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By: Jared McCarthy

Who doesn't love saving money - especially in these recessionary times? Well, there are a number of places where you can get discount coupons, including newspapers, magazines, attached to bills and leaflets, as promotional material sent in the mail, etc. Another way of collecting these discount coupons along with their codes is by going online and checking out various sites.
While some of these web sites are product and / or organisation related; where the sale of one or more of their own merchandise is promoted through the use of discount coupons, there are many other sites that specialise in collating all the discount coupons on offer by various manufacturers or service providers. Since the latter sites bracket all similar products under different heads or categories, it becomes much easier for the discerning buyer to locate the best options available to him or her for various kinds of merchandise or services.
One such site is, which lists free discount coupon codes under the heads of 'Latest', 'Popular' or 'Featured' and also under 'Stores' as well as 'Categories'. Thus, you might browse through the current offerings from or or choose discount coupons under the tag of 'Clothing and Accessories Women', 'Grocery', 'Books and Magazines', 'Pets', 'Games' or a host of other options.
The way it works is that you can download the coupons, each of which has a unique code and use the same when purchasing an item from that particular merchant. Most of the coupons require the customer to purchase something - whether a physical product or a service, usually of a minimum cut-off value on which the discount (as promised in the coupon) is given. For example, using coupon code xxxxxxxp80 can get you a discount of $25 on purchases of $150 + from The site even allows the user to vote whether the coupon worked as promised and tabulates the results to declare how successful that offer has been among those who voted.
There are a lot of people who manage to save a lot on their monthly purchases through regular, and at times, judicious use of discount coupons. Sometimes there may be a temptation to purchase items not actually required by the person, just so as to make use of an attractive offer on a coupon. But then, self control is always a good bet to keep a person out of monetary concerns. Free discount coupons with their codes have been around for a long time and played a crucial role in promoting products that have survived and will continue doing so in the future. I personally try to use the more popular discount coupons on the purchase of electronic items and can see its tremendous growth potential I the less developed nations.

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