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By: George Velvet

Wheelchairs have evolved a lot in the past decade, thanks to the advancement of technology. For disabled persons, this can only be good news: traditional wheelchairs are rapidly being replaced with electric versions, which means that handicapped persons can now have more comfort in their daily lives. Let’s see which criteria are the most relevant when shopping for wheelchairs at Better Life Mobility.

Better Life Mobility is a center which offers mobility equipment to people who have impairments and, more specifically, to those who can’t walk and need immediate assistance. If you’ll click on, you’ll see that the experts offer various types of wheelchairs, some designed to be pushed manually and others which are electrically powered. You’ve got to consider your needs carefully before purchasing a wheelchair. After all, buying a wheelchair is a long-term investment, so you’ve got to make a wise decision that will satisfy your mobility needs and won’t leave you broke. This is why it’s critical to take a few moments to discuss about the advantages or each type of wheelchair – manual and electric.

Manual wheelchair models such as those sold at split into three categories: transport chairs, folding frame chairs and rigid frame chairs. Each of the models has certain advantages: for instance, transport chairs are very lightweight so they’re ideal for travelling. Moreover, they can be stored very easily, so they are a great purchase. Folding frame chairs have the advantage that they’re easy to use and can be folded sideways by releasing their locking mechanisms. The last type of manual chair we mentioned, the rigid frame chair, is lightweight and offers excellent performance and maneuverability. People who have upper body strength will do excellently with such a chair. The advantage of manual chairs is that they can usually be folded and stored with ease even in tight spaces. Moreover, they have a much lower price than electrically powered wheelchairs. Better Life Mobility offers various types of manual wheelchairs, so make sure to check their website - – to see what models would be more appropriate for you.

It’s now time to discuss about electrical wheelchairs. Unlike manual models, these are powered by batteries, which means the user has to make little or no effort to move the chairs. The biggest advantage of electrical wheelchairs is the fact that you no longer need assistance, because you can move around freely by simply pushing some buttons placed conveniently within hand-reach. The power wheelchairs you can find at Better Life Mobility have either front, center or rear wheel drive. Power wheelchairs are well known for their maneuverability, as well as the stability they offer. These models are more massive than traditional models because they have to include the batteries and they also have larger wheels, but they’re also more comfortable than manual wheelchairs.

Now that you know the basics about wheelchair purchasing, it’s time to compare some offers online. If you can’t find a model that suits your mobility needs 100%, you can simply ask the specialists at to made adjustments to the wheelchair and add various accessories and features. They’re always glad to help their customers live a better life.

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Better Life Mobility sells a wide variety of manual wheelchairs as well as power wheelchairs. Visit to compare their offers.

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