Written Copy for Effective Internet Marketing

By: aaindia

Like a suitor who promises to give you the sun, the moon and the stars, when obviously he can't? Or tells you that you are the most beautiful woman he has ever met, when you know that it is not true at all. And all they are, are just flattering words that are not really meant? And what do you do? Roll your eyes and walk away.

The same goes with ads that speak blandly and carelessly about the things their products can do for you. You just turn the page and move on. Or in the case of the Internet, you just click your way out and move on to other things.

The first thing you have to know is that the purpose of copywriting is to sell. It is the bridge that links your product to your customer. In the world of the Internet, copywriting is your salesman. It speaks to your customer and convinces him to buy your products or services. So you don't want your salesman babbling nonsense to your customers, right? You don't want him to turn off or scare your prospective customers away. What you need is a salesman that is sly with words...and that is a tastefully written copy.

Words are the most powerful abstract thing on earth. Cliché as it may sound; the pen is still mightier than the sword. Especially now with the proliferation of communication technology, words got even more powerful because they can travel so much faster and reach so much more people. So you have to learn how to use them to your advantage. Learn how to mix and arrange words to make a tastefully written copy for effective Internet marketing.

The secret lies in subtlety. You do not command, you describe. You do not tell, you show. You make your customer use their imagination how your product will work on them. You can do this by appealing to their senses and their emotions. You have to create a sensory experience for them through words. Make them see, hear, smell, taste, and feel the experience of using the product.

You do not just go telling them that your lotion product will make their skin soft and smooth. You tell them that the lotion would give long lasting moisture, making their skin irresistible to touch and caress. Or if your product is toothpaste, you do not plainly say that it whitens teeth and freshens breath. It would be more effective to say that it brightens the smile and adds excitement to the kiss. Or if you are a travel site describing a vacation spot, you wouldn't want to bore your reader by saying that the place is nice and quiet with fresh air. The reader would be more interested if you say that the place is a perfect retreat for the tired body and soul with its lush and verdant surroundings...the cool breeze blowing all worries and cares away...the murmuring silence of nature that whispers hope to the dead beat heart. That and other blissful experience he can have at the place.

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