Your 4-Step Guide To The Best MLM Lead Generation

By: Marius Ystenes

There is a lot of possible ways to do MLM lead generation. A lot of methods claiming to be great for generating MLM leads are in fact not that great at all, and I hope to shed some light over these as well in this article. When you put what I'm going to describe here in this article into action, you will attract more MLM leads to your business than you ever dared to dream of.

Right off the bat I want to state that MLM lead generation has nothing to do with purchasing leads. I will tell you straight away that doing this is synonym to throwing money out of the window. As an entrepreneur, you must take advantage of the best methods out there, and buying leads is a thing of the past.

You must acquire the skills needed to generate your own leads today, and there is no way around it. There are two main areas involved when we're talking about MLM lead generation, and that is to do it online and to do it offline.

Generating Network Marketing Leads Offline
This includes many of the "old-school" methods out there, like getting referrals, passing around flyers and pamphlets, attending networking events, hosting home parties and so on.

These methods have always worked to a certain degree, but sadly this is not the way to go for most people, and for those of us that these methods don't come naturally for, we are turning to the second category of lead generation, which is...

Online MLM Lead Generation
The Internet has now made it possible to reach 1.5 billion people online with the touch of a button, and there has never been an easier time for MLM lead generation than it is right now.

There is one thing to be very aware of when thinking about being successful using online MLM lead generation, and that is that you have to learn how to become a great MARKETER in order to make it. The one thing you must concentrate on first when wanting to become successful at doing this online, is to become a master marketer. And I'm not talking about shouting from the rooftops about your opportunity, I'm talking about learning to market YOURSELF and to also have the right marketing system in place to leverage your time and efforts.

Market Who?
It might come as a surprise to you, but most people are not going around hoping to become a distributor of ABC business opportunity. The thing 95% of network marketers do wrong when trying to master MLM lead generation online is to market and pitch their business opportunity as many places as possible. This will most likely be conceived as spam by most people, and at the very best it is an highly ineffective way of going about it.

You see, people are looking for solutions to their problems and frustrations when searching online, and what they are really looking for is the right person that can help them with those solutions. They are looking for the right leader to team up with!

Branding yourself online by providing useful and valuable information is vital for your success in the MLM industry. My best tip to you is actually to share your very best material for free with your prospects. That way, they will start following you and listen to what you have to say. And when the timing is right for the prospect to join a new business opportunity, they will turn to you as you are now that leader they've been on the look-out for.

Don't Feel Like a Leader? This Is Where a Marketing System Comes Into Play!
The last component of doing online MLM lead generation is to have the right marketing system in place. This marketing system needs to be a system that positions you as a leader in the market place, no matter what level you really are at yourself, by letting you tap into the knowledge and experience of others and customize it with your personal branding, like adding your own text and videos. This marketing system must not market your main business opportunity upfont, but first of all give your prospects valuable information which at the same time brands YOU.

The best marketing systems out there will be a system you can use even if you don't have extensive technical knowledge like setting up web pages and so on, as the system will provide you with everything you need. It should do MLM lead generation and prospecting for you on autopilot by doing all the telling, selling and explaining for you while you spend your time where it's really needed; with marketing and connecting with your most qualified prospects, which your marketing system has already sorted out for you.

And the absolutely top-notch systems out there also lets you earn additional income through various revenue streams, so that you can make money off of your prospects even if they don't join you in your main business opportunity. This is called monetizing your list, and means that you provide them with various books, cd's, dvd's and programs that they can use to build their business and you will get a commission for selling this to them. This is not to take your focus away from you primary business, but it will happen on autopilot in the system and help you monetize your list so that you can put more money back into your marketing efforts.

So, to sum it all up, MLM lead generation can be done most effectively online as you can reach far more people this way, and when done correctly through branding yourself as a leader and using the right marketing system, your success in this industry might be a lot closer than you might think.

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