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  • Beat Procrastination in 5 Simple Ways with Smart Goal Getting  By : Peter Murphy
    This article will show how you can go from setting your goals to achieving those same goals. It will provide a way to beat procrastination.
  • How To Handle Your Marketing When You Currently Have Plenty Of Clients  By : wendy hearn
    Having plenty of clients at the moment is a great position to be in.  However, you know there will come a time when you need to be attracting more new clients. So, how do you go about marketing when you know you're not in a position to take on any new clients today?
  • Career Planning: Help With A Major Decision  By : George Purdy
    Countless career opportunities exist in almost any field you can imagine. The problem is that most people aren't aware of these opportunities and don't know how to take advantage of them. This same principle applies to those who are starting out in a new career. Many people end up in lifetime careers they aren't happy with just because they didn't do adequate career planning when they were young. This article will show the importance of early career planning as well as explain how to do effective career planning.
  • The Most Amazing Accredited Distance Learning Courses  By : Charlie Reese
    Boost Your Career With Accredited Distance Learning Courses
  • Accredited Distance Learning College  By : Charlie Reese
    An Accredited Distance Learning College Provides The Same Education As Traditional Colleges
  • A Distance Learning College Degree  By : Charlie Reese
    Always Check On A Distance Learning College Degree Before You Commit To It
  • Get A Good Education With Distance Learning  By : Charlie Reese
    The financial pressures placed on people today are far greater than any previous generation. With gas prices soaring to levels previously unheard of and the economy crashing to the ground under the pressure of bloated credit accounts and bad mortgages it makes sense that any person in the workplace today wants to always find that edge that keeps them ahead of everyone else. But with many people struggling to find time for their lives outside of the regular demands of their day jobs it is almost impossible to continue to upgrade a person's education the standard way. No one has time to go to class anymore. That is where distance learning comes in. The term distance learning has replaced the term correspondence course as the new way people learn and get a higher education on their own schedule. However with the advancement of computers and the Internet it can be said that distance learning is not like a correspondence course at all. Because of the power of the Internet distance learning is not unlike getting a proper classroom education and a distance learning degree is much more respected now than a correspondence course degree ever was previously.
  • Professional Career - Choose Your Career Path  By : George Purdy
    Many jobs out there require specific skills that stem from large amounts of schooling and education. The job path that you choose to reach your professional career is an important selection you make early in your adulthood. Career training is a way to begin to gather the job skills your profession requires.
  • Sales Representative  By : Fen Tan
    Being a sales representative is not as easy as it seems. You are in charge of meeting with clients and convince them why they should procure your products or services. Sales representatives are important to a company because they are in charge of closing a deal. Once a deal is finalized, the company profits from the sales the salesperson generates. Are you still not familiar who a sales representative is? Maybe because they go by other names, such as sales agents, sales associates, business managers, brokers and sales managers.
  • Distance Learning Degree Program  By : Charlie Reese
    Move To The Next Level With A Distance Learning Degree Program
  • Distance Learning Master Degree  By : Charlie Reese
    A Distance Learning Master Degree Is Great When You Just Cannot Get Away
  • The Online Distance Learning Degree  By : Charlie Reese
    Further Your Education With A Distance Learning Degree
  • In Defense of Our Shores: Navy Recruiting  By : Salvador Paez
    Some people feel the need to be patriotic and to protect the United States form all its enemies, foreign and domestic. And when that call sounds, the US Navy will be happy to accept you. It is actually very simple to apply and be accepted in the Navy. You just have to find the right recruiter and the closest recruiting station to get in. The recruiters will be happy to answer all your queries.
  • Distance Learning University Degree  By : Charlie Reese
    Make Sure You Are Getting The Best Possible Distance Learning University Degree
  • Job Description for Salespersons  By : Salvador Paez
    Many people commonly exchange the words marketing and sales but in fact the two are very different things. Though both involve the exchange of products or services for money they go about things differently. Marketing is a bit more wide-scale while sales involves a lot of persuasion and direct interaction with clients. This article however is about sales and discusses thee qualities of salespeople.
  • Unique Accredited Distance Learning Degrees  By : Charlie Reese
    Accredited Distance Learning Degree: Enjoy Flexible And Quality Education With The Help of Modern Communication Technology
  • Is there such a thing as a Distance Learning Online Degree?  By : Charlie Reese
    Shattering The Myth Of The Distance Learning Online Degree
  • Sell Yourself on Your Resume  By : Bruce Tucker
    I do a lot of research online for various projects. I have also done a lot of interviewing to fill vacant positions for companies that I had previously worked for. So what do these two things have in common?
  • Texas Hold 'em Accounts For $20 Billion in Revenue  By : Bruce Tucker
    I didn't really know much about poker or Texas Hold 'em up until a few years ago. I was sitting in my chair surfing the TV channels looking for something watch. I eventually stopped on ESPN, the gold standard for men who just like to "veg" out in front of the TV and watch something remotely related to sports.
