Your Children Are Watching You!

By: kevinnsmiith

If you’re thinking that your addiction to alcohol doesn’t affect anyone, let me tell you that it has severe impact on your entire family. Remember, your children are watching you and you never know that they may be imitating you behind your back. Whenever you drink, you always have an audience in some or another form. Everyone around you deals with your drinking, whether you realize or not. Your drinking has an impact on your spouse, your children, your relatives, friends and colleagues. Grown-ups may ignore your drinking at one point of time but your children won’t. Instead they will try and act the way you do. A Look at Negative Effects of Alcoholism

  • Drunk Driving
Needless to say, drunk driving has been a major cause of deaths in road accidents. In 2009 alone, more than 11,000 people died in alcohol-related motor accidents in USA, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Your children take a note of everything. They are so horrified that they either stop communicating with you or start behaving like rebels. 
  • Alcoholism and Domestic Violence
This is not a new thing. There have been hundreds and thousands of cases when children either become a victim of or witness alcohol-related domestic violence. If you have been beating your spouse or quarreling with or scolding your children after drinking, this means you have drinking problem along with a co-occurring mental illness and you need immediate help. Look for an appropriate alcohol rehab center Florida and enroll yourself in a treatment program. 
  • School Bunks
If you have been reported about your children’s frequent school bunks, it may not be because of their unwillingness to attend the school. It might have something to do with your addiction to alcohol. You believe or not, it has severe impact on a children’s mind and they may lose their motivation to be either in school or at home. Not only this, they have higher chances of scoring low in exams of failing the exams because of your drinking problem. They find it really difficult to concentrate on anything when they are not leading a happy family life. 
  • Troubled Interpersonal Relationships
It’s not only you who experiences troubled intimate relations but your children also have disturbed relationships with their friends and other people who come in their contact. The feeling of mistrust, fear or lack of bonding always prevails no matter what. It is transferred from their relationships with parents to other relationships in their lives and they find it really difficult to establish that trust factor. 
  • Mental Illness
There may be other reasons if your child suffers from some sort of mental illness at such a tender age. But most probably, it is your addiction to alcohol and your behavior resulting from your drinking that troubles them the most. As they are very young and are unable to do anything about that, they develop anxiety, depression, hyperactivity and other types of mental illnesses over a period of time.  Therefore, your addiction is not only affecting you but everyone around you, especially kids suffer the most. The best way is to look for an alcohol rehab center Florida and enroll into a treatment program to overcome your addiction, so that you and your loved ones can live a happy life.

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