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SEM - Much more than optimizing your web content!
Professional companies providing SEM services in Australia to their clients often come across businesses that don't quite understand what SEM is about. Through previous experiences, they may have been duped by dubious internet marketers into thinking SEO is the same as SEM. In some cases, some of their clients were charged for SEM, but only delivered a few web page rewrites, with some keywords added to existing content.
When you engage a consulting firm to provide your company with high-quality SEM services in Australia, you should expect much more than simply web content rewrites. True Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is much broader that Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is an important yet small part of SEM. Understanding the difference between the two can give you invaluable knowledge when discussing online marketing services with a professional service provider.
SEM involves the use of a number of tools and techniques, including SEO, to help market, publicise and popularize your website, your company and your products or services. Everything that a professional SEM company does, helps promote your website, increases traffic to it, and enhances the "stickiness" of your site. While SEO definitely contributes to these objectives, it's just one tool in the arsenal of weapons that seasoned SEM consultants have at their disposal.
A SEM strategy could include paid inclusion into a search engine directory. What this does is list your website immediately into the search engine's Search Engine Results Page's (SERPs) - an activity that normally takes time to occur, and only happens when the search engine's spiders and BOTs crawl the internet to refresh their indexes.
Depending on the type of product or service your company offers, some service providers may recommend Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising as means of SEM. This approach involves you writing up your advertisement, usually with relevant SEO and keywords in mind, and providing it to the advertiser. Depending on the results from a particular search query, your advertisement will be shown on the SERP - usually in the side bar or under a relevant query result. As the name suggests, you only pay if the searcher clicks on your advertisement and not otherwise.
Another common, and usually effective, SEM strategy is what's called paid advertisements. In this approach, you pay for your advertisement to appear whenever a certain keyword or key phrase is searched for by web browsers. Unlike PPC however, you pay per impression which means you are charged a fee each time your ad appears, regardless of whether it drives traffic to your website or not.
Not every SEM strategy is appropriate for every business. When you contract with professional providers of SEM services in Australia, they will usually hold detailed consultations with you before advising you on one or more SEM strategies to follow.
If you are looking for reputable SEM services in Australia, make sure you know exactly what your online marketing partner is offering before you sign up. For more on our services, visit our website at:

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