculpting.
    Roberto Cavalli was born in Florence in the Tuscany region of Italy in 1940. No stranger to the creative arts; Cavalli’s grandfather belonged to the Macchiaioli Movement which presented works in the world renowned Uffizi Gallery in Florence, which no doubt inspired a young Cavalli to enrol at the local Art Institute.
    When we think of the Givenchy, the word that simply springs to mind is elegance. The ageless label was founded in 1952 by Count Hubert de Givenchy, who was born in Beauvais, Oise on 21st February 1927. A French aristocrat, Givenchy’s stature of both his height at 6ft 6in tall and his family background, commanded him a great deal of respect. As well as natural nobility, artistic professions ran in his family tree through the creative forces of tapestry and set design
  • Designer Prom Dresses 2012 ,Long Evening Gowns  By : pratima giri
    Evening Dresses for Women – Find beautiful trendy and stylish wears at Abel Fashion and give gorgeous feminine look to your personality. Browse our collection and make a style statement.
  • Designer Replica Handbags  By : Bharat Peripleko
    Its time to find right qualitative design products. Women are very fond of designer wear with accessories, so handbag is one of them to enhance personality in the fashionable world.
  • Designer Sarees, Traditional Indian Party and Wedding Dresses  By : Adrian Rocker
    Are you invited to an Indian party? Or maybe attending a traditional Indian wedding? If this is the case, you may know little to nothing about what to wear and you are probably thinking about dressing up in formal western clothing. But this way you would be missing the chance to wear beautiful designer sarees or anarkali suits.
  • Designer T Shirts  By : Adam Ball
    An article describing why designer T shirts are so important for anyone's wardrobe.
  • Designs for Regular & Corporate T Shirts  By : Raj Patil
    Whether you are looking for regular or corporate t shirts there are myriad design choices available. These can range from simple or practical to unique, interesting, or branding oriented. Designs can be simple messages or texts and eye-catching bold graphics.
  • Detailed Information on Nursery Beddings  By : valfrid1984
    This article is all about nursery beddings things. That how many types and varieties of nursery beddings are there available in the market. From that all where you have to find the best. This whole are there written in this article.
  • Develop Individuality with Stylish and Trendy Collars  By : lauriel
    In order to get away with monotony of same dress shirts, men should try adding a little style and individuality in their shirts. Dress shirt collars hold the most important place, as they lie right beneath the face of wearer. Below in this article, we have discussed some of the mostly used and stylish collars.
  • Did You Ever Think About Staging Your Own Fashion Show?  By : Mary.C.Long
    Are you one of those individuals that have a talent for designing clothes? Perhaps you just like the idea of raiding your parents' wardrobe and having a fun evening with your friends. Fashion shows are a big part of modern day life; they offer a peek into the glamorous world of modeling and clothes design.
  • Diference between men & women suits  By : Sangita
    Custom Suits for Men & Women are made on order basis. These suits are of extremely fine quality as utmost importance is given to customer satisfaction & are extremely affordable.
  • Different bedding types  By : Gerry Dossen
    Researchers are still trying to find out whether having a good night’s sleep makes people happier. But we know the truth: there’s nothing better than a well-deserved night’s sleep. Add comfortable duvets, bed linen, featherbeds, pillows and then we’re in seventh heaven.
  • Different brands of men's underwear  By : Alfred Thomas
    There are different brands of underwear. Some of the famous brands of underwear include Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, 2xist, C-IN2, Diesel, and JM etc.
  • Different ideas to think about speedo swimwear  By : Alfred Thomas
    As most of you may be aware, Speedo is a brand name of swim suits. Although Speedo makes various styles and patterns of swim wears
  • Different kind of mens shoes and men shoes in terms of satisfaction of the customer.  By : Hsinray Jayadelson
    mens shoes is very important for the people to bolster their fashion. Now a day’s people want more flexibility in wearing different kind of men shoes . It means they want comfortable, cheap and the smartest shoe from the market. So it is very important for the manufacturer to bear in mind that they should provide the finest shoe to the customers.
  • Different Look and Modest Evening Dresses  By : sarakem
    Prom dresses are the great elements that can show off the charming body curves and figure out in the wonderful evening gathering. As the evening attire, prom dresses can come out in many forms and styles. Usually, full length, short, strapless, backless, one shoulder, v-neck are the most common dresses that we can see all around us.
  • Different Styles of Embroidery  By : 15 St. peter street
    Embroidery involves every kind of decorative work done using a stitching needle. This work is normally done on various types of fabrics such as satin, canvas and more.
  • Different types and varieties of Solidea silver wave  By : laura duff
    Solidea silver wave is considered as among the top performing companies in the whole world when it comes to the production of high quality and superb shape wears. When it comes to reliability and efficiency of a body shapewear, they are the most preferred designers.
  • Different types of fashion handbags  By : luluxiu
    Carrying a leather bag gives the owner a totally different experience and will make you feel great! What's more, you need not traipse about the markets to search for a suitable leather bag or wallet.
  • Different varieties of men's briefs  By : Alfred Thomas
    Men's underwear is certainly not something that men attach much importance to. They casually wear them and there is nothing more to it.
  • Digital Market for Online Shopping for Women  By : Lucky Yadav
    This is the digital age where the world has gone online. You can stay connected to your friends online. You can check the weather reports at your phone. If you are lost, the navigation facilities help you out to find the right directions.
  • Discount Retail Stores Thrive on Excess Stock  By : Jon Charles
    Where do you buy most of your clothing? If you prefer retail shopping rather than buying online, you have two basic options: the normal retail outlet and the discount retail store.
  • Discover a Variety of Quality Port Authority Clothing Online  By : Chris Robertson
    Find out how you can locate wonderful Port Authority clothing and merchandise with the click of the mouse and save tremendously on your purchases...

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