Workflow Is A Tremendous Tool For Our Collections Agency In This Recession

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Has anyone seen the new graphical Workflow that is part of eCollections debt collection software package? I was absolutely blown away! For years we have built diagrams in Microsoft Visio to outline the debt collection process that we use for various client placements. In fact we used it as a selling tool to show prospects and clients our “magic” debt collection process. eCollections has taken this concept and rolled it into their debt collection software. Now instead of taking the Visio diagram into our IT department and having them program everything all we do is build the diagram in the eWorkflow tool in eCollections and the process is done. It could not be more simple.

One giant pain-in-the-rear issues we had with our previous debt collection software, I won’t mention it here but it shares the name with a Canadian province, was that once a workflow process was set up we didn’t dare go back and change it because we didn’t know what it might do. The last thing I needed was for my letter vendor to call and thank me for sending them an extra 100,000 collection letters last month. Sounds crazy, but it really was that unpredictable. We just built new workflows and hoped for the best.

eCollections workflow tool does the old end-around on the IT department. They have better things to do than futz around with the account workflows in our debt collection software anyway. I’m an old school bill collector turned collection manager, not the least bit technical, and I can build account workflows in this software. In fact, when we converted to eCollections we were able to build all of our “active” workflows, from scratch, in a couple of days with no IT help at all. It is a good feeling to know that there are no workflow skeletons in the closet.
The greatest benefit I have seen from eWorkflow is the “WOW factor” with our clients. Instead of using Visio I can break out my laptop and show them eCollections and build their account workflows right there with them. Nothing is lost in translation between the client and operations or ops and IT. Build it, validate it right there on the spot, and put the workflow into production. Clients are impressed at the flexibility and simplicity, but amazed at how powerful it is to have workflow integrated into our debt collection software in this way.
We all know that clients change their requirements for “working” accounts when a butterfly flaps it’s wings in Central Park. Rather than relying on agents to follow new processes I can easily adapt their account workflows to ensure we remain in compliance. Quick validation of the new process and it’s back in production in minutes instead of days or weeks. Needless to say, I am very impressed with the results so far.

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