Your Keys to Driving in Brisbane

By: Candice Hubbard

Your keys to driving in Brisbane is a journal by driving schools in Brisbane that joins vital information concerning the Brisbane driving license system and the Brisbane road laws.

This manuscript is a crucial reading for anybody who want to learn how to drive.

Your keys to driving in Brisbane is not only for beginner drivers—it is vital for everybody who uses the highway, irrespective of their level of skill, to study the book to bring up to date their understanding of the road regulations and highway safety.

License types

Prior to you driving, or learning to drive, whichever class of vehicle on a highway in Brisbane, you should have a recent driver’s license permitting you to drive or become skilled at driving that class of motor vehicle.

There are three kinds of licenses:

Learner license

Ahead of learning to drive whichever class of vehicle you should hold a learner license.

Provisional license

A two phase interim licence—P1 and P2—has been launched in Brisbane.

Once you have held your learners license for no less than one year, you might opt for your practical driving examination. Dependent on how old you are while you pass your examination; you will get either a P1 or a P2 interim license, which you should hold for a minimum time prior to you progressing to the next step.

Probationary license

You might be qualified for a probationary license if you were banned from obtaining or holding a license by a judge and you have at this time served the time of banning.

Restricted license

If you are condemned of drink driving however require a license to make your living, you might request the court that condemns you to award you a restricted license, normally recognized as a ‘work’ license.

License classes, conditions and codes

You require a particular category of license to drive certain cars. Your license will confirm the license category and if necessary, the code for any stipulations that you are needed to abide by.
Your license will confirm just the utmost class of car you are allowed to drive.

This implies you are permitted to drive every class of car in that class of license.

Nevertheless, motorcycle classes RE or R and the specifically constructed car class UD will show independently on the license.

Authority to learn

If you held a probationary, provisional, or open license for a certain class of motor vehicle, you are authorized to become skilled at driving the higher classes of motor vehicles.

In addition, if you hold a probationary, provisional, or open license for a certain class of motor vehicles, you are allowed to be trained to drive that class of motor vehicle with either a manual or an automatic transmission gearbox.

If you are allowed to become skilled at driving a class of motor vehicle under your probationary, provisional, or open license, you should be escorted by an individual who has an open license for the class of motor vehicle you are being taught to drive and has had that license for no less than one year. If you drive by yourself or with someone not suitably licensed, you might be fined and not allowed to continue driving.

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Candice Hubbard is the writer of the book your keys to driving in Brisbane, which is a compilation of rules and regulations from driving schools in Brisbane. In this book, you will learn all the licenses you need to drive and what is expected of you. For more information visit

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