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  • A Short History of Hairdressing  By : Jimmy Cox
    Hairdressers have always moved among commoners and kings, but they have achieved their greatest popularity at three points in history: shortly before the decline of Greece, just before the French Revolution - and today.
  • Facts Abouth the Chi Hair Iron  By : Bob Janeway
    Chi hair iron is considered to be one of the most advanced products of its kind in our market because of its easiness to use and versatility. This is one of the reasons why this product is such a hit!
  • The Perfume Museum In Barcelona  By :
    This article talks about important collections of perfume bottles, revealing interesting facts about ancient civilizations.
  • Styles of Hair: Short  By : shorthairstylist
    Short hair can be cut close, cropped or layered in a variety of hairstyles. This type of haircut is assertive, confident, glamorous, and most of all very stylish. The potential payoffs for short hair styles are great - easier to manage, less time spent on caring your hair, cooler (not as hot in the summer), very cute, sexy, bob, and fun! Short hair style should always be in rip-top condition and this is achieved by regular cutting and conditioning.
  • What Are The Skin Care Benefits Of Evening Primrose Oil?  By : Ken Black
    Many products claim to make you look younger, but do they really work and could they harm your skin? Find out here about a safe natural oil that is growing in popularity.
  • The History Of Fine Perfume Goes Back Further Than You Know  By : Gregg Hall
    The word perfume comes from the Latin "per fume" which means "through smoke". This is appropriate since the earliest fragrance products in recorded history were the burning of aromatic herbs and incense during religious ceremonies. Eventually fragrances were incorporated for other purposes such as scenting our bodies and homes.
  • How To Make Your Love Of Lace More Comfortable  By : Gregg Hall
    There is nothing prettier than the look of lace. Many years ago, lace was very expensive as it was all created by hand. With the advent of machine-made laces, the cost has become negligible. Because of the low cost and the popularity of lace, you will find lace on everything from outerwear to the most intimate of undergarments and lingerie.
  • How to Prepare for your Day at the Tanning Salon  By : Baxter Owens
    Many people think that going to the indoor tanning salon requires nothing more than just getting up and going. However, you should prepare for your day at the tanning salon so that you can get the best results from the experience.
  • Why Make Bath and Body Products Instead Of Buying Them?  By : Katherine Durkes
    The minute you walk into a bath and body store (such as Bath and Body Works, The Body Shop, or Origins), you are being mind controlled. If you set foot in these territories, you will walk out with way more products than you intended to buy in the first place... and way less money. How can you avoid the business brainwashing? Just make your own bath and body products!
  • How do I Choose a Tanning Lotion?  By : Baxter Owens
    It can be difficult trying to figure out which tanning lotion is right for you. Believe it or not; that's a good thing! There are so many different tanning lotions on the market these days that there is something which is right for everyone, no matter what your skin tone or tanning habits.
  • Secrets To A More Beautiful You  By : Iri McPhee
    There are some things you can't fix.Other things you can! When it comes to your personal well-being and appearance, there are three areas in which a little know-how can make a HUGE difference: Your hair, skin and nails! It's time learn the inside scoop on how to care for them and how to produce a new and improved YOU!
  • Insider Information On How To Buy Skin Care Products  By : Ken Black
    Is it possible to look younger just by using specially formulated creams and lotions? Here is the truth on this subject.
  • How to Take Care of Your Hair!  By : Jimmy Cox
    "You have the prettiest hair!" That's the sort of compliment that everyone loves. And there's no doubt about it, the most becoming thing you can wear on your head is your hair - if it's lustrous, soft-looking and clean, clean, clean.
  • Herbal Skin Care Basics  By : Denise Villani
    This article discusses things found in nature that can be used in herbal skin care.
  • Hair Straightening Tips and Tools  By : Abigayle Shriver
    Women from all walks of life are always battling their hair. Those who have straight hair always want it to be curly. Those blessed with curls want theirs to be straight. With the many innovations in the beauty field that are emerging daily, there is certainly something to meet the needs of everyone.
