Your Family Needs More than a Family Lawyer

By: Tina J. Jones

Do you put your family in front of everything else? Are you sure? Sure you are not bluffing? You know others say that family is important to them, but they usually go out of their way to ignore a family member--maybe even everybody in their families. Why would they do that? Well, I donít know, maybe they are saying they love their families but in truth love their work more or their friends or their hobbies like golf and dogs. Showing that you love your family is more than hiring a family lawyer and drafting a family constitution of some sorts.

No. it is more than that. A family lawyer will just draft that constitution, put it on paper, maybe frame it, and hang it on your living room wall. If your sense of commitment is only a piece of paper, your priorities are way out of hand. Did it not occur to you that when you lose your work or your business, when your dogs leave you, and when you get too old to play golf, your family members are the only ones who will stay by your side? A familyís love is absolute. That is one of the fundamental truths in this life.

Okay. I will give you another scenario. When your beloved dogs die, it will sure to bring you much pain. But you can always buy another dog sand train it to be faithful and love you. However, when a family member dies, you cannot buy another human being. Humans are different from dogs. Your family is worth more than what you dare give them. You are nothing but a hypocrite if you think that a family lawyer can solve all the issue you have inside your family. If only life can be as easy as that.

If only the job of keeping your family together can be placed on the shoulders of your hired family lawyer. However, that is not really how the laws of family work. Yes, keeping your family together is hard. It is the same as keeping your marriage alive. You do not have any choice though. You should have known what you were entering when you decided to get married at the first place. Providing for your family is one very important factor, but you should have known by now that money is not everything. There are also other important concepts like care and love and trust.

I hope that you will not rely so much on your family lawyer from now on. Your familyís loyalty and commitment will not be encouraged by a framed paper on the wall. Besides, your lawyer only stays because you pay him or her. Who will take care of everything when the time comes when your lawyer has to leave? Yes, that is right. Your family, of course. Do not do everything on your own. Your family is there to help you with the load of your family. Even if it is work, it does not hurt to share it with your family members. That is also a great way to exercise family bonding.

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