You Are the Boss to Manage Auto-Startup Programs to Speed Up PC Booting

By: Peter John

With more and more PC users complaining slow down of PC booting, it is necessary to have a smart startup manager to alleviate the troubles. Too many programs loaded during PC booting would delay the startup of Windows even further because of the extra system resources required to load the other programs simultaneously. You are the boss to manage the auto-startup programs if you find an assistant to do it for you.
There are a lot of startup manager software that can basically enable or disable a specific program to auto-startup which is insufficient. Do you ever think of deciding when a specific program could start up after booting up of the windows. Is it possible to easily distinguish the safe and indispensable auto-startup applications from the evil or unnecessary auto-startup programs. If you wish to be the boss to determine which and when a program could automatically start up, the prospective functions as described below may offer what you need.
The prospective startup manager should include the three features as below: 1.Enable or disable a specific program to start up; 2.Delay start up programs with intervals set by users; 3.Tell the users the safety and indispensability indexes of a specific program by rating bar or suggestions.
Feature 1:The upper location of the interface lists all the programs which start with PC boot. You can add or remove any auto-startup program. You can delete the specific entry by selecting it, right-click and choose "Delete this Entry".
Feature 2: The precise delay startup function is quite necessary for the users who have to has a strict standard to load a bunch of programs in sequence instead of in jam. Programs can be dragged into the delayed startup location where they will be executed in sequence according to the delay interval preset by the user. The delay interval is set in seconds, the default being 30 seconds and the maximum interval is 180 seconds. You could click the column of "Delay time" to preset the intervals as your like.
Feature 3: A smart startup manager should directly indicate the risks and indispensability indexes for each auto-startup program so that many novice users can make a right choice for auto startup settings. It is impossible to evaluate a specific program with just "Yes" & "Positive" or "No" & " Negative". The evaluations may vary according to different users' personal requirement and feelings. Just like a saying goes: One person's meat is another one's poison. Consequently, the rating bar of green and red is the possible solution for objectively evaluating each program.
The rating bar shall indicate two indexes. Firstly, the longer the green bar is, the safer the program is. In other words, the longer the red bar is, the more dangerous the program is. Secondly, the longer the green bar is, the more necessary it is when PC boot. In other words, the longer the red bar is, it is unnecessary to start up the program when PC boots. If you understand these points of two levels meaning of the rating bar, it is easy to apprehend that although a specific program is safe, the rating bar might display longer red bar because the program is quite unnecessary to start up when PC boots.
An efficient way to evaluate programs is to collect many users' opinions on all kinds of programs and make a statistic analysis for each program respectively. The result of the statistic analysis can be the direct resource of the rating bar. Any user can submit his/her unique comment for a program to the database for analysis. Then the users opinions could be approved and stored in the database after review of the professionals. The meaningless and duplicate comments will be deleted. The data base shall be open to the public if any user wish to review the previous comments of other users on a specific program . The more meaningful comments the users submit to the database, the more neutral and helpful the rating bar is.

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