a forth coming depression that many believe will not come

By: CMAenergy

"Dam it" It's the truth, a forth coming depression that many believe will not come. This is a letter of imperative judgement a must for everyone. Short and to the point! !br>
If I were the type to put an editorial in a newspaper it would go something like this.

Millions are losing their jobs, their homes and their self esteem. I've seen it before. It is history repeating itself.

There was no shortage of money then and there is no shortage now.

The problem is that the rich have it all.

When the Second World War broke out, they found it. Income taxes were introduced.
The highest bracket was taxed at 80 per cent of income. The lowest bracket was six per cent. The poor paid no tax at all because of a personal exemption.
The new found money paid for the war effort. The young men chose to get shot at, in preference to starving to death. Women went to work in factories. Social programs were introduced. Health care and Medicare came into existence. Old age pensions were introduced. For a change, everybody had money.

That is how the depression ended.

Now the tax rules have changed. The top federal tax bracket has been reduced to 29 per cent, and the lowest bracket is 15 per cent. The personal exemption has been watered down. It is now called "Non-refundable Tax Credit".

How did they think that up? It means the poor will pay more tax. The tax changes clearly show the gap between rich and poor has been widening. This gives rise to the question as to where the money is all going. The short answer is to the rich. Politicians help themselves to a raise any time they want. They have lavish expense accounts and gold plated pensions. A recent attempt to control the fat cats was greeted with unprecedented outrage. The opposition parties nearly brought the government. The senate's existence is protected by the constitution. It is to expensive.
We cannot afford it Is there no way to cut back on the costs? We pay big money for useless programs. The gun registry is very expensive and it is not working. We spend all kinds of money labelling food packages in two languages in parts of the country where everybody understands English. What is the point? I am not the auditor general but I am prepared to bet that the waste is horrendous. The private sector has problems of it's own. CEO's pay themselves more in 12 hours than a working man gets in a year. They don't need all that money. Unions have been successful in gaining benefits for the workers. They too need to clean up their act. Don`t work to hard so as not to make your fellow worker look bad. Book off sick with pay when you are not sick. Steal as much as you can from the company. Above all, union bosses negotiate more and more money for less and less work. The whole attitude is short sighted. If workers are costing more than they produce, they will have priced themselves out of a job. Unemployed workers need to think long and hard about that.

We are victims or our own greed. Deficit budgeting is, at best, a trade off between short term gain for long term pain. It does not really address the problems we have. Ways need to be found to reduce the gap between rich and poor. That will not be easy. I think we are in for a long depression. The previous one lasted 10 years. That is not tolerable. If our politicians refuse to seriously address the real problems we have, it is time to give them a taste of their own. They should be unemployed.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for us all.

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