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  • Remove Your Armpit Hair For Good Via Laser Hair Removal Treatment  By : J.J. Yong
    Every time you wake up in the morning or finish your shower, you would shave your armpit hair with a shaver. You were doing this all the time like a strict daily routine; your laziness would cause you serious trouble on your armpit like smelly odor and itchiness. Sometimes it makes you feel so inconvenient to raise your hand during certain circumstances.
  • Look Great in No Time with These Makeup Suggestions  By : Jennifer1
    It is easy to look glamorous when you have all the time in the world and a makeup assistant to follow you around, but most people usually only have about a 5-10 minute makeup routine.Makeup looks its best on clean, clear skin.The most important tool that you can have for quick makeup looks is a great makeup brush. The soft, loose bristles give you great coverage with just a little product. It is especially important when you are using powder blushes and mineral foundations.
  • Makeup Removal Tips  By : Jennifer1
    You may love the way that makeup makes you look, if you leave that makeup on too long, it may not be good for your skin.There are ingredients added into foundation, mascara, blush, lipstick and eye shadow that are meant to keep the color from brushing and rubbing off or wearing away.. Unfortunately, all those ingredients also have another effect on your skin. The pores of your skin are designed to let your skin breathe and rid itself of oil and other waste. When your face is covered with makeup,
  • Useful Tips for Applying Eyeliner  By : Jennifer1
    Eyeliner has been a makeup essential since at least the time of Cleopatra, but that does not mean that you should be applying the makeup style of Cleopatra in 2009. Back in the days of Cleo, applying eye liner was a tricky business. The Egyptian beauty’s only choices for eye liner were burned sticks of kohl, smudged over and under the eyelid. Today, you have many eyeliner options and the choice can get confusing. Here are some useful tips for choosing and applying eyeliner.
  • Fashion Forward 2009: Get Ready to Look Great and Feel Great  By : Hazel Megan
    You probably don’t remember who said it, but whoever said that fashion comes full circle every 30 years or so was not too far off. Last season on the runway was reminiscent of the 1970s in both flowing fabric and easy style. We saw much more of the long skirt and much less of the micro mini. Materials like silk and chiffon, which tend to flow and gather, were popular for Spring 2008, and still have some staying power in 2009.
  • Flash Back to the ‘80s on the Runway  By : Hazel Megan
    What goes around comes around, especially when referring to the fast-paced world of fashion. No matter what your preference for fashion may have been in years past, chances are, you will ultimately get to revel in the fashion choices of that decade once again as the trends come full circle. Just about every 30 years (give or take a few years), the same styles or a variation thereof come back into the mainstream of fashion.
  • What Women’s Accessories Are Trendy This Season  By : johndavis
    Accessories can accentuate a woman’s best feature and at the same time, separate her from all the rest. These fashion pieces are indeed not just mere embellishments, but also every woman’s instrument to radiate her personal style.
    Read on for more…
  • Wholesale Clothing That Sells  By : johndavis
    Fashion constantly changes its course, so what’s in today may be derelict and completely forgotten tomorrow. As a businessman whose profits are highly dependent on the flow of the fashion industry, knowing what wholesale clothes really sell is very important. Read on for more…
  • Spa baskets for relaxation  By : Kapila
    In today's world, everyone needs relaxation and these gift baskets are perfect for people to enjoy even after hectic schedule. They are sure to make your loved one feel really special.
  • Beauty Rules for Winter 2009  By : Mel Joelle
    When coming to Mascara, beauty is on the eyes of the one who wears it. Beauty is on the eyes of the Mascara wearer. Mascara is like your American Express card – don’t ever be caught without one in your makeup bag. Mascara dramatizes the eyes and gives it a seductive look.
  • Makeup Palette That Works for Every Woman  By : Mel Joelle
    As the song goes “I’m every woman, it’s all in me” and yes, we wear a variety of hats and work in a variety of professions. Whether we’re all business all day, running a business from our home or the executive director of our household and the local car pool coordinator, we are likely to have events that we must attend which require evening makeup.
  • Lip Products That Will Really Impress  By : Campbell
    Even if you prefer a subtle, natural look with a minimal amount of makeup, cosmetic products for your lips can be a great addition to your daily beauty regiment.Lip gloss, plumper, balm and lipstick can add radiant color and definition, while still emphasizing your natural glow.Lip glosses are available in a virtually limitless number of colors,Lip glosses can also contain elements such as vitamin E that hydrate the skin which can prevent future dried or cracked lips.
  • All about the Strap Happy  By : Darson
    Exposed bra straps can really ruin the look of some dresses and shirts, making you feel overly self-conscious when you should be enjoying yourself on the town or relaxing in the park.strapless bras just do not offer the same support; and going without this aforementioned garment is generally not an option.The Strap Happy is a clip that is designed to hold your bra straps together, keeping them out of the way so that you can dress the way that you want to without giving up the support that you ne
  • Useful tips for buying golf bags  By : JessicaThomson
    The golf equipments are available in the various brands in the global market at the varying prices, but it is necessary that we focus on purchasing the better equipments. The golf equipments that we purchase need to be very well taken care of and thus, purchasing a good golf bag gets extremely important.
  • Improve your Hygiene with the Smooth Away  By : Darson
    The removal of unwanted body hair is a major concern for many women, especially since so many of the methods available to remove it involve sharp razors or harsh chemicals.An easier solution exists to the problem of unwanted body hair, however; the Smooth Away pad is designed to gently remove hair from even the most sensitive areas without the need for any blades or irritating chemicals.Even better, the pads also exfoliate the skin to give it a healthy and vibrant look without the need for expen
  • Beauty salon management and Spa management for attracting new customers.  By : Netgeek Mamun
    Hair and beauty salon owners should utilize beauty salon management grow their businesses know that having a strong business plan is a first step toward their goals. Spa management systems are the computerized systems that can handle the business management and increase your sales, enhance your customer service.