  • Hair Dryer Shopping Guide and Buying Tips  By : Abigayle Shriver
    When purchasing a hair dryer you may want to first take a few minutes to consider all the different types available. There are many different styles and types on the market today to choose from that it makes sense to shop the variety before making a final decision.
  • What Nail Treatments Are Available in Salons?  By : helen
    There are many hair salons now offering not only hair extensions, colouring of hair, hair straightening, your normal cut and blow dry but also nail extensions, acrylic nails, manicures and pedicures and painting of nails.
  • Hair Setting Helpful Tips  By : hairsetter
    Hair setting is a trend highly popular with people cutting across age and society. However, you must remember certain points before going for setting hair. For example, the hair setting must be appropriate for your age, ethnicity, face, features, body structure, make up, etc.
  • A Fix For Everything You Might Get In Your Hair!  By : REAL SALON PRODUCTS
    I have to say that of all the things that I have heard that people have gotten stuck in their hair, I think that tar has to be one of the worst. Yes there are some remedies for hair traumas like gum, Vaseline, castor oil, paint and rancid odors, but in some cases, your only option is to cut it out.
  • Long Hair Vs Short Hair  By : helen
    There is always a continuously changing new fashion haircut from the Pob – Victoria Beckham’s famous bob hair cut to the feathered long hair of Jennifer Aniston.
  • Keeping Your Hair Shiny  By : helen
    Everyone wants to have the shiny, glossy hair that all the celebrities are showing off, but we all know they have their looked after by the professionals.
  • Reversible Jewelry  By : Ibrahim
    Virginia Rings:
    In the rings section, casual promise rings are worn by committed couples. Engagement rings made of diamond and steel carry huge orders. As for fashion and casual wear by uncommitted boys and girls, gemstone rings are widely used.
  • Try Out Your Breast Augmentation Before You Make It Permanent  By : Rob Parker
    Before you rush out and make your breasts larger see how you'll look by trying out clothes etc.
  • Small Beauty Secrets Which Makes Difference  By : Rachel
    Everyone has a few beauty secrets that they've gotten from friends and family. Discove the key to glowing and healthy skin, whether you are a teenager or a grandmother.
  • Making Your Own Homemade Body Scrubs  By : Rachel
    The homemade body scrub recipes are used to remove dead cells. Body scrubs have always a beauty in which the shower is a fast way to get smooth skin. Body scrubs of skin having dry, scaly and flaky type of skin. The body scrub can cause due to the overexposure of either heat or cold.
  • Your First Makeup Tools Kit  By : Rachel
    Achieving a flawless face isn't just about the makeup, but how it's applied. The right tools can help you achieve your makeup goals more precisely and easily. Every makeup brush, like other makeup tools, has its own function.
  • Doing Shopping for Makeup  By : Rachel
    You have to shop where the light’s the brightest and most natural. After all, if you’re going to shell out upwards of $23 for a tube of colored goop, you want to make sure it’s going to look good in the harsh light of day.
  • Trilastin Stretch Marks Cream - An Easy Way To Get Rid Of This Problem  By : Erika1 Dey1
    Trilastin Stretch Marks Cream - An Easy Way To Get Rid Of This Problem

    Trilastin stretch marks cream is an effective way in reducing the problem of stretch marks permanently. It contains amino acids, soy proteins as well as anti oxidants that fight this problem effectively.
  • Salon Hair Care Products vs. Cheap High Street Hair Care Products  By : Jennifer Summers
    Great looking hair that is really healthy and clean makes you feel better about yourself and makes you look healthier and cleaner to other people. Keeping your hair looking this way is important, and using good quality hair products such as shampoo and conditioner is vital. But when it's time to buy your hair care products, how do you know which are the best ones to use?
  • Is It Right to Order a Replica Rolex?  By : Emily Butler
    Nice watch has been a sign of wealthy and prosperous people that can dare to have it. Do you ponder that costs for watches are normal? Your e-mail often receives lots of spam messages that propose you to purchase watch replicas. For a man with restricted capital purchasing a hot replica might seem like a nice thought. The data that is included into current text will be really useful and you will use it purchasing watch replicas in the Internet or in local shop.

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