iPhone 5 May Not Exist!

By: Mel Joelle

I, for one, take this story very personally. As you may have caught wind of by now (as it has been headlining news for the past week or so), I recently left BlackBerry and opted to join the cool kids over at Android. It was a tough decision to make, deciding which phone to go with, but I must say that (aside from the battery) I am really satisfied with my choice. This decision did not come without mounds of backlash.

My switch to Droid created a division that I, honestly, had not quite anticipated. Yes, I figured my BlackBerry loyalist would have their comments, but I never expected my iPhone comrades to act as they did. In short, they were outraged and some even went as far as to question my intelligence. My defense was, and still remains, that in a side by side competition the Android, from screen, to memory, to features, won—hands down.

Those who did not believe that my Droid was a winner were immediately referred to Google. The proof offered by Google did not suffice. The backlash continued. “You just wait until the iPhone 5!” they ranted. “I’m sure you’ll regret your decision then.” I doubted this cause for potential regret then and let’s just say my doubt has grown insurmountably now. Why, you wonder? Well, because there may not be an iPhone 5 at all (insert Dracula laugh here)!

Rumors surfaced today that revealing that what everyone was anticipating to be an iPhone 5 may simply be the iPhone 4S. I wish you could see the victorious smirk on my face. Jefferies analyst Peter Misek just released a note regarding the next-generation iPhone and according to Business Insider, the report claims that the device will “include minor cosmetic changes, better cameras, A5 dual-core processor, and HSPA support.”

If the speculations are true, the iPhone 4S will be available on Sprint, T-Mobile and China Mobile and will only be a slight upgrade from the iPhone 4. But wait, here’s the real kicker: the 4S will NOT support 4G connections. Wow. If high speed is what you want you’ll just have to go ahead and settle for HSPA connectivity. Misek has stated that there won’t be any LTE support for the iPhone yet, because the anticipated LTE chipset from Qualcomm “is currently not achieving yields sufficient for inclusion” in the next iPhone.

Well, Apple, I can’t thank you enough for helping me silence the naysayers. I almost started to bite my nails in nervousness with all these rumors circulating about the coolness that was speculated to be the iPhone 5. To know that the new device will just be mere tweaks here and there really brightens up a Monday.

Now, if you would pardon me, I have an Android to tend to.

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