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By: Vikram Kuamr

Ever since casino has stepped out of the concrete walls of flashy settings of real life to the virtual world of internet zone, the number of games, their genre and their type has undergone tremendous changes too. A little modifications in the old ones has given a unique edge to the new ones which comprise both the essence of the traditional games and the exhilaration cum thrill of present ones.

For those who have played both know exactly what is been conveyed over here, for those who have not, well what is there to sweat about? It's just a click away for you to be a part of it too. By and large the most famous ones everyone should be familiar with are the following games, not knowing any of these is considered as the common gap in knowledge in the eyes of many, so hurry up to keep yourself posted on the most enthralling games ever!

1. Baccarat

This is a most popular card game played at every second table of any casino you bump into. There are three major games played in it. First is of the name punta bunco - a game of pure luck, where no amount of individual skill or experience could help you gain a upper hand in the game; your move is decided on the basis of the cards dealt to you, the other two named baccarat chemin de fer and baccarat banque are slightly under the players control, as it allows them to take in some decisions and choices that can increase their chances of winning. Highly engrossing, its a game that has to be played under full control, else the increasing desperation to keep winning can make you lose all you have got.

2. Blackjack
Following second in the most cherished casino game of all times is Blackjack. Played in and among 2-6 players, this is again a card game that is played with two decks of card. Here the players do not compete with each other but instead hope to beat the dealer in scores attaining better cards/ combination than his so as to emerge victorious.

3. Roulette
Welcome to the world where fate gets to call on your victory or defeat. Comprising of a little wheel is the casino game roulette where the player bets on a number(even or odd), the colors black or red and a ball is thrown on the rotating wheel, if it goes static on your number when the wheel stops, go bazinga! if not, we'll stop before over pushing your luck.

4. Poker
Slightly sophisticated than the first three, this is a game that would use the grey matter inside your head in abundance, you should really know the game before making a deal or even holding the cards, else your opponents would rip you off you novices, exploiting every bit of it. That's right, casino games, be it online or for real, there no mercy on the table.

When talked about the online games in Spain, these are by and large globally played. A closed understanding of these would easily get you through the rest.

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