Your Best Friend The Disinfectant

By: James Monahan

Everywhere there are hidden dangers waiting to spring at the unsuspecting. The good news is that if one keeps mindful, these dangers can be kept at bay with the proper lifestyle, armed with one’s favorite disinfectant.

Germs are tiny organisms that although we can’t see because they’re miniscule, have the capability to wreak havoc on one’s life.

The danger actually lies in the fact that they’re too tiny for us to see with the naked eye. Because we can’t see them, we forget they are there. In the meantime, they grow in number until they reach critical mass and successfully attack our body’s natural defenses.

Bless you

One major proof that bacteria silently attacks is through allergic rhinitis. Contrary to popular belief, chronic sneezing, a running red nose and congestion are not signs of the common cold—it most probably is allergic rhinitis.

Allergic rhinitis can be debilitating in its symptoms which if unabated can affect one’s standard of life. All this trouble stems from ignorance and not enough disinfectant.

Another one bites the dust

Keeping our surroundings neat and orderly is not enough. There are hidden nooks and crannies in our homes and work areas that can be the breeding ground of dust and bacteria. Be sure to clean every corner thoroughly everyday and follow up with a good disinfectant to keep the germs and allergens away.

Who let the dog out

Pets are also another breeding ground for bacteria and allergens. Keep them out. If you can’t bear to parted with them though, make sure to keep them clean and away from the bedroom. Be sure to clean the places they frequent and always follow up with the proper disinfectant.

What lies beneath

Unbeknown to most, the bedroom is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and allergens. Thankfully, with the proper care and the ever-handy disinfectant bottle, one can successfully abate the dreaded diseases that find the perfect proliferation ground, the bed.

Make sure to constantly change the beddings and wash with a detergent armed with a disinfectant as the bed plays host to a swarm of bacteria and allergens. Humans shed skin and shed a lot of it while sleeping. The dead skin is the food of mites and such. To ensure a good night’s rest, regularly wash and use disinfectants on the bed sheets, pillow cases and around the bedroom.

Eat to live

A spotless kitchen unfortunately does not ensure a clean kitchen. Remember that food is prepared in the kitchen and must always kept truly clean.

Keep the kitchen dry and put a shield on all counters and other surfaces that one comes in contact with by always following up the usual wipes with a disinfectant. In this case, what you don’t see may kill you and before that happens, eliminate all known disease causing germs with the proper disinfectant.

Remember that the best defense is a good offense. In true cleanliness, one must not be miser with using the disinfectant. There are a number of good disinfectants available in the market exactly for this purpose. In the protection from unseen attackers, the disinfectant is your best friend.

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