Your Guide To Designing A Fitted Kitchen.

By: Rick Skew

So, you need a new kitchen? In an ideal world, if you possess the budget to go and get a decent 3D design done by a kitchen shop, then pay to get them to install it! However, if you do not have the budget for that or maybe you would just like to have a go at designing one for yourself. In that case follow or handy guide for designing a fitted kitchen.

Things you should do when designing a kitchen:

Double check your requirements before ordering anything. Check twice - order once!
Once you have received your order, make sure everything has arrived and is in good condition before look for a tradesman to build it for you.
If you use an identical width door on the base units as do with the wall units, they ought to line up nicely.
To minimise the plumbing required, place the washing machine as well as the dishwasher next to the sink.
Put your hob in an accessible place which will miminise you walking around the kitchen with hot pans.
Always allow at least 300 mm either side of the cooker hob to allow for protruding pan handles.

Things not to do when designing your kitchen:

Don't put cooker hob under a window. Curtains catch fire and arms get burned opening windows that way!
Do not split the work tops by positioning the oven or cupboards in the middle
Never put wall units above a cooker hob without an extractor
Never build a worktop joint near an inset sink
Never put a hob at the end of a run or close to a door. A protruding pan handle could easily be caught by a passer by
Do not put an oven next to a fridge or freezer

Stick to these rules and you won't go far wrong!

Designing your own own kitchen is great fun but it can also be expensive if you get it wrong without realising it. I have in the past, designed my very own kitchen and then taken it to a kitchen design company and asked them to check everthing. Believe me, it is a fantastic feeling when they can't find anything wrong with the design that you have come up with. Having said that, they will try and convince you that they can design a better kitchen for you.

Listen to what they have got to say, it can sometimes pay to combine your ideas with their ideas. You may even decide that there ideas are better than your's. This does not mean you have got to hire them to fit it. The choice is alway up to you. Don't let yourself be pressured in to making a decision that you are not really comfortable with making. At the end of the day, obtaining a new kitchen is quite an expensive thing to do whether you do it all yourself or you hire someone else to do it for you. Take some time and try to take the correct decisions. Good luck with your new kitchen design project.

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If I ever have a large project in mind, the first thing I do is to check the company. For example, if I want to desgn a fitted kitchen, the first thing I do is to check out a few companies by using a website like Right Trader. It doesn't cost anything to check them out.

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