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By: Theo Gross

It is interesting to note that fashion, society and social life of an individual are seamlessly intertwined with each other and play an integral role in enhancing each other. Everyone in society is a victim to fashion in some form or another, in one way or another. Fashion speaks a universal language and brings together people of different races, ethnic groups and cultures. This integration of cultures is the motivation behind the evolution of modern fashion. Very often fashion bears little or practicality no utility factor in its designs and despite changing as quickly as it became a trend, it is still popular the world over. One of the fundamentals of fashion are its social demands over society; the demand for new and trendy designs as well as those which will be traditional and conventional too.

Human beings are constantly competing amongst themselves to achieve distinction over each other. Fierce competition in every sphere of life is the driving force behind society and its members. In the field of fashion too an individual yearns to stand out and be a class apart from their peer groups, friends and family members. It is an individual's inherent nature to constantly want variety and novelty to cut and dissipate the humdrum of daily life. Fashion as a genre is constantly not only satisfying an individual's vanity and desires but is also giving them the opportunity to conform and integrate themselves in society.

Fashion helps an individual to make a smooth progress of social changes by giving them the ability to transition from one custom to another without a hitch. It also tends to change rigid customs and beliefs and allows a great blend and fusion of both in the designs. The beauty of fashion is that it can assume any role the wearer would like it to; it can be superficial or have endless depth. Both these roles are imperative to prepare individuals for constant change. Although fashion is a part of every individual's life, it is more prevalent amongst the opulent and richer class of individuals. It is not possible for individual of a middle income group to indulge in and be a victim of the every changing faces of fashion.

Fashion is the constant interplay of relation of classes of society despite the fact that it satisfies an individual's desire for newness and conformity. However, despite everything it still play an important and integral part in the cost of living.

Fashion in a whole encompassing genre which includes everything like apparel, sports, fads, trends, footwear, lifestyle, decorating homes, jewelry, watches and many more such categories. Expensive tastes such as socializing extensively, playing an expensive sport or even holidaying in exotic locales are things that only a certain class of people can enjoy. Apart from the expensive of the habit or hobby, an individual would have to invest in high fashion since they cannot be seen repeating their outfits in their peer group. Whatever socio economic class an individual belongs to, fashion is evergreen and lasting.

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