Yardsticks for Selecting Good SEO Specialists

By: Gautam Punja

SEO services are easily available these days, and all SEO companies claim that they are expert SEO service providers. This abundance brings its own problems with it because it is bound to be a bit difficult to separate genuine SEO specialists from false claimants to the throne. One foolproof method for selecting expert SEO providers is to select them based on the recommendations of people who have used their services and were fully satisfied. While that is a highly reliable yardstick, you should ideally enquire about the type of services the SEO specialists in question provided to them.

Every one may not require the full gamut of expert SEO services which will include web hosting, keyword research, keyword selection, content development, article writing, image optimization, link building, blogging, and probably some more. Different SEO specialists may have expertise in different aspects of SEO and it is possible that those services which are important in your case may not be the same that another person had used. So far as you need the same type of services that the other client had needed, you can employ the services of their SEO specialists without any doubt. Otherwise you will have to employ some secondary yardsticks for making the selection, besides the recommendation of a former client.

One of the secondary yardsticks that can be employed is an analysis of the service providerís own website and the search engine ranking it manages. If a company that claims to be an expert SEO provider cannot manage a good ranking for its own site, their work is unlikely to be very good.
A companyís suitability to your need can also be judged by the packages they offer. If the SEO specialists in question do not offer any of the SEO services separately or in the combination in which you need them, then they definitely will not fit your bill.

Affordability is another yardstick. To use the services of any expert SEO services, their charges have to come within your budget. The only exception you can make is when the skills and attributes of the SEO specialists fit your need to a T, and they come with the strong recommendations of a friend who has used them. In that case you can calculate the overall benefit that your site is likely to get by employing them, and whether the benefit will make the extra spending worthwhile. Newly founded companies generally offer their services cheap, even though they may not have any good track record to show. Unless you need the job done posthaste, there would be no harm in employing untested SEO specialists, so far as they agree to take payment only if the desired results are obtained.

To qualify as expert SEO services, the SEO specialists in question must be fully conversant with evolving technologies like social media marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus+, LinkedIn, MySpace, CafeMom, Orkut, and Ning are some of the many popular social networking sites. Membership in at least some of them is a must for effective product promotion and good SEO service providers should be fully competent to help their client in using these networks effectively.
SEO is not a one time job. So an expert SEO company should, above all, have the willingness to enter into a long term partnership with the client.

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