  • Celebrity Scents – A Review Of Sean John’s Unforgivable  By : chloe g ramsbottom
    Various pop stars and singers have looked into the world of having their own colognes, once one has committed to the cause a lot more soon followed, and now there are a vast amount of celebrities that have branded colognes out there on the shop shelves. I have to say I have tried my fair share of these colognes and not a lot strike me at all, they have a tendancy to be weak, short lasting and not very memorable. By and large they are nothing to go crazy over.
  • Celebrity Fragrances - A Review Of Sean John’s Unforgivable  By : Chloe Ramsbottom
    Many pop stars and singers have looked into the world of having their own scents, once one jumped on the band wagon a lot more soon followed, and now there are a huge amount of celebrities that have branded scents out there on the shop shelves. I must say I have tried my fair share of these scents and not a lot impress me at all, they tend to be weak, short lasting and not very outstanding. In general they are nothing to go crazy over.
  • GHD - The ultimate lowdown! A brief history of GHD  By : Search Pros
    Do you want the whole story behind ghd? The sexy secrets of how a global superbrand was born? Well first things first before we get carried away, let's get a few things straight. GHD is a British company, and even more than that, its a Yorkshire company.
  • 10 Makeup Tips You Need  By : Mel Joelle
    You might not always be able to afford a designer wardrobe or this season’s hottest shoes, but one thing you can do to up your glamour quotient is to have flawless make-up, and you don’t need Hollywood’s hottest make-up artists to do it! Here are ten simple tips to add to your everyday make-up routine.
  • How to Apply Mineral Make-Up  By : Mel Joelle
    With all of the benefits that can come from using mineral make-up, it’s surprising that more women don’t use them. Mineral make-up doesn’t contain the chemicals, fragrances, and synthetic dyes that other make-up products use. These chemicals are known to irritate skin and aggravate conditions such as acne and rosacea.
  • Benefits of Wearing Natural Eyeliner  By : RachelJackson
    Natural eyeliner is made from natural ingredients and these do not contain any harsh chemicals.natural eyeliner (and all natural makeup) is made without being tested on animals.There are many benefits of wearing natural eyeliner,for both yourself and the rest of the world.The absence of animal testing is a primary factor behind the natural lifestyle.The basis behind natural eyeliner and makeup is that without animal testing, there are no cruel or unnecessary tests conducted on innocent animals.
  • Applying Eyeshadow By Joy Lorraine Cosmetics  By : Mel Joelle
    Strength meets softness and it is with your eye color that you can make a statement. Your eyes are the most important focal point of the face, and it is where you can be creative with color to contour and add emphasis with the application of eyeshadow.
  • 5 Common Skin Care Myths  By : Mel Joelle
    Myth #1: Washing your face with a mild soap is good for sensitive skin.
    As a young child growing up in the West Indies, my mom used to bring home a soap known to everyone as “blue soap”. This soap was used for the family’s cleansing regimen, and when it was time to hand wash the family’s laundry, then my mom would switch to a brown soap.
  • How to Choose the Correct Color Eyeliner to Match your Eye Color  By : RachelJackson
    Many women believe that eyeliner and eye shadow are the best parts of their makeup experience.You can make your eyes dramatic and bold for a night out on the town or subdued and sexy for a day at the office. Eye makeup can also bring out your own natural beauty. The choice is really up to you.many women want to learn how to obtain a natural look by choosing the correct color eyeliner.Eye makeup often requires more skill than the rest of the face, so these tips for applying eyeliner and choosing
  • How to Apply Makeup with Acne  By : Mel Joelle
    We unfortunately can’t always control how our skin responds to the exposure of changing weather, which may result in acne. It tends to have bad timing in our lives. Thankfully there are certain techniques to applying makeup that will cover up pimples and make one’s face look fresh and vibrant to suit the occasion.
  • Wear Makeup and Look Natural  By : Mel Joelle
    For many women, using beauty products presents the challenge of striking a balance between having more enhanced facial features while still maintaining a natural look. Some feel they need to “paint it on” in order to cover up blemishes and make skin look more youthful, but they end up squirming in consequence when their friends can barely recognize them.
  • 10 Beauty Tips You Need  By : Mel Joelle
    This is a new year and we have a new President. In fact, so many things are new this year – once thriving companies have closed their doors, while others struggle to stay open in a slumping economy, job lost amidst rising prices, etc. to name a few. With all the disruption that’s taking place in our daily lives, there’s no reason to go down with it. You can make some subtle changes in your life by choosing the things that really counts.
  • Oily Skin Care  By : Mel Joelle
    You look in the mirror and what do you see looking back at you? A shiny face and you quickly grab a tissue to wipe away that shine that makes you look like a greasy spoon. Nobody needs to tell you that you have oily skin. If only you could bottle and sell it, you’d make a fortune. Your oily skin seems to be a never-ending cycle. You buy products to get rid of the oils, and your skin becomes tight and dry.
  • Makeup Tips for Teenagers  By : Mel Joelle
    The thought of applying makeup can be daunting for any teen. With so many colors and products to choose from, how do you know what is right for you? Once you know what’s right, what is the correct way to put it on? These few simple tips will make applying makeup a breeze.

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