You Know What Pottery Is... But What is Art Pottery? Is It Worth Collecting? Where Can I Locate It?

By: Klr Rider

We all know what pottery is, so the expression "Art Pottery" refers to any pottery that is decorative, stylish, attractive or even beautiful... a work of art... Art Pottery!

Of course "art" is open to personal taste, but since there is so much to pick from, everyone can like with some type of art pottery. A favorite of many is Roseville, also others such as McCoy and Weller are very popular and quite well-liked. There are over 50 categories of pottery on eBay alone with thousands of pieces to see at any given time. With so much diversity there is sufficient Art Pottery for everyone.

Art pottery is designed not only for attractiveness but also functionality. This makes art pottery a welcomed addition to any household. You can get matching pieces with the same pattern so as to accentuate a precise theme or color throughout your home. For example, Roseville is renown for its flower-patterned themes and since everyone likes flowers it can be an exciting addition to your home.

Many pottery manufacturers are no longer in business and so their pieces are worthy to collect. Some are viewed as antiques and should be displayed only. Several pottery companies are still manufacturing after over a century of business. Some comparatively new pottery companies are producing appealing work of great quality with a more up to date look. Whatever your taste you will be able to find something to fit your taste.

Not to long ago the only way you could expose yourself to Art Pottery, so as to gain knowledge about what is out there and its worth, was by going to antique shops, yard sales and purchasing books on the the subject of Art Pottery or going to retailers who provide one brand or another. Now learning and acquiring is made trouble-free with the Internet and sites like eBay. Just the thousands of images of Art Pottery alone, found on the Internet, combine to quite an education. By visiting Internet dealers and auction sites you will get a good indication of what a number of pieces of Art Pottery are worth. You are also able to inspect Art Pottery from all over the world and even obtain some if you like.

Gathering and displaying Art Pottery can be a very satisfying pastime and can really beautify your home. There is quite a bit of history around some of the companies who used to produce Art Pottery, their techniques and the artist they hired to model their lines. When this is researched it gives more value to the Art Pottery you present.

Take a look around, who knows, you may find the next rare, misplaced piece of Art Pottery!

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P.S. If you are just a little bit intrested in Art Pottery or specifically American Art Pottery take a look at the 1000s of pieces displayed on this site- The images and descriptions alone will make you an expert in just a couple of days! Just click on one of the two links in this post script. Happy hunting!

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