You Can Use Ebook Marketing to Encourage Your Internet Marketing Business

By: dharamsingh

Viral ebook marketing is the exercise of giving away or selling an ebook that is designed to continue to be given away or sold by the individuals to whom you gave or sold the ebook, and contains links to your own website or affiliate programs.

For example, you might create a free giveaway ebook that is in turn given away 1000 times. If you have loaded the ebook with links to your web site or squeeze page, you will receiving continuing traffic to your site that far exceeds the impact of your initial marketing effort.

There are 2 steps to creating a viral giveaway ebook campaign. 1) Write a short (less than 15 pages) ebook designed to be given away and 2) Give it away.

For giveaway ebooks, you want to create something short, which contains powerful concise information. Why? The purpose of your free giveaway ebook is not to teach someone everything they could possibly need to know about the topic, for more details visit to it is instead to create an interest that compels the reader to click through to your squeeze page so they can get more information. Your free ebook should, however, be packed with useful information that the readers can immediately put to use and test that you know what you are talking about. Once they have verified your information and see that it works, and then they can begin giving away your book. It should also be short, if it is designed to be given away. Rarely will people spend more than a few minutes reading a free ebook. So if you write something that is longer than 10-15 pages, your readers may not finish reading the ebook. And if they do not finish reading the ebook, they will likely not give it away. And giving it away is where this ebook marketing campaign becomes viral.

You see, earlier we talked about the idea that giving away a free ebook is an incredible incentive to entice someone to join your list. However, when you first get started, you may not have your own book to giveaway, so you will need to use someone elseís. So just as you use someone elseís ebook, knowing that it will generate traffic for them, because you need the incentive for your visitors to subscribe to your list, for more details visit to others can use your ebook as an incentive to subscribers of their own list. I currently have two different free ebooks that I have created myself for my own use, and yet I still use othersí free ebooks in my marketing.

Why? I only have two free ebooks. To some of you, that might sound like a lot. But to me, that is not much. You see, both my ebooks are on the topic of getting started online. But what if I am building a traffic list or a list building list or a list of people interested in time management (I have written a book on time management and promote it also)? I need a free ebook for each of those campaigns, one that is targeted to the needs of that target market. So I use free ebooks created by other marketers. And it is a win-win scenario for both me and the other marketers. I have a giveaway resource that I havenít had to create and they have the opportunity to receive free viral traffic from my marketing campaigns.

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