You've Bought Hot Bedding. How Do You Care For It?

By: Peter Nowtoning

So you wanted a hot looking bedroom, and you bought some bedding to make your bed look great. But once you've actually bought that great looking bedding you need to keep it looking great. How do you properly care for bedding and keep it in good shape for years?
There are different fabrics in different types of bedding, and different fabrics have different washing requirements. You won't do your silk sheets any favors washing them on hot with spin.
Luckily for us the manufacturers provide us with the correct instructions for washing your sheets and other bedding right there on the bedding. Always look for a label that tells you the fabric type and how to wash it. It is better to write these instructions down and keep them in the laundry for quick reference. If you have only one type of bedding in the house you'll probably remember it but it you have a few different types of sheets made from different types of fabrics then you may well find that you need to refer to the instructions again sometimes.
And when you come to refer to the instructions on the label you can sometimes find that the label has faded and you cannot read them, so write them down.
Here's a few tips for washing your bedding. The don't supplant the instructions on the label, but are worth knowing. Firstly you don't need to wash bedding in really hot water. Cool or warm is fine, sheets are rarely that dirty. And don't use bleach.
Use a gently cycle and don't overdo the detergent, sheets don't need a lot of washing.
And normally it's fine to air dry sheets, no need for a dryer unless your climate doesn't allow it. If you do use a dryer don't over dry your sheets, it wrinkles them. Dry your sheets till just barely dry, and if you've over dried then throw a damp cloth into the dryer for a few minutes.
Fold your sheets as soon as they come out of the dryer.
Now onto a question I get asked a lot. What about washing your own comforter. Should you? Well that depends. Generally I'd say no, many washing machines are too small and you'll be disappointed in the result. And you must always read the washing instructions really carefully, some fill materials, like down, will not take well to home washing. Use a laundromat. And make sure you always use a cover, so you won't really need to wash often.
The bottom line is that all bedding comes with instructions on the proper care and washing requirements for that type of sheets. Read the instructions and follow them to the letter and you shouldn't go wrong.
Basically you need to carefully follow the instructions, don't overwash, don't wash too often and if you do that you'll still be enjoying your bedding right into the future. I have a bedding set that I bought 20 years ago and I still use it and love it. It's a little faded but still looks great after 20 years.

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