  • 9 Strategies to Create Personal Power for Unlimited Success  By : Vickie L. Milazzo, RN, MSN, JD
    When faced with a challenging event, you want to be able to quickly tap into your inner strength. Here are 9 strategies for creating personal power for unlimited success.
  • Strategies for Finding Music Composition and Sound Effects Gigs  By : SFXsource
    Like any creative profession, the worlds of sound and music are intensely competitive and the chances of earning a living small. However, do not let the odds discourage you because again, like any other profession, your success depends on your own intelligent determination. On the upside, there are plenty of clients out there who need a music composer and sound designer to enhance the quality of their video projects. Since paid full-time positions in audio production, music composition, and sound design and few and far between the most effective method for becoming an audio professional is to seek out gigs on your own and not hope that a larger company will bestow some sort of perfect audio job onto you. Also, working independently is more profitable because the client pays you directly and there are no "middle men" between the client and your skills.
  • It's Over - What Do I Have to Do Now?  By : Ray James
    After you have attended a job interview, it is not a good idea to sit waiting near your phone for the offer of a position. Refrain from telephoning the interviewer immediately after the interview to make enquiries. A much more favorable alternative is to send a thank you note to the people responsible for the interview afterwards. Thank you letters should always express your gratitude towards the company for allowing you the opportunity and experience of an interview, and making the experience a memorable one. Through your thank you letter, you can reconfirm that you indeed wish to gain employment with the organization and indicate clearly that you are waiting positively to hear some good news from them in due time. If the interview was conducted by more than one interviewer then you must send a thank you letter to each one of the people involved.
  • Good Answers to Common Questions  By : Ray James
    Interviews are always a big challenge whether for the first time or not. There is a proven way to reduce this tension: that is ?be prepared?. Spend time in reviewing the important and most common questions and practice giving answers. Take some time researching the company?s profile, its management and establishment and this will definitely increase your knowledge and confidence as well. Be prepared to clarify your previous experience in terms of your previous position and that company?s name. Review your resume carefully and ensure that you are able discuss your previous company without scrabbling for ideas.
  • Conducting a Successful Job Interview  By : Ray James
    Conducting a job interview is one of the most important tasks managers or supervisors can perform. As a result of their ability to judge the best candidate for the job, they are in the position to ensure a successful future for the company. Conducting a job interview is not an easy task for first time interviewers. The main attribute needed to conduct a successful interview is self confidence. You must be seen to be approachable as this will have an effect on how the candidate performs. Potential employers as well as the candidate quite often get nervous during a job interview. Be specific and make every effort to create a non-threatening atmosphere. Greet the candidate appropriately and give a firm hand shake. This will go a long way towards creating a friendly atmosphere and putting the candidate at ease.
  • 4 Proven Strategies for Separating Work From Home  By : Rachel Rae
    There is a simple philosophy that I live by to help maintain peace and harmony in life, and that is what happens at work stays at work and what happens at home stays at home. Letting the two worlds impact one another can have devastating effects on both areas of your world. This can be especially challenging for people that work from home.
  • Attract More Clients With Article Marketing  By : wendy hearn
    Using articles in your marketing is an effective way of attracting new clients to your business, only with modern article marketing it's a little more personal.
  • Dressing for the Interview  By : Ray James
    Before attending an interview ensure that your attire is appropriate. A person may have an excellent academic record, and may have answered all questions correctly but should they have dressed inappropriately for the interview then they run the risk of not being selected for the position.
  • Pointers for Job Interviews  By : Ray James
    Job interview pointers are indispensable when preparing for any type of interview. Every person has to face various interviews whilst searching for a change in their career. Students should work hard at preparing for the interview. Candidates can also seek the advice of experts during their interview period. The following are some very useful interview tips to help you while you are preparing for any interview.
  • Job Interview Thank You Note  By : Ray James
    After an interview, it is highly recommended that you send a thank you note to your prospective employer within 24 hours. Just about every career advisory book will advise you to do this, although it is a surprising fact that only 5 percent of job seekers get around to writing one. Sending a thank you note after the interview is a simple but crucial task. Employers will be pleasantly surprised to receive your thank you note. The note is a form of courtesy that you can show towards your employer. You can set yourself apart from other candidates by just such a simple gesture. It also indicates that you are very much interested in the job.
  • Job Interview Fears  By : Ray James
    Most job seekers find interviews challenging. There is big fear factor: a candidate is nervous at the beginning of an interview and this can result in an unfavourable outcome. Successfully completing a job interview requires good preparation and good sense. The job interview is the key aspect from which companies judge candidates and ensure that the company has the best talent. During an interview, an employer will be wanting to know details about your past, present and future. If you attend an interview without any strategy or preparation, then you will ruin your chances and it will affect your impression and overall career.

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