Zippy Pool Cleaner Review

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Made to cleanse your pool more rapidly.!br>
The ZODIAC Zippy utilizes a unique suction and pressure technology which totally cleans your pool, whether it's somewhat dished flat-bottomed (up to 33 feet), in a mere fragment of time that it would take any other pool cleaner. The ZODIAC Zippy is able to clean a whole 18 foot pool in just sixty minutes.
It's Easy to Take Care Of!
You benefit by the ZODIAC Zippy possessing only a singular mobil part - the diaphragm. Because of this advanced technology, there's rarely a possibility that anything can ever break. Because of its high-grade fabrication and tough materials, the ZODIAC Zippy can operate through many years of harsh chemicals and rough usage.
It Aids the Spreading of Chemicals!
The ZODIAC Zippy performs as a wandering return line, which helps your cleaned, heated and treated water get distributed evenly around the pool.
There Aren't Any Secret Costs!
With no metal parts or rusty wiring and no electronic motors to speak of, the ZODIAC Zippy does not need expensive part replacement, unlike similar pool cleaners. A ZODIAC Zippy will not require that you put out any extra cash by changing your plumbing, needing any alterations to your pool or requiring a booster pump.
It's Simple to Operate!
Installation of the ZODIAC Zippy takes only moments when you attach it to the filtration system that your pool already has in place; anything else you might need is included with the Zippy, including a self-regulating water valve and surface skimmer called a Flowkeeper, which operates excellently even attached to low horsepower pumps. When your ZODIAC Zippy is completely put in place, it will activate whenever your pump turns on, and leave you with no bags for you to replace or empty. With the unique Easy Access System, you can effortlessly replace the Zippy's only moving part if it ever needs repair. Unlike alternate pool cleaners, you'll never have to return this one back to the shop to be fixed.
It Has Exceptional Abilities!
While most pool cleaners only push the debris and junk from the floor of the pool and send it to the surface for the skimmer to hopefully clean, the ZODIAC Zippy vacuums away all of this debris, including leaves, pebbles and bugs. The ZODIAC Zippy uses an innovative design to clean your pool with amazing speed, and is able to reach up walls and clean areas that other pool cleaners have never accessed.

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