Working Out Your Brain for Your Golf Game

By: Jim O Connell

An elusive subject for golfers is getting through the process of training your brain for the golf game. If you can master it, your scores will go down. But how? We are able to propose a number of training guides on sports psychology, and on our website we will offer some we highly urge, however it really is definitely a subject which is hard to teach, tougher to understand, and has been blamed for more bad rounds of golf than you can tally. The golf short game is the place where the psychological features really kick in.

I know a college basketball player, and though physically he is quite ordinary in build and athleticism, right through his career is a clutch player through what we tend to describe as "ice water in the veins." He also is able to maintain an unbelievable calmness before games. I asked him once just how he could remain so calm, and he said "I know what I'm doing, and I'm good at what I do." Yes, he is a bit cocky, but not unrealistically so.

He goes into games knowing what has to be done and sure he can do it, and during games he is so caught up in the action that he does not have time to over think, focused only on the job at hand. And, I might add, he isnít nearly as good with golf, and definitely doesn't exhibit the same self-assurance on the course.

Understanding what you are doing at the golf course along with a amount of certainty, and not merely talking yourself into thinking you have it figured out will be the necessary initial step to psychological relaxation. It isn't our aim here to get into sports psychology, but talk about a variety of areas that are specific to learning how to properly hit a ball with consisency. Establishing the right pre-shot habit, knowing the way to execute specific shots, and how to utilize the driving range as greater than just a area to belt golf balls are all areas where self-belief is built, and it must be built to get a true feeling of self-confidence during a round of golf.

The pre-shot routine, the primary process that sets us up for success or failure through each shot, is where focus begins. Positive thinking and self-confidence will be essential as components to playing golf to your optimum. The psychological golf game involves 10% what takes place and 90% about the way you react to it. If you immerse yourself with the task at hand, and never take into consideration your score or how anyone else perceives you as a golfer, you will have the best possibility of performing well and never let mind-games get in the way.

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We golfers can carve more strokes off our scores if we can improve our short game, and tips on How to Putt will help in that regard. Our piece on Golf Swing Drills will get into some of the techniques you can hone away from the golf course. Sean O'Kelly is an avid golfer and writer living in London.

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