Workforce Management Systems for Improving Employee Efficiency

By: Pooja Rai

Every organization, no matter how big or small it is and which business sector it belongs to, is identifying the need for investing in efficient workforce management systems for improving the business productivity. According to the varying business requirements, different organizations invest in different management systems. Among all the workforce management systems, the time and attendance software are the ones which are most widely used.

Time and attendance is a human resource protocol which is designed to keep a track of the actual number of hours worked by an employee and the total number of leaves taken and provide complete and flawless records to the payroll. These software are counted one among the largest categories for time sheet systems available in the market and are considered as one of the most essential components of payroll systems used in manufacturing units, border checkpoint, government, retail, airports, healthcare, financial institutions, educational organizations and other organizations.

The time and attendance systems help organizations to maintain flawless and regular records of all its employees in an automated time sheet. These systems also facilitate organizations to reduce wastage of time for time tracking related processes.

These systems are suitable for organizations with hundreds or thousands of employees. Time and attendance systems help organizations to simplify the management of its workforce. These systems also provide a wide range of features such as creation of comprehensive shift, rotation patterns, and pay schemes.

The time and attendance systems are designed according to the working time directive. There are different types of time and attendance systems, equipment and software available in the market to meet varying and challenging business requirements. The latest developed systems work on biometrics and can simply identify individuals on the basis of their finger print, retina, hand etc.

Time and attendance devices are designed to offer cost effective solutions to organizations in different fields such as data collection, access control, job costs, bell ringing and others. These systems are capable of capturing all the details such as time, edits, assign costs, accounting details and reviews, and approves the timesheet submissions to the payroll as well.

Many of the time and attendance packages provide schedule management, which assists managers and supervisors to maintain and create work schedules for employees. Moreover, there are few rules for scheduling the staff based on overtime, holidays, absences and breaks. Organizations generally prefer to go for systems that facilitate employees to enter their flex-time hours, vacation time, sick days, and other information directly into the time sheet.